Where Is This Relatinoship Going With Andi And Max Part 1.mp3

Thursday, March 9th

They're on a break according to her, but they're not according to him? And he knows something she doesn't know...

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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. Errors this relationship going. Today we are going to be anti jam and Andy would make us ask. I'm Max who she has been dating for or about four months. Where this relationship is going END a good Ian a girl an Indy with a high I just to say. Girls with names urges cool. They are and usually hot. I want them in my aunts uncles but Charlie is usually hot Sam is hot in inning and he is Tyler. Tyler's yeah I dug a female would be east. A crack at. Sorry Andy Reid I grass how I. I welcome to the Japanese and show Harry you. Undoing a Wolverine world and we are again and so why are we calling Max asked him the awkward question. Well term. Max and I see. I didn't have been. Dating smarter and you know are pregnant now and I'm. We eat it was going really really well. I really cared and really agree. And green than it does then the whole time we guy with a pretty packed. And then. He turned out that I can keep in touch with one of my act quicker and I really caught him touched and you know we hang out at me coming back home. And eve. Would really. Armed units really upset about that he displayed. You know I gotta get that back we need it pre. And I haven't heard from and then. And he low return rate tax purposes. And our age yeah eight don't know what's going on I don't know whether you know our relationship with on. Right supporter are whether it you know in Egypt you don't bet on a documentary. He. Is he and they have four or five months that you guys. Worked together before this happened would you consider him a jealous man. Or an insecure man around other guys or is it this one particular argued for some reason. I mean. I think if there's one particular union because it. You know like we have now and we are all the time in. I've never leaves. Trying to run other other guys have a lot of ice and anyway. It's just the one. Oh and the fact that we're so pretty close. And you know I and lake. Yeah it's just this one and I just let it. I just wish he would talk to me you know. So Andy this ex boyfriend what kind of relationship was that was in how long term ex boyfriend. Was it you know how would you characterize this X relationship. I don't leave her new words together for eight Boller together on an opt for like two years. Bill we've known as brother and two hurricane and youth LA. We have a lot of history and our relationship W her and I know it pretty stormy. But it you know late I never could have known a life without him. And yet. So giving up that fresh ever be giving up really a lifelong friendship and had a romance in the mid. Well. Yeah exactly exactly and I know like I have to do that. So why do you think Max feels so threatened diet because obviously that's what it says he's brilliant comfortable at that. I mean I can play I heard a lot of I went there when I go home and heat you don't collect and I just play. The lower part of my life my entire life you know lake IE. We all live I would yeah. Is it is and home guy considerably. More successful are better looking were more in shape. Then Max. I mean he and he has more picked up all our he makes more a month the you make our money back. Blake but. I guess I guess. You know now really evil empire relate along lake. You I can't even a little bet hotter objectively. But not an adult now. I want to beat it and you know I still wanted to be lit. So that they get a read into it Nickelodeon and the idea of man and I don't and I can't sit and play like not at it you know. If you live in Arizona if you live in the same town is and what would you be eating with them. Play. I shouldn't beat me I shouldn't be no no I wouldn't. And I were really isn't that romance with act isn't totally dead as it's still maybe. Partially that doors partially so cracked. Not I don't mean I don't love him you know I don't want him in Allah be with him. If I kept our I'm not in love with and I don't wanna be that and I want to be attacked no. NF Max and he were in the same town. Is the answer still the same. Indymac is the Max thank all the way. Not even a question. So I CO UN Max trying to break. Rate now. Yes it do you call them and say where's this relationship going were really saying is there anything she can do to save it right. I mean. Yeah I I'm I'm really sorry that he's uncomfortable I go one and should be. If it's a deal breaker are you willing to. Change your relationship with boyfriend at home in order to preserve the relationship to match. Yeah. That the but the idea. You'd rather not but you're willing. I would rather not but I would be well I would rather like I you know it you know I would rather not but I would say yeah I would do it. RA while we will I'll put you on hold we'll come back in three minutes and make the phone call to Max. You get to listening to that whole conversation you'll never talked to Max meal listening and and then after that happens will come back to you engage your follow up thoughts. Poll I'd well Buick and three minutes we make a phone call to Max and try to get some answers for Andy. As we do this week's installment of where is this relationship going the jet engine ships are ready for one. Star in 941.