When Was The First Time You Saw Your Parents Drunk?

Friday, October 14th


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Star in 941 man. I doubt they've got to climb business fastest. Pounds yeah. I know the concept as fast as we can try to recapture the magic that accidentally happen and the shipment on. We had. We're talking about when did you after pairing are we headed to have a topic on people who had just sat there apparently give him. Yeah I house where and that. Seven straight sometimes in adults got a reminds you you're in her twenties he undermined apparent ease in the fifties. What they're doing is appropriate for their. Roles reversed right in and somehow. That topic led to a couple of phone calls about the very first time. People saw their parents intoxicated. And neighbor. Funny story. And yet senior moment I have. And might it. On. My dad dares. He's very. At present normally like he'll be that way Jim dollar hangs out at the in the corner of the room. There race everybody with my mom and have a drink whenever I. As the why I mean he blood percentage changes. As the anchor he moves closer and closer to an adamant he's. On an old court. Adds that exit in dollar. That's if he. Guy and so we are talking about this yesterday go ahead with throws back in the schedule and see if we get as many great calls and she goes oh I can start things off. He. Earth time and your parents like nuclear physicists. At this same thing of they're much smarter than anybody in this. Yeah so the first time that ice on my mother. Was the first time she offered. Out it was great. I asked that I was like I was in eighth with a fifteen or sixteen years old. Ice. And all of a sudden it was crashing. Evening. And it and downstairs. And we have. Freezer which calls the bottom right and another is sitting on the floor next to the free and trying to get ice cubes out of the freezer so that she can put it in her line there what my advances don't letter cabin. I'm gonna go grab her some dinner because she keeps asking for takeout. Which is Baghdad's latest thing you do. And now aren't. And you know some restaurants are slow. Yeah. And their parents and art at the heat index on adult perfect. And my mom calls her that she was asking about her food and and managed to get her back account. Of music and eating out of and and how angry at the time potent a lot of fifteen filing a lot of responsibility and Ahmadinejad started drives itself. Barely old debate it with your baby sitting your. It was great because she kept a college at the more Aaron. She kept being like oh my god terrible that is awfully you can't really awful and into that and and owns the army crawls to the bathroom. And earlier and it's just it's so impressive as she just wants to get picky she's a classy woman and she gets there and it's so impressive and then she. So mad and they can't all I think it's. Its earnings. And a minus. Yeah. Her clutching the freezer yes she she's behind me now and cool and critical my line. And if I Danielle and Johns creek thousand about the birds on the side to the parent. Out to tie it at great weight RI. Wreck. And the cut it at that works well I'm not normally during the eighth inning and it able. Injectable and not an. Edit edit people six battle lines later. Montgomery by the only lower weight kitty elevator. All animal may well adored no Eric said. How are mostly call. The only emomali. A Calgary it's time to come. I. Recognized that is why company mom down the hall why are. 150 parents of funny low. And Megan and Jasper. Aimee and when you see your parents drunk. Up. I thought about it here sixteen and my mom my cabinet script you're part of our routes and you know that being the only one big rig. At her own. Party's my dad who. And keep doing those creepy love these people would you don't know when I'm all play and I'd like. I don't let don't. Some guys don't mean. I then yeah welcome to the jets and change now. You the president mom or dad. And. And it's so he bartender at eleven and comment you see her come home a little (%expletive) say. And they'd try to you know Knowles and jealous urged their entire. And she came home around 1 o'clock morning and a picker. And. Convertible top down. On love. How play. And and their not down our era didn't see that politely. Turned out. And she starts off you are not quite they get through all. England England state all of my neighbor. It Nina how she got. What mama under the guard I have as drunk naked mom in your front yard. You've got to reassess hey Amy in my Marietta. I shall it why aren't I I I'm not play. The most memorable time. Beat her on current ban order and my dad at one many shot. Sheila and and I have been looking out. And he told me to go aren't any yeah. Yeah yeah. He looked little doubt now I can't be that way I am my magic and you'll match ilk. Up right now it's weird in front figured add. And that is an earthquake I bet they can't and then you outline and and that he acted and what young manner. Older woman and into my rock. And grandparent. And I didn't thank you Larry I. All that horrible and how we use running for prize. Pack actually make it. Eighth time on family vacation with my parent I would think college and my mom. Her speech and we went to the grocery store after work. And she didn't want around lack Agilent. And she llama miniature roller and you won't own an ugly they need and one. Yet and a woman and we just me and my brother Murray. Okay and I and I. There's so unformed. Alexandra. Welcome to the Japanese ninja. Permanent blurry. Right. I was just talented. Talk about my mom. The but yeah. I bet that's funny you were taking calls about people's. Well so we went from my cousins let me and my parents suggests that divorce right. Until my mama the post you are my dad was supposed to brain had 23 year old girl that he was seen on who let me. And so my mom would let me really nervous freaking out but she started drinking that hundred why. We kept trying to take it away from her and she didn't drink all the time. And then my dad's girlfriend and and a chilling out though my mom Leslie is over my dad's like pop black and got it right. Couldn't believe it. It's she does is create. It. How flocking to job and. She's gone. The example she refused to put it down I say let it that last part again Alexander. That she ended up taking as many boxes of Kagan she says. He was kind of walk alcoholic mom can't pick all of antiquity. But apparently unit in the league hit home and we haven't really say the alphabet on the liberal issue in ensuring that legal or Blake. And then we get home and she goes between the have been to try and he lived kind of by eight mile road where they are. She was walking toward the corner sanctions in the battle and the art. All right Marlon did in my. If you that there mental help there at islet. I'm not like Harry. Sometimes you just have you know all right. If you're ex husband was wearing an eight point three year old to a cousin's wedding mom deserve to get hammered. Now mom out. Like Mike and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.