Where is This Relationship Going: Andi the Bachelorette Helps

Thursday, June 2nd


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Yeah. Atlanta's own bachelorette Indy Dorfman is in studio with us for a special edition of where is this relationship going we ask. That tough question because you're scared to do it for yourself and your relationship. It's amazing that so many people want us it is you know once and now know we get emails every single week. Will you think when you think power play comes apparently you do that. We know where we. Scared and thought we don't know these three India so any Dorfman is making a phone call on behalf of Amelie. And Amelie tell us what is your boyfriend's name. Emily and Adam have been together for ten years of their engaged or married. Which are story Amelie. I get so mean Adam and get a pretend you're now. And they both turn thirty here and I want actually tell him again I want they'll actually get that going. And I bring it up to him on the ground here and yet urgency we're me. He didn't erupt on answered so. I want to god help me figure out I mean we have got we have new arrangement. And I didn't think about marriage in public they're angry you know and now we thought we mapped out in March and yet I want to ask it right now I wouldn't. Yeah that's period. People react to that I wanted OT period Iranian. So you want to let you ask him and you sit down and have a heart to heart attack it freaked him out but a random radio station calling him out of nowhere. And recruiting their their gas and you're meant to make that call that so much. You lucky compared to the answer are you prepared me answer one iron at yeah by the way you share. What if hypothetically what if the answer is. And I am I don't know I voted on by now it's ten years. I mean. I would I would have to move on because I want to have children aren't married. You know. And she says their pact was that they weren't gonna get married until authority. And they just parity so this is just reached the finish line but that's not a long time to be together well. But they just turned thirty that within the past three months like he had very little breathing room but he's had. Yes but he they acted like he should've said something to me by Alex because secretary allotment. You know we you know we have a clock. Like are we gonna get there are a lot. How are you married. Let's money into the right I don't don't forget that. Don't and number on the right guy it's not and then he gain any younger girls that it's done right it. Sell Andy here's the question let's pretend at a Malaysian restaurant yeah and instead of a microphone in a phone system between the two view is two giant glasses of red line. What real talk the gipper. I mean I'm a straight shooter so I'm gonna tell you. That you should not be surprised if by after ten years he has asked you marry him that he is going to you have to be prepared that he. Eighties possibly not ever going to marry him. But I think he doesn't have to get the chance. Draw the line in this Angie deserted at this point you year wade braver than me because I mean after like two or three years I've been like what do we do in there. Yeah but I just I feel that I want Chile either haired men and maybe Jackie how mean I feel like men if they're gonna do it they're gonna do it. Yes he might. I mean yeah my back because maybe then I. No dumping it on your son you know and I don't put it on yourself. Yeah he's not a guy writes I'm gonna marry me and probably you thought I would think some guys need a little alternate little punch. But then do you always have a hanging over your head you updates wondering do you only do it because I did the ultimatum we don't have to. Aren't we don't have to discuss hypotheticals. Amelie you hang on a tank. And will will call him. You get to listen and united Sany thing Ann and Andy will get all the answers you need to have my heart is are you eating. And and so having to get all the answers you need and that will come back and not yet offers tank. All right where is this relationship going the most awkward great radio yeah. Especially in the days and or. It Eddie. That's all we do we make us feel comfortable. Okay hold on Amylin will be right back and thank you Jeff contentious 941. Yeah.