When Your Friend Tries to Sell You Something

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Thanks for making this glitch and it's just it's army arm. We gotta talk about Rodin and yields. Here in a second and a cushy friend but first a quick reminder of the east of three more chances today to win a thousand dollars. It's a thousand Allan thank you on star 941. It just takes an keyword that will give you at 112 and five today three more time times to win. And either it's 1000 box. I wrote an infield Jan that would is that. I have been hit a case that many times about it. It's a hairline. Okay as far as I understand. I've never use the product but people who use it and sell a very passionate about it and its results. It might be ending one of emily's friendships wanted to share Emily. So I'm not my really good friend Kelly. See it he started selling floor wrote an angiogram would likely sort of like Mary Kay and I from the iPad and lake until woman had been not relent and let it play. Like you did my big deal breaker for him I'd get every single opera may be aware that apparently he doesn't think I'm like oh. I say you know like really how do you like my current into their legend and they'd like she will not make no matter how things like. Is she is hitting you up like throughout the day. Any kind of time Connecticut weekend and he now like. Shall rule whenever he that popular yeah about a man like at the very end the conflict Oden like I don't. Hey you know do you remember wrote in the field what are your directly just every time we talk about anything like that lack of a yet to get. So are you just kind of leaving the door open to be polite all the time like reelect. Out and are how how do you respond to her. I mean initially he added that kinda nice to now my age you know late on. Them really like at happy with the way my dad and I really don't think that is something that I need. And she later said she does not. We know prevent acts well and like beyond that she has started the means things unlike our mutual friend is even better and make. OK okay you know and Ed and correcting them Sunday and Ed. You know I had the great products Soria had to play. Although I don't get commenting on the problems say it like that's not okay. Right so she's she's really gung ho about how issued and selling it do you know. And you spend doing it about six months now. She's a again six months and easy when a new friend. It's into something new it is the first month that there through irritated gun ho and then it would die off at six months and she's she's fully committed to best. He's gonna say just tailored dinnertime the novelty aware yeah that's I was if you got advice. I'm just gonna give up on hammer out Emily deceive anybody headed by its story short it's 404. 74 line 9400. How to we gates. Emily's friends to reel it in a little way. And not be quite so. A. Yeah think that's tough because you don't want that to be the only thing you think of when she's calling. Or you see it text message from her pop like here we go. Exactly exactly. And so like one of those things where he even literally thirty it ready and hit that he arsenic. Could occur jobs like about it. But it doesn't seem like eye candy here. I. Do you want to talk to how are you one. Mean and he thought about. It's a girl that's that's quite articulate and made. He might the Derrek Lee act. I mean. She's not. Other phones that are starting to ring and if you have a couple minutes and that we put the final week Ambac gets them in place where you hopefully. A little bit and maybe there's a magic rode an infield. And if you. And name now. Oh if he's just ordering it. It's worth the investment suggest I just maybe hey how much is your friendship where it is aware of a hundred dollars. Werth on screener and. Maybe just parts of Batman that. Maybe that's the sparks. I'll hold you leave the emails 40474. Line at 9400. Your comments. For Amelie who's being hounded by her new framed her old friend. New games Eleanor and I saw. Czar not before one.