Where Is This Relationship Going With Andi and Max: Part 2

Thursday, March 9th

They're on a break according to her, but they're not according to him? And he knows something she doesn't know...

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She I'll still are. We are about to come Max and ask him where is this relationship going on behalf of END. I feel like we are negotiators right now it's only IR. Maybe mediators. Guy does Indy and Max were dating for about four or five months and then he split it. After handy was spending time with a friend of hers who is also an ex boyfriend friend. And somebody she's known her whole life so Max is really uncomfortable with out of the relationship he said the news take a break and she's wondering. Is there anything we can do to. Now maybe broker this conversation and to get them off of the break and start talking again. Before remake of phone call Jen just answered quickly what your guy team in the air team. To find out how you feel about staying friends with axes I don't think staying friends with axes and super healthy. Maybe that makes me unhealthy. I don't know I. I would be more if this from my relationship I'd be more on team acts. Of we have to India. A game the guy you still ready to go through this. Yes I'm gonna ever gonna put you Reinhold gonna pick up around yeah you're earning all. Max. If his thoughts and and wall come back after that and talk Andy but she is on hold shall never. Era Macs at all wanna go over. Hello hey this is Jen hobby from the Jeff Kent and show how are you. Under an aryan due it jet this year too I there. You worked out. OK so we were calling into talk with you about your relationship with. I kind of feel like we are mediators right here because I know things and nothing going so smoothly. Lately in your relationship with her either as a time Britain beat. Yeah aperture and yeah. So she doesn't want that and we'd do a segment on our show called where is this relationship going more we kind of ask awkward question on someone else's behalf. So. That's why we're calling and wanted to talk to you about it and where do you think the relationship is going is there. Any way to save it what does she need to do. How I I just don't know where it's hitting it all kind of relationship does exist. It over. Yeah it seems like an intense break. Yeah I mean I'm not I'm not matter at all matter that is. I just. They pay him more embarrassed by that I don't I'm we're not together anymore this is an operator that you or. What you mean by embarrass. Whoa. Whoa. I mean it get it depends on what you told you don't. When we started dating we met through you ran. And we were together serve. A normal six months. We became the official. Howard loses in man and I found out to a different brands of different mutual aren't there every country is going back home. She was basically looking up another guy. And when asked about it I defended the currency. Side that's just not my ballot now what I'm looking at port. Are you a 100% certain she was. Hooking up the other guy Ares are you just have sec issues spending time with them. Although she was hooking up with them. How do you know not a jealous type that is someone like eight it has hang battle with yup it's like I don't really get my. I don't really care about that she knows she's definitely. All around the start of how do you know that would absolute certainty. Well I cut the person that told me the permission I don't doubt that they would have read so I. Andy and today witness. Day eat my work coal bed sheet she was told that every time. She went back home she admitted that she was hanging out and hooking up with this other guy I don't I don't know the other guys that that's what you do it. She admitted it to the person who told jurors she admitted Tia. He had admitted that person at Ole sow and be told your friend is she's cooking up ways this guy back home. And and that frontal view and that's why your best. Yeah any of you told her that you know this and that's why I think she thinks it's. She's under the impression that it's it's more like. You're just bombed K she's hanging out with another duty and you guys were kind of on a break while you figure now. That not accurate. No that's not accurate at all. OK can she explain it the last that. That guy back on that using now with is a lifelong friend who isn't acts but that they're just friends. No well I mean bad deck. You're there what it is that serve version of the story that I have a completely different earth. Moms are being told to me. Well all. Are you open to having a conversation with her if she wants to be able to. Explain more things or defend herself and anyway. I mean she can't actually want he you know has a right to do that but they're not gonna change my mind. She says or doesn't the were not on a break if she issued an order on a great. Our Internet ventures and now we're down. Again I don't I don't hater I'm not matter I'm not a vindictive person that I guess don't I just don't read 2001. Of he let her so I don't. I genocide I'm kind of embarrassed that. I'm climbing up of that happening but it just didn't want accounting and you can't comment and it's good you didn't just go to redone like come our. I. We okay well. Thank you. Would say. So I didn't need to meet in a debate meal and I'd feel pretty good about the misty that night we had just like thank you for come man it's tight okay my dad and has so. I'm Carol and I thank you. Are there any doubt that I'm I'm so and at the end of. On a terrible day by Dubai and time and say well it was a totally different story than what she's got to go back to her and find out. Older people on over on us and I like the wrong information and I the only one who feels so awkward rate now for some reason is that our quarters that is. I don't know this is that he could hear his reasons bond. I'm a welcome back in three minutes pick up Andy who just got to hear that whole conversation and get her final thoughts. And they and we'll take your phone calls to if you want to weigh in on this for a 4263. 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