Where is This Relationship Going: Ashley and Derek Part 2

Thursday, February 16th

His Valentine's Day gift just wasn't good enough according to her.

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I just a few minutes ago we introduced you to passionately. And actually has a bit of it dilemma. She has a boyfriend they're in love they'd trade the L word back and forth the other name for almost a year. She got him an awesome gift for Valentine's Day he got her cards. And she's wondering if the fact that is only a car and means. That. He doesn't think as much for the relationship this year CIA guys and received a bad gift giver or Lorena theaters out I I actually rated that's. I we're gonna put you on hold and then it won't call. Derek wall EU listen in hands. A whole hopefully he says all the right things I hold on a casually. Be okay. Yeah I am I am taking an in our best that I am okay. I hear a great hands with Kelly cheese head and he's very gentle you know turn and gentler nation. When we went. Tell it was me on behalf of our. I had to tell her. Not be the B word hope he yes yes. And his vision grows with every ring. Follow. How is this air. Yeah as saying hey Derek this is Kelly sees and the jet's engines height and our military here. And get it on the day it we actually and wanted to call you we do this. We do this thing else rarely ask. Similar quest stands on behalf of somebody that's you know. Your any person quite some tough questions here may meet the. Social area and. They you hopes and it's gone there's going to have are engaged pet fat. So tell me a little bit about actually how Dina actually. We send. Dating firm I hit. A wall now home. And shall we had just we actually just. So renowned scientist as we can because I'm out of town. And there was no nicely and like later dinner but I got her like this card and just total one lawyer types and so yes you special next. Yes he radar a little. Romantic. Led Arab hard and end your hand and you meet you may have heard dinner went to dinner. No I mean it alleging maintenance guys. Simmons various classics such an. M I'll grant you start yet a hamstring and ID and Bob thanks a pay back at apple. OK so dared to ask you say anything to you after you gave her the card by any chance or after dinner and after she read the card is she. He's saying singer and her body language same things via. Well that later that I'm asking questions to this as opposed Valentine's Day does that. No it's okay it's okay. She did like one. Acted giving terror the disk which. She didn't write Q were you told someone. Like all young and it doesn't really nice to not have that happy you know I think she's expecting something more. And I don't think Shuler might be quite card right yes. So these same things here. I have sore as long and she's raised we've said that. She. Couldn't get this so why don't you want something. And more. Liked it better be yes to show that I really love her and her daughter. I'll see you guys and you guys have already discussed this. Yeah. Oh. Did you. I'm I'm I'm sorry averages. When you guys exchanged gifts did she give you. The money clip thing. First or did you give her the card first. You remember the most the issue gave me the money clip. And then I eight you know and I gave her a hard myself stupid but I. We thought we did. You learn. They've ever had to okay. But you guys talk about it yeah you guys talked about it. Very and that day and then she still. Called us. Yes so all we. Yeah so actually told us. That. EU gave her a car that was Ayers Celine and I've cheated out mentioned dinner she did mentioned in her and she also didn't. Mentioning on spoke about this I felt like she is kind of nervous as much an island scuba. Calling you and I did not know that. GO RD asked these questions so what did you say to her win. She asked you about how. Are when she mentioned the card was meant what she's expecting what did you say. And she's you made me mad and I'd I don't know so I I'm brokered. She knows them broke. I have gone all the student loans. Unlike some sort of the Marlins. And I'm doing the best I cam like I just couldn't look forward Gary is here. And she's just not. See my side of okay now this is yeah. I totally understand that I'm in Gisenyi curiosity how variant. Okay yeah so yeah I had opposed school. Loans then all that gap that's the thing. We're there yet somewhat overwhelmed right now our cars and understand. Interest only good as. Maybe as a rock number she. Made it. I'd say thank you Eric. Are you there thanks REI. What we're gonna do is come back in three minutes and have a little talking to win is. Especially. All of our extra heat got to shares of sales this. Before putting an uncomfortable Kelly she's an an even more uncomfortable position we'll. What is you know he's really good at math and pull out raffle players this relationship going and I'm kind of guarantee minutes and the gentleman and. And young star ready for a one.