Where is This Relationship Going: With Allison and Will

Thursday, July 6th

Does Allison have a hidden agenda with this? Jeff sure thinks so.


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Or lose this relationship you know. Alison welcomes the jet engine show how I. Killed Diana we are excited to help you out this weekend for this edition of where's this relationship going and I understands. You want to ask this. Awkward question sue will. So right. Yeah. OK so tell us about well. No. Actually not I'm Bob loans. Played polish casual arm sound and might we need. Much it's. Why aren't there and and they're in Oregon leg I. Image and now our entry. I go on Greek if I can. And it I. I. So you're going away for a fourth of July and you wanna know if you're out ways where you can hook up. With the other guys why you're out of Atlanta. OK I hit. You guys have exclusivity conversation at all. No are rallying but I mean you can look at it like. Indicating and you sound I'm not really. When I mean I'm not wryly as he's leaving on other people think. How can we saw their actually not sound like dean you can change it that we can be heard. Would you be a senate he asked this question. And and say you want messages confirm you won't get in trouble for dating other people. And he he only mentioned when we come back from vacation everything on the yet. Okay. When I'm turn how we can phrase it so that he's not put off I. ID I think we just ask them are you seeing other people pay were touch amazed at the U. Weird for Allison. OK I have to say that she's thinking about go on and in the create the beach right. And I'm saying yeah let her bikini flag. Off since this with us for. OK so really not asking where is this relationship going to go back that were asked him where isn't this relationship going. You're doing okay good to have you get asked. The. Do you have any hopes that. Actually let me rephrase that what do you hope his answer is. I mean I actually I would like to didn't think he wouldn't be a burden checked but it. And now. So I mean actually Ed and now and that's fine. A way uncertainties. So you wanna go pogo whatever it is just temporarily on your fourth of July break. Thank you would be a set and he looked over the other girls. Well hey you know I'm asked how he Palin and I. Suddenly Atlanta just sent. I work forward but I wish it would bug you a little bit. I. Am OK so let me ask you another way Alison if we talked to well and find out he's only dating year and that's it. Would it change your vacation plans. Now. So even if he says I only wanna be without some exclusive with a 100% head over heels he's so when you look a lot of people. So what's the point of even doing that segments. I'm Rick he can't. Here it you know like it when he dunking. You want so you wanna know he's a get out and other guys. Are good and they you have to have a lot of guys is just in the leg that avenue to get there. All. So you want to justify the actions that your height thinking you're gonna do on this vacation and hopes that he's doing the same thing okay this is totally backwards. As is totally NASCAR's. Good how I look give us three minutes and we'll try to get him mine hands. Asking the question why you listen and and then after we had a conversation with Hammel come back to you okay. Isn't every fine thank you all and is she but you guys nearly pain she's saying well why you can hate. Yes I believe and I don't get angry and this exclusives have really kind of did minimum kind of a media double and a deal what I wanna do other people like what clue why it's great. She just might say he's so don't you guys peak crazy what are. All of CY. Now know is if he's hotel for the other girls. And the down hole under the hood over the other guys next week Clement two beach Riverside she's gone is tried to get there and that also protects herself. Aaron Cain. And if you lose subsidies. What if he's not in the middle of the men went to deal with an easy okay Ryan earlier shown us now yeah. Three minutes from right now will make them well go through what was his name again well we'll make a phone call to wail and find out and I'm grateful he has pain. Sinner. Many. Jet engines start it's. Steele is laughing real. And Jeff binge Ngo Lisa unless. We're about to ask the really awkward question isn't well on behalf of Allison where this relationship going. So I can't figure out why she wants to know the answer. And if you think you've translated this completely. I just think she wants to know if he's hooking up with other women so rather than just say hey easier to have the women in stage she's created this whole elaborate imagine a woman during this she's crude created this whole elaborate theater in her mind. Okay of what I wanna go with boys when I go to the beach for break next week for vacation next week and so I wanna know if it's okay so I want him to know I wanna know from him a sports is a renowned and dreaming Lehman and him anymore. From the men and animal planet's okay. So it's of groups yes the thousands is the call will anyway I ranked. I'm Allison were gonna call will so we need bring you on hold okay. And I add I always feel like saying good luck here but I'm. Not really sure what its side good luck would be fours so. Larry let happen our Canadian pull yeah yeah that's Latin. I mean. I thought. If. It's Janzen is intentional how are you. It they you know I'm yeah and things are coming on the fence on here and Jack and Kelly here and we just have a quick question for you. About your dating life. Oh OK cool I'm so windchill I don't. We know that you have been dating nominate Alison. And she wanted to say asked on her behalf where this relationship is and trio. Are you are are you are you guys. A. Seeing each other exclusively. Or are are you. Seeing other people do you see a future with her or is she just kind of fun while it lasts or is she night. The mother you know it's. On. ABC has now why can't it excludes feud. Conversation. Just aren't there are truly. Truly hope says that she does and Jim and I'm seeing her more and I'm seeing anyone else. But had some guitar don't you don't so you know she's. It may be an amazing girl by I hate we we haven't had that conversation I don't know that I'm gonna waste. Soledad exclusive that's quite yet. A tank so if she weren't dating other people you'd be fine with that hit. Here are dead and at that stage she'd get out of 60% of your time and 6040. But the forty silk pretty important tea. Yeah yeah I shirt sir well when's the last time you saw some and other than Allison just thank you asked me. Aren't. Nationally we don't call tank seriously things other people. Now we're saying dat not each year. I've asked the site I don't isn't out but I don't not tell something wasn't it. Match sacked just it's mentoring sessions. I thank you well. Number I'm talking and take take things Adonis. Eight Olympic Torch. But I can imagine three minutes and talked Allison and I truly have no idea how that's gonna let her original use we have fuel CB sad sick and I think welcome back in three minutes and talk to Ellison. I that I she feels about wills proclamation that he is dating ams. Now things really happening elsewhere elsewhere. The three minutes right now the Japanese interest and I before on. Where is this a relationship going this week with Allison and well we just talk to Ellen asked him how do you feel about. It's really super thousand said he's only seen her more than anybody else but they just started dating my sir a lot of he's still dating other. Have been our halftime we get some answers I don't know we just don't know which answers you really want it so let's take a thousand years he left. Hey Alison welcome back to the shadow. I think that's Cianci a lot of right now you are free to. Enjoy every inch of that speech. On. I. Yeah yeah I'm saying you can't find an egg and now. So we really asking parents find out if he wanted to date just you are. Are we really asking us because you want it to be able to be free on vacation. You know late. At grant. And I. I went quiet. I had her down Butler. Kind. Got it I think you gonna roundabout way answered that yep Larry Mac. Alison. Yeah Larry Mac as SCANA summons are you were maybe expecting him and one and. Oh am I here you. Are right and not. That. And being. Mean that would be a better. You know I'm and and that Libya okay hair like that bird and make her name. It doesn't want it doesn't why did you just say. It makes sense here. So old. News. When he'll listen to your questions us about you on and on occasion next week and a couple of people on and in years in Europe says that he so let people as economics and San 'cause it does make sense to me. Yeah I. Can. Think your rates. Are right thank you Allison. Saying yeah bank. And I. Thank you for making this so it's just it's just one start now before want to.