When Parents Meet

Friday, June 2nd

When a couple's parents meet each other for the first time, what could possibly go wrong?


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It's not meet the parents and kids and parents meet the other parents. Our senior director JP and his fiance hide these parents are meeting for the first time this weekend and he thinks about just fine if one. Word or topic doesn't get it. Mention yeah. And entice him about that and finance from new. Possibly go wrong for a 4263094. Line if you or your story can serve as a warning for JP. Because his parents and Heidi parents are meeting for the very first time this week and we talked. Come possibly and in one word. The yeah. Tony LA now Wu who are you more worried about bringing that up and IDs parents or your parents. It's weird because maybe my parents and oh my parents are awesome because they kind of taught me. What unites people than rather than what divides people when united people's music and comedy and one stuff and the cubs and ads. But a couple cocktails and you need surgical lose slipped and then meet you say a word. Curfew words and we're off and running with that would the so are today. On one side or the other staunch Republicans are staunch Democrats. May be okay hinted he. Let us on CNN. Yeah. I think that's regardless of whether or not your quote staunch yeah going to be regardless of which side dry and it's just it makes me nervous Yassin even have some lady you kinda get a little leg somebody says. Trump within earshot or your shoulders going a little bit yeah. And we burn or anything good it's just such a volatile time right and I think it said I think that's a natural concern. I scale of one to ten how likely do you think that is to happen. Which alcohol may before without alcohol probably is. Negative one okay. There's gonna go great yeah you are back here again. It gets in high if you and Heidi are any indication all of your parents are pretty low key and just chill right we ended up all right yeah yeah. I don't know what do you remember the first time the your parents make transplants. And China. Honestly I'm gone totally blank I was too I knew was never once worried about. Caddies friends of my tasks is also locally yeah and if anything my parents are guilty of being. Of being so low key that they're almost offensive. They varied times when Cali and her mama be excitedly having conversations about wedding related staff. And my mom or dad would say I'm. Ernst and lasers has to be so faint. They just didn't just cold front of the judge gave Mary that's a we've gone home I was so that said there. I know them because they know them and that shares they're just there's they've really testy things simple and get out of their lives. And I didn't want that to come across either Cali and her mom like that they didn't care they were right there is located that was so I was really wary at all about. That my parents don't talk they avoid conflicts they don't talk politics they don't our religion and they don't talk money they're like that's that's your business let. It's as they get into separate that doesn't make you good or bad person a what what who would guide you worship of money you may play it. But I never think it's just. That's so I was I wasn't too worried about it what we wanted you though is I take phone calls and we have. One on hold that will pick up an imminent. But if you have a story of what could possibly go wrong for a 42630941. The first call out its gonna be tough to beat her name is. I Danielle. Ands and only had one thing go round. Not only did two things go wrong but three things. Went wrong the first time urged parents and her in laws Matt I'm just gonna give it three keywords. OK. Porn no Noonan know hot to you know diarrhea homeowner trying to I don't know. HL all star. Hides out. Bourn to second diarrhea. And JP impossible JP golly the trifecta of a bad first meeting. It's not even parents is parents' meeting the other hand. That's what's happening. And JP's life and we've asked for you share your stories of possibly go wrong maybe you warning for him all the sudden this woman on hold on not so nervous about how these parents have no exciting now or 540426309. For a line. If you wanna share your story to warn JP. Hey I'd Daniel log into the gender and share. I email this sounds terrible. Already I'm nervous. Yeah it would be back at sea pines and JP is just worried about somebody didn't sense seeing going out of political rant. You were here to tell him that should be the least of his worries. He had that. Yeah I didn't let me tell us about your family and your is your husband now where is he still your fancy then made nine and it worked out so okay. I tell us about your family and your husband Stanley in the the first time that I'll mats. It fell well insert off my can lead currently lower middle class touched examined and an inch from the very Shandling around. So did that and actually ever bites McNamee. And probably got married and we don't try to do meet my announcement cooled dramatically and dropped. And that and we had a long week in America Britain and. And I don't think happened. Was at my carry ancient dot com currently combined in London coming back and not have one wrong. Oh yeah. She. Let's dissect him when that's. And how many nights where you guys spinning in Charleston. Are green and white Knight did they get caught doing. You wouldn't let me and I'm saying hey I am I don't personally. And cat food surpluses sizzler early in the morning that I station and a look at Atlanta Suzanne earn your way and. Thought everybody had done event. Yet it got to and got to read. And understand how they were told. To stand there and. A lot. To do and I wasn't contents. I'm my and a lot of my husband's parents wrote. Her back. From India. And I think one of the most checking on something. And then you. The other one had to get up and it boosts. How do. I have another question about this who told you yes so I'm excited. Told you did your parents why did you let you down the next morning to get a cup of coffee in your dad is sites. Honey Danielle there's something I need to tell you know I don't want to get upset because that's when a woman loving father. Never been enough not to beat Portsmouth a. Shop and you know might my parents might actually give it my mom who never had. Talk about two. I'm. I mention that I guess I would say like yeah tell your forgetting them warrant. Tell your parents not to do it in the vicinity of your new and it's OK lieutenant a summer doll and down. Especially in the public area let them get. I alternative than it cowards and they run or connection so I'm a little irony there alone which only seems so Smart. And he died she around. Rebecca I had no control all of the lights and air conditioning and challenged. Yet I don't have content rich you are important. And that didn't attached to end it in Orange group. Oh so he broke them all families system. But it almost certain tone light touch you can get whoever wins he would be looking at her whenever it inched highlights from kind of violence. And it broke I'd try and control thing entirely air conditioning stopped. Polite tremendous step in rehab it get on it to try and election. To get Palestinians working get emotional awkward. Right now Wayne did this happen how long into the trip did this happen. This man or mental state senator light kidnapped were tired and I'd like as a third we were. So you were in lousy at this point think hey you guys aren't urges our whole family of sixteenths it is. Of how to yeah or. Whatever yeah diligent kid and the giants. Yes parent and my brother did thanks Kerry didn't kill on. You decided then he can't attend and show yeah that's how. All right so JP you're lucky seat if you have any younger Brothers. Correct. But I would just gives you this warning don't look at porn around and it's OK that's number two I number three when he got. I can't say it came today and it's that we thought we had many parents died when packet while could enrich. It to the underdog. And I guess Gionta almost unthinkable lacked. You know where the dot typically manage on the got to get some speed and really sick. So my primary in mom now try and much. That I did I do to bring about and that's what brand new Mercedes. It's Frederick Aaliyah Arab related event and it does do kids die area and in. Emerged KG now. Now. Did you really bad it now literary and two. So yeah actually talk to that and at that corn Mitch. Very Ali air conditioning and linking. Oh yeah see his your family band back to their house since that happened. Yet thing okay. I did after all back. Home it would while it was a yeah. Must be really charming and they're like okay our daughter in law is worth it because her family is a hot mess their family had it not invite them all. Yeah and Internet like attempted impact nothing like at a park and I guess they linger let's read now how can you Mikey matter. And out of. I major city you can see the times they've combat has had Taliban quote out of order. Did you think but yeah actually. I think things are coming now. And good luck into that pageant JJ you're fine he's I. I don't do it in public don't look at porn and Dominic Dunn who may be too many hot dogs in Mercedes. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook and.