Where is This Relationship Going with Andi and Max: Part 3

Thursday, March 9th

They're on a break according to her, but they're not according to him? And he knows something she doesn't know...

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Czar not before one. Where is this relationship going behind the Jeff's engine shallow end just a couple minutes ago we talked with a guy named Max. Asking him about his relationship with the Kansas. She was under the impression that he is jealous seven ex boyfriend of voters. That she was spending time ways and they were on a break. While he sorted through those feelings. He was under the impression that she was actually hooking up wit that ex boyfriend. And they're not at a break their full on broke and out and just pray and I think from media got a little bit awkward agenda United's. Awkward about it and I thought. I know or any perceives it and one way because she says the ex boyfriend is using now is she's just strictly friends Lance. And Max got information from a mutual friend there's that Dana was actually cooking what backtrack so they just have two totally different stories on what's going not. Andy welcome back to the sham what city alone. I didn't I didn't know that he knew I don't know who told him at about. Earned because also great he's just shut down communication written and not talk to me. Com. But also lake. I am really really sorry and I mean you and I didn't tell him that I would Fareed late. You're very little known Ali and kind of wondering why would appoint a bit you know I had Blake. Re really are different why. Did you do anything. Did you actually hook up put the expo different possessing information that he got. I mean yeah I dead but late. I get yeah I mean I was hanging out with him I mean I was picking up with no late act like Symantec you know late it nine. Actually no. I've got a whole lot different. I wish everybody could TJ and favorite now where am I. If he was your ex boyfriend they are strictly friends that that means there's no like hooking up biggie out physical no real means nothing. But it not work. Is there romance like it doesn't mean anything. When I pull around Manhattan. Well way to wrap hawk unmanned so did you say that you're upset with us because we didn't apologize. To him to him glory but they've been. You realize we didn't think you did anything wrong. While I talk a little plane that was reunited and light. Advocates for me I didn't do you eat a lot away I don't. You may now win another guy while you let a boyfriend and he you are elusive. It didn't examine it doesn't mean it it doesn't mean anything like. I don't. Love. Hit I don't love him sort of lit and it's not Blake. It just like is Nicole whatever it is literally mean nothing to me. You still OK OUH huh. But you can't do nothing you can't go there yes game changer. I'd like act when he that he wouldn't even harping me like he did throw me out he didn't even let me I'll. It all you old. You change it I'm him. She is an up on us. But that's accurate right yeah ha okay. And we were supposed to apologize if she hi I'm miss. Near. While now we have was going to happen now we have to do a ghost signing on handy flip up. Angela welcome to the judge contention now. I had terrible I absolutely terrible. How big GG on this dude and go home free with some of them and did she not being totally eat without implications. Yeah not all. Will. I think she had a dear friend. Perception of why this segment wise. But I. She tell you lot and she said I'm friends with my acts that's a whole lot different than steel sleeve and want them. Chris Christina welcomed in Asia. Our Brian Greg Craig I don't see. Any new diet club a I'm sorry I inbred or other DO. Gary senior you know. Yeah we began to actually begin at a job. Tell us that you and I'll just do you. And Kristen welcomed this year. All I diet she is absolutely ridiculous I actually Matt I'd benefit of the doubt. Even thinking well maybe it was misunderstanding. Chief Brent was somebody that Brad blitz. About and you embarrass the other guy why would you want to be with you and then. They did not the same oh you're supposed advocate pretty. Dirty tee. I mean that's ridiculous. I mean this is where is this relationship going not sleaze bags back my acts. Please if I'm injured and now our new segment on a show please accept this apology and I her behalf thank you if I miss CNN Atlanta. How are you guys see it salary Dickey is anti malaria is Friday. Girl. I mean you're upset because you are actress kitty not a black and yeah. Yeah. Where away and why do I am I'm thinking OK maybe it's miscommunication. I know it you'll see. Cool let's zoom do you. Do women have friends. Like out of their friends in it. Your group or who live in like an altered sense of reality. Or do we just find this when this special one. That may need. My friend would tell me right you're stupid like. You. Definitely didn't end karma added we shouldn't to have friends to tell her day and obviously her friend that partly like. No and Jeannie thing and let him now you know doesn't now. Are you borrow okay do you black lack of kitty. Thank you can't help. And don't want to end and because I'm pretty sure he did it hurt she wouldn't she would you know let a wet. Lack of the kitty is my new thinner. And as a thank you so much misery I don't he keep taking these phone calls there's nobody would have loved to find somebody who is on her side just to bail for some balance. I think does little though because she lock I think we can finally able on her side if she was just friends with her acts. And he had a big issue with that finish some gray area bid there's nothing great about as Kelly in Athens. I had a say in the wow eat yam. It how. I got. That while my drops. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.