Where is Gina's Relationship Going?

Thursday, May 12th


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Thank you for making this list today Jesse Jones Shia OnStar and not before one. Just got this email from Gina and she is wondering damn Jean yeah fifth week didn't help her out of all of it. I'm she base said I need some help with my boyfriend Brad we have been together about a year. She's wondering where is the relationship. Knowing hey Gino welcome to the show. I don't tying pay and. I was sick or you that's me if I'm sorry full horrific decorated. Releasing names and affiliation that's true path through American points. I said tell us about your relationship with Brad. We've been together a body area and now we have a one year anniversary coming up this month. And yeah I think I can I mention the future couple times. And feel like things are going really well but I think how my comments that try to see how you feeling about being together long term. He fed inflates you know things have got right now and election to focus on you know the mother to be present and the interest he would act and and canola don't know what he's thinking more long term you know I mean. Sig do you ever dropped hints about weddings and stuff like that. Who do you mean talk about it a little bit and you know it can break. Dead wanna get married give down the line and he seemed hurt us into it going and laid back. He can afford it looks a wanna kind of talk about it like in a specific way you can play a tying mark. In the future kids don't have offenses whether he really want you that was near or not and and it went. I doubt this is good insight because. It's guys need to know if you've been dating for about a year that's when these questions are creeping up because I'm like okay. If you're just gonna do play play then I got to bounce because. You know if after that amounted merely to all my time now here's amen going to be fur. But why isn't the answer acceptable that. Things are great rate now why don't we have to talk about the future night in guy you speak yes translate please that is. That translates. To. Things are great rate now why don't we have to talk about the future fed acted differently about how our why oh why don't guys want to talk about the future. I think because guys are very. Next task oriented I think is a whole I think women have lists and checklists and plans and programs and and this is where we're gonna go on this is what we're gonna do and this is what the next year looks like where guys are lie. Hey. What are we doing Saturday and we go and at a Laker we sit on the patio taco Mac you know what I mean yeah. I don't need him to tell me we're gonna get right next year I just want to know you know such. If he even thinking that in five years we making our entry here we my ex and I take it at that time and that's because. It not look at all and I really kind of need to get back. Because they think women wanna know we're headed in the same direction we're just we're on the same page with us and do you guys thirty say I love you yeah yeah. So I couldn't I sang I love you and he's really happy anyone's focus on the happy. Think you can assume that it's going in the right direction that I understand why she wants to have that conversation for him to say I would love to marry you summed. It's not going to be Amare and may not be in a year from now but that's where my head is yeah I think it's a different asked for every year. Reassurance have you asked that specific question in that specific way are now. I'm not exactly now okay and why not. Different feel like this I mean I met a ban me and that the conversation that he package he kind of gates around eighty doesn't seem to want it can't read and I and I feel like you know jerk can point beaten down I I don't wanna make him feel like I'm getting an ultimatum again. Aren't saying no we sampling on a feeling. Well I think that. You have to be delicate how you phrase it the options are either chased. Chill out and be patient and see America is right horror. We can see if he'll come on the show in general talked to my senior V. Don't you're big meeting. Chile that would sir Richie relationship that sounds like everything's going to integrated Brad you guys and and everything's happy and then some. Radio gals gonna Colin method. All and just for the record I don't trust a lot of people named Brad. All I don't know I mean I know perhaps a hot. Really can't name on some grads are scant and off the company birthday cake funded. You know I predict. So let's see if Brad would be willing to do this. Can't be is Woolsey if we can get an answer out of are all right. Thank you for making this list today Jesse Jones Shia OnStar in 94 wide.