Where is This Relationship Going: Ashley and Derek Part 1

Thursday, February 16th

His Valentine's Day gift just wasn't good enough according to her.

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The. Errors this relationship you can always. It is a very special edition of where is this relationship going yeah. Because Kelly she's gets to do the hard work today very there's always goes haute will session of I Jenn hobby had to escape from the studio for just a few minutes and counting cheese gets to make that phone call. To a guy named Derek. On behalf of actually. This Cali and I we do as in you got this okay he is so uncomfortable that you got to look at it like a sport like. Jen always tries to find a way to. And messed things. In normal sport is sporting. Goods. Actually welcomed the shallow. Knee how worried. We are greats. Kelly she's ready to advocate on your behalf yes I am nationally have finally got this girl there. All right well let's hear the story of why we're asking Derrick where's this relationship go. OK so I call it. You know Derek can have and dating. Exclusively at hard just under a year now to basically here. And we celebrated aren't trained and out of the packed weekend. And we we were not another round on Valentine's Day because he lives traveling for work. I actually do over the weekend. And it. I'm just. It looked at. He just gave me a card. And you got my card and and you know he said to love there and can whenever. He joked. I don't know like I kind of you know lake whereas they did jewelry. You know. What kind of like Hillary I engagement ring jordin here just like they. A dub angle. And you don't necessarily engagement ring true Larry but Blake and backlit they're hearing it. I take action something more than just adding aren't what you now. So what did you get him. I got him I am like add cash and inning Korea had money don't learn. A money clip it can really Gary yeah how many red and Green Day with Aaron owed them our initial locally hid. An inside look like much but on the outside it even them on the ground. And went headed and it's a little really and I bought up all you know fallen. Yes so you gotta tell you really put some time and thought instead but let the Davis cart and a nice message in an Errol was it just try that hey Ed having bound and say. These non calculated campaign can I get and it was an. Car. You know only need basically slinging that. We had a wonderful year peak at Aaron and even he's looking forward are more iron and enjoy the time while Bob lie. And you wait and fed love. A scary day. Let me get your leg. I think any current turn now. And now we love each other I've got exchanged island es yeah. Because when you're like dances loved Erica my only legal beloved droplets in now to Mary and has Pineiro. Oh we have laid out why I feel a. Would you like sleeping together first so much longer than just be thoroughly just where we're prepared to get better. How why is Christmas. And this your birthday and other holidays. Good literally days they can go ahead they think I had. You know we eat. I have to quickly and it always Pelé. We're not gonna do the American do anything big preach at Barry not to we do that kind of saying that any sort of like get banks. Powell and indeed NT sandbag. They're now I don't hybrid actually like my next when it's coming up and I I don't know really if I don't I don't even. He's he says he's waiting by the bird flu I have now like in March. I am now. You you you are now I yeah impress me down on a ha. You said he was a decent gift ever said he thinks he's just not very good at it may mean need to tell me exactly what you want. We may need I mean I I I never actor out any hints he'll play. I want cheerleader Valentine's home there is no I mean I never did any apparent. Because I was just kind of hoping to see what you read you know deal. It's a big one tracking a could be aren't saying that plague. Not only that went almost a year now and and that may need an out and I. It's the first Valentine's Day ever forever is worth the Valentine's Day for the two via. Exactly exactly I think it's a big deal. All right well what we do know is we called Derek and Kelly cheese will ask him. Where is this relationship going and sugar and in a much more are from and as much softer away very gentle she's known as. Known for being very gentle and humble note that. So she will ask him where we know what what's up and then you get to lists in that whole conversation and that won't come back to you and get some some final thoughts. All right all right cool I'll ask him and approach and hold MM well come back in three minutes make the phone call to parents threading. I thought we're gonna do that knotted things like where when we column and it rains. And that you say not at first I thought I was in and not eight you first. We're doing that right down 983. Minutes we make the column to Darren Evans and prosperity forums. And she I'll still are.