Where is This Relationship Going: Andi Interrogates Adam

Thursday, June 2nd


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On the jet engines show we do a really fun segment called where is this relationship going in our special guest Andy Bjorkman in than bachelorette is gonna help us with it today didn't. How you feel me nervous like that's my hardest eating out of my chest as I'm afraid of the cancer. I Amelie you very erratic. Yes I gotta I gotta put you on hold you'll get to listen in and we will call Adam. And between Jan and Andy will get the answers you're not an 18 am sorry Tom girl power and what. Whole Lotta gambling. Okay. There's not yeah. And you know I'm seeing me in and I wrote hello at a they act and this is Jim and Jeff an Indy you are in front stunt and for one jet engine show. Thanks for agreed to come on with us. We worked on about your sweet girl friend and only. And wanted to ask you a couple questions about your relationship is nickel. Yeah yeah. OK it's in its. Yeah sound like that hand. At. Hey how are you. Good how are even eating Emily. Probably debating it now late straight through ten years. Then here now. How did you on me. Well we met in college and whatnot that started dating we came here pretty quick. Well we decided. You know we would wait. Talk about anything but than again after ten years ago are you know without. Well the you know I know I don't know. Easily easily fit neatly ten years until he talked letting you serious so we're hitting the tenure markkaa. Yeah. March. And congratulations. Thank you OK so where does it go from here where is this relationship now playing. I. I mean I just thank you mean now at least time in my national tennis. Is so good so it right and what are you heiress and a tank. I. She better I have public relationship and we knows about so like this is yet to come between new way. Nobody even getting. Definitely. Look at. Our itself he got the ten year planes you said after ten years you talk about me it's. Now you tell me that. Yeah yeah yeah. Great that we said that there we both hit thirty which we just we would talk about marriage but that. If you ask these questions like that I go through you did you know maybe negotiate maybe I didn't expect another. No I can bring shocking that he I would you know win we get to the ring shopping. That's my favorite thing in the world is dying so I'm just seemed like. Our legal in this sneaking in there we go in. To figure out and show she signed it on. You really should. You want a shot. Well. And at least I adore she is going to be warm and are in that we've seen them other children. All that was a type person and I mean the first side socially and Reid is better for some truly achieve my queen. Our home. From there's really care ought to start but it just I don't really have that problem and I would like to. To put me to stick to that dream waiting to either weighting that would be great way to go shopping port together where I look at it right now. Can I take a little story. My mom and dad together for 35 years mean they're freaking crazy and you know but they're still together. And might add proposed to my mom with 300 dollar range. It. And I know it's I know people get all wrapped up in the ring he let me take sending out. I got engaged enough that rocked the super expensive and then at that thing is not my thing anymore. And you know rain is still on my mom's finger. Did the ratings door I don't sleep with one that I want a lot along side. As them and I. I don't know there's still discretion to give something nice to. Issue is that and. She's an amazing friend Ali. My girlfriend by O bachelorette dialogue in debt and NG deserved the world I would love to get where he's. Pressure burns and got people in Indonesia on T need the people that read about it. So bad habit not social media. You feel pressure to do something special. It says reality TV shows that are ruining relationships everywhere. But what family say when we talked to her is that she wants a family with the Johnson married she wants to have kids I didn't hear her say. I want a big rock she was saying kids choosing for ever she Saint Mary's with you so. And say lovers so much that she's a mean thing you wanna give her everything I think what Jen is saying is all she wants aids. You to be committed to Aaron Nat marriage nap on that. You want to give her everything and she doesn't she didn't seem to care about the range once year. That's that's great to know that because I do you lover. And I'd like to sell it bearing. Eighty me. Oh yeah yeah yeah. And I think Florida and an end to endless sea of agony you guys go again more than anything probably rate now because that deadline came and passed. She wants to hear from you what you just said to us like. Directly. And and then if you take shared the united six months a year whatever. Get your affairs in order and make it happen I think should be cool she's deceased now it's coming. Cheap everything that I can't imagine why go to how can you promise that he'll have that conversation with their sometime in the next 2448 hours. I I guarantee it I want in my life. Yeah. I think. Different economic plan. And it. I know that's pretty impressive. To see how welcome back in about three minutes. We'll find out what family issues on hold listening to suggest to be happier right if you're at a Paris I was a little nervous I thought he's going to be back. And cattle being. But I think we got in the end he defends the prosecutor you know yeah. LTE account signing. We'll come right back we Emily and finally you gonna bomb and the jet engine underneath. Yeah.