Where Do You Hide When You Need A Break

Tuesday, September 19th

Between kids, family, and work, where do you go to get away from it all? 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Yeah. Friday's pairings yesterday. And asked a woman. Who was pushing her car. That had nothing yet. Smiling to herself. My dad says this trial where you have to acknowledge trick is that she's. That's a brand hotter face and I said to her this is at a whole foods are you sir I said. That's why may I made some joke about her car being empty like that whatever said something to her and she's right now. My phone just I mean nobody knows where I am now. So pleased about pat and he's set to act and she's right. I am taking a break as we came home from work early and I come to the Hershey store and walk around and that's right. In sheets that's what she explains to. Me and the woman whose and it's always saying answer completely. I was site. Seems weird but I also have lots of places. Apparently that's that's a thing happening. Hiding places when you just give and then I realized I do it here at the radio station I remember that they can first foreign sit in the corner. In the corner office at some times I go down there with my laptop and then they're gonna and there are enough and now just camp out for fifteen minutes maybe foregoing home. If I've had a lot of stress that to. Sims is nobody can bother you know he can't but I don't. Some of worry adding hair and Leo is it yeah and like to an afternoon that President Clinton content. AGB. Of hiding spots yeah I'll old. I usually like. If it's inside and I don't have kids have kids I know barge in on the bathroom though like most adults won't so understood as most challenge. And l.'s exit in the shower and in my. And to hear the steam LD I can hourlong until how water runs out. Or I'll just say tee good drive them investigate gas and also run some errands. And then none of the questions and a McEntee and it is known as. But I visas and gone for like two hours and sleep driving and as they all. I don't know there's no cell service and wherever I was which is real threat so far. So flat red handed up an Alabama I don't know what happens I adds that no self service thing doesn't really work not anymore is pretty much cells here. I'm everywhere yeah. 1009 confound guys Haniyeh is the buzz senator excuse yeah treasure America. All my news broke out. I totally don't worry about it. 404263094. Line best adult hiding spots and males have went in there yeah. The grocery store yet. I'll go to the bread on one side of the store and not go to like the produce on the other side of the start of the most inefficient way to go to the grocery store and make it exciting hour and a half two hours the woman behind the seafood sounds like. Are you having a good day might still have made it dead back three times and. You a temporary enthusiasm. Does feel don't. That's 4042630941. As early may we won't get any phone calls but if you feel like dialing it found. I can fasten your adults grown up hiding spot. Where is your escape from 4042630941. Your phone calls after maroon tribe holds hands now. And NHL all star. Or. Did you. Hiding place not hiding because that place where you've got to go when you just need a brain. Rosemary and that Lawrence Hill. Hey where do you escape to Richard CIDs. I speak to the mid CD and I was barely sit still I am I get up by and you definitely think it'd go well. Happy. That he'll I had act like art theory and it at all but I'm hiding spot and. So you sit in the dark so sad about the movie is about sitting in the dark by yourself drinking margaritas. And back in and sounds so nice. Nice and cold yeah. I'm seeing three days off ma'am. Man you can't sleep in the air. Kelly and Lawrenceville welcome to Asia. Hey hi how are Roger at the back. Door and here MRI. Not the power. Hour I. Did I hit it. And there. You just can't car on OK I don't forget it okay come get. A little scary and Aaron Kelly Gisenyi curiosity where it is your entire family thing Q are. I. After the rockets Centre block that hour and let you have bothering him there in the that I. They do other UN mayor Kelly they just banging on the door tell you oh Bennett. But now. They. He's at and T call any of the past round. This is why they were Smart and they're being Smart and analyzed zap channels liberty heights is that you can't hide from its. I Julianne and Alpharetta London newsroom. I me. On it lifetime trying to counteract and your phones in the lemon block around there is no service. Audit grammar on around. They just intentional. I don't know all but eight NG doesn't work well and there is easy to. Let it be a. If they don't they should say that I'm marketed that they do it. In the locker room is a cell freeze. Also the home your husband's like they were you then how in the gym for three hours and I think why not isn't sleeping not earn but yeah that's just. Go to sit in at some point though he's an as there's no change whatsoever I way why. Terry and Carrollton welcome to the shadow. I can't I actually my head to orchestrate the Alberta and try and usually only two kids aren't yet we've talked. I go to a laundry room during the Ryder. Well shrug wallets running lean against they get a little massage. I didn't play god and circle the dryer sheets and styles and you guy I get like ten minute what are Dyson warms it because he's so yeah. They sort out today. Stuff on the gas engine shop. Brian and tennis are we in every chance to grab him but he says he hides in plain sight he just puts unconnected headphones on cents. We're Smart everybody's got an airplane right totally spacing units in my college roommate all the time. Yes mere shoes when you just never saw talking sometimes happens pretend I was listen in front of us. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.