When Your Boyfriend Looks Like Your Dad

Friday, June 16th

Does your partner look like a family member? Help Kelly Cheese feel a little better with your stories!


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Right yeah. Kelly seems boyfriend looks just like your dad. We know this because she did this yeah a couple of weeks ago before then fell in love. They didn't sell the list of friends and change your profile pictures of that picture when I notice Isaac. The picture of her and her dad it snows like follow and that's not her dad and your big day. Asking used to make her feel a little bit better right now so. Does your partner and look just like a family member for a Fuller act and you 630941. It's okay you admit it we're not gonna judge we seem to make her feel a little bit better comfort in numbers is now we come again. And so about the similarities between her boyfriend and her day. Plant. To borrow four to six very own 941 if you want to join me me network they were building for Cali. And tell us what's family member. You are partnered looks just Simpson's. That in men will pull the picture out of Kelly and our bush and and then Kelli and her dad and and in detail describes the similarities because it's creepy okay. That's great if the intern ceemea. You have. Incentives on this morning this crazy lay. Out at coaches rated is that percent based on my neck I. I he has not seen yet I have a beer grab a microphone who's your daddy. GO PC and M lambs. While the militia. Don't know I mean I love you guys just making it thank you I'm mash unit here is. I won't. Bruce the home and abroad and my bad thing god exactly opposite. My brother and more anxious worried Janet gone and eager to create a haircut it's Inco. Hollywood and I quote. Quote. So now your brother married a woman who looks exactly like his sister. Literally. Exactly lightning like I'm a little more a couple of our content I got to look at that I. The tourists who looked exactly like again. Dish Sheen no lady is she aware of dead or is this just like something union has been talk about behind closed doors or does everybody now. I'm looking at me and Monica and we have a good luck. MTV and only then I thought oh god knows that sucker she expects more my. Thanks. Bancshares evangelist thing. Why can't this in LAJ who were between c.s in your world. Well Darren and I had that you. Mom they looked at I flew yeah yeah. I ticket cavalier at LA and I look at a bit my. Contract but it I'll act. This stuff. LA comfort in numbers let me say he is so I was so they can a scuzzy looking and I need track and he said exactly what my dad drove. And I didn't think they have I guess we are my dad drives that and then literally you show me this picture and thanks very ugly too many things. It's. Got a what will it in a minute we're gonna bring it genie in here because Janine notes and everything on a different level right. And she got in the summer this psychology behind the its yeah. And there is some sort yeah yeah. I mean why now. For the first time I mean I you know we may be well looked like game. Get. Your dad look sing a little lanes oh yeah. I show Z and Dallas welcome to the show. Yeah I got it ranks up. My. Brother and it at all night. And I had made a contract at all. I'll sign cited the Sam right. I. Think all that Tripoli. Supplier. Have a dad at his side of the family that I'm okay would that the right we get into that Julia in Atlanta though. We want somebody you wanna look like your dad but you don't want the guy you're making out with to look like your parents owned a regular magazine is bad but not your dad right yeah. Julia an alien. Hey I actually look like my boyfriend. And. At that point where we go out as public people think that way samplings. And actually another Durham hit a level different right in front of me and I had daylight just sat back down really bad. Because they thought you were his mom his sister they cut. It did this year political life diet and yeah. Is it passed it only you clearly out. Now but you keep on an example CNET and Carter's dole militia. Her. And now. He might have been right in the editing it and pass and then do you wish that junior prom together and I curled can't. Really blonde. Dark locker hair it's really early. And I was like oh my hair we got dressed and I walked unnecessary and looked and you're like oh crap. I took your Irish. If you're on YouTube or your husband her twins. Yeah. I have also that end up doing that like end up as they get older they end up looking like yeah. I think it is staying at the in thing added that the angels are all right we're gonna get into the psychology behind this because. Geneen got had a correspondent is somebody am lying and got off radian about it it might now be a bad thing Psycho therapist says it's actually. A good thing yeah. Yes so it could be a good I'm so we'll come right back we'll dig into the psychology and it and then Kelly she's well actually tell us of the two of them who's the better kisser. Well below the top and it. Your big day. We'll and. Jane made quite an observation about Kelly she's together today. And so we're about to dig into the psychology of facts. Kelly she's boyfriend and her dad look. Just so why can't their trains me. He's a young version of your dad but they looked just like this from two different subtleties when she goes of their data couple weeks ago and went with her boyfriend just yet today and I thought the one with her boyfriend was the one with her back. And the phone lines lit out with people who look like. We've seen him in other looks like a black politics and there are rich in Georgia and it can happen right. Your response on Georgia and Smith doesn't come. I'm glad you and I am not saying the gunman knows you're losing your daddy this show. Jamie is gonna get into the psychology of hearing just when second. And then after that. I have. A pair of tickets to Brian tonight on some don't want it and I use them. Some Gamal. I got a game it's got to play your game to win on a tank I live games. At a Milan time and a contract and I was just get a cheese bad imitate her boyfriend all my well. Where can live Rampage IT. It's imagining what's psychology behind dating somebody that looks like. Year parent. OK so from what I've found it's less scary than the Freudian idea which is that he secretly be entered at minimum which is a weird and you know I'm I'm I'm just dismissing that I've decided now. There is a much more understandable reason where it's based on imprinting. And the exposure act. Are basically. Imprinting idea is that since you're a kid people that you trust. Yours your family your parents Thomas and yeah that's a good relationship with them. The Baird treats imprint on new and so people who are similar to that especially visually which is the first Q you have to understand other people. You immediately feel the trustworthiness and why. With people like your dad and people are more drawn to things that they understand and know so for the same reason that like. If parents music you probably really liking you probably feel kind of drawn at least in a friendly way to people who like that's a music I love people like The Beatles. As my parents raised me on so I was exposed to at the same reason that highly people who are like my parents yeah so you're just explosive as this is the way you're raised so. And just actually has a lot to do with your personality is just. 'cause it's about for about being yeah you're right you're comfortable. Making love to ban. My god he's winds fan it's quiet now it's time we started dad who come down and out so. Sounds like it's the same banned them on death regularly. And McCain and obviously a wise spent a lot of time trusting when she's growing up and spank hammer on the statue of David. Because Sean. Isn't there instead of pumping me sure I made an Adonis and Amanda. A beautiful superhero. Clark and Superman looking man. Writes. Yes it was CN my exposure to superheroes as I am very comfortable in that arena. So fascinating. And moving that closer relationship you have there are common it is and I know Kelly you love you yeah. Yeah I mean your best friends lol well I sure do it I had just finishing today. I can remember you can love your dad. You just can't love your dad's right. Your big day. For Reyes and sciences Mac. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.