Where is This Relationship Going: Ashley and Derek Part 3

Thursday, February 16th

His Valentine's Day gift just wasn't good enough according to her.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the net. I if you're just tuning and let's get you caught our pro quick time. Actually. Yeah. Who's celebrated Valentine's Day would Daric yup they in the infirm body here she gave him inning graves money clip is at the right thing yeah I. I money clip that had her nationals and has the nationals so Latin and then she told us that he quote just gave her cards right. When we talked to him he gave her a card a love letter and made her dinner yeah yeah and he can tell that she was upset when that gift. So he. Explained that he wished he could do more. But he's the 26 year old broke recent college graduate right which is totally. Undersea capable student loans unemployed global allow us when I don't understand is why Ashley didn't help me out for him welcome back to the show Ashley. All air so. I think the phone must to cut out when you're sharing some really important he. Okay. I was just gonna say did you guys talk about it. Oh yeah. We head into a clean he could. I mean look we after knowing how monetary year I mean it's. You can power. All when they're stealing. And we don't hiking and others felt. Of course highlight the cart and bad seemingly can Arab and I didn't I guess I didn't know what I was supposed to be like I asked Craig believed they dinner prix each other all the yeah I mean gracious I happen to be right. An hour that we shared to get there that was at night it had our I'll bet am. EU had so we sort of talks about it. And because they eat eat which it. Obviously I got him a nice day I know a lot of I'm here and then at the card you know like so are we had talked about it. You know going did did you know going into it that. He is paying off student loans and looking birds are right. Yeah. He act what we think really didn't talk much about what he called you read our. Are not only didn't go back into talking about how you know arm he really told me that night it was they. You know I he obviously I glad in more car but you know right now because what I dire why not the kind of left it at. And I would lend them money loop. You know I have a look at ease and I would tell him but how money. Ha once again. Just 12 because this little little frustrating because guys want to do something nice. And women and the situation and am aware that. They can't because there the money that they have needs to go towards a student loan when she have to pay. And your staying out loudly you know he has these and then you have these unrealistic expectations. And he's going to take what little money he has just been on juries for you and then you get. Upset because he doesn't do it but he has this nice gesture and so he's embarrassed for multiple reasons and then you wonder just. Open up to you about it after you already know so it's almost like you want him to reconfirm. Hamm broke and I can't afford to give you these things that you. That's very fair. And it's weird loaned somebody money so they can buy you again eight. Easier coming if you are. I like I wish we gonna talk about that because I bet I. I day right what had told them not you know. Why would he have to keep telling you that he's in a situation that you already know he's and that's not fair I'm very nice. If you already know and I haven't keeps saying he's only got a really nice guy. Any seems a really sweet and he's being honest with you and then on top of that he can tell something's wrong he actually asked you about it a lot of guys are just like male whatever and I. You know if she hits even noticed something was wrong I know women he he already knows that you know he's struggling and I just. I feel so bad for him now I know organic Kelly chief school and I know I just feel so the idea argue that really unrealistic expectations on womanizer really impair risks. While back I am trying to Callahan that night I don't want to hand on their back and re okay that he alone is there anything that you don't have to yell row and you don't. At that you know late you know you can't support and that and that and that. You know like I'm glad I don't want to you know and parents are at the not saying I want but how can I help and then my mind and my. I'll let him borrow the money that you know let me get panicky color you know. And I don't honesty taller. Yeah yeah and John appear stronger and more confident I can help an an outlet. I would Dave thank you for bringing this yes. If I say. Thank you. I just I think I Haitians. Kelly it's wearing thin because. I don't think she got it. Notably not a my whole point was the guy doesn't want you to pay for things. He's if he's doing these nice gestures. Come I. I just can't stand and he. But she didn't appreciate what he did the best that he could read our and he didn't appreciate that. Yeah and the is that while this I'll pay for what I want myself while maybe you should just go buy your own materialistic things like. The nice guy who's doing what he can't and what is good enough you know and the on that makes Lisa sat for and I hope an issue like why don't wanna be embarrassed that you caught our radio station talk about it like well. There's the other version of that noise at night. Melissa. Yes I have been waiting. Going to let me on appalled. Thoughts. I hope I can begin now I'll let weren't issue do you give him money so that he won't feel embarrassed okay. Can't say Peter let me strictly your mate and good. So that I can get what I'm. I didn't keep her something an if you want it. If you thought that kind of a guy he would have gone to I guess a friend of his which I'm sure he has that. I'm just say hey Alicia did let me are assuming that I can do something our. Obviously you know didn't want he would step that you don't get to that level to prevent the kind of person he in his. I would he go to her an act her her money and Mikey did she should've brought her own gifts. This year cancel digital you Bobby. What I would like you do do you Melissa is I would think you'd ask all of your friends and coworkers about this situation. Because eyes. One of them is gonna disagree with you and that's an ability that's going to be very entertaining for everybody out of you know I. And young star ready for a one.