When did you HAVE to Say Something

Wednesday, May 3rd

Ever see a parent doing something so wrong you just HAD to stand up and say something?

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All right now before one can turn it up. And Justin Jan show all the now. Jim is regretting. Walking out of a restaurant or letting a family walk out of a restaurant we have saying some things. Season new parents about this tiny little baby. As usual is up parents fail and then that you can witness. Ethics parent sales where you just have to say some things. Because most of the time you'll do what I did which is by in my time. And so regretting it so if you misery where you actually had to say something to the parent I'd love to hear from you for a 14630941. Because I wish I had said something we aware hanging out I'm had a date night out and side table to us. With a lot of young married couples they were all coupled loss and you can tell the one. Grew you know couple and their friend groups that was the first to have a baby was there read their newborn super cute. And then. I'll I'll finding good out with their baby and then the band starts playing. Pretty louder and louder and louder and louder and louder and louder and they do not exit with their newborn and I couldn't think about anything else just like. Take your baby all. It could be damaging their keynote that little babies hearing for a long time. And I just thought maybe them mom and dad didn't know any better there's new parents are figuring it out there like. Trying to be cool and so hang with their friends. Like it changes you got to go home. Out of paid for like get drunk dad uses dog to be an excuse me you does not give her baby to be in here your bad parent what's next in drive vehement chicken wings. I know I just not I could have been that that person. I was drunk. Excitement is your name Albany to. Albany calling from Atlanta what did you witness Regis and this is something. I didn't say anything better than Atlantic's Brack. And you I'm. Period let her child walk on that account term queries are major change. Blocking back in forest Arnie talked a counter and I can't I mean how is just dumbfounded I act. Kept expecting me around it and I don't Parker's just face something and they never did. That's just one of those situations where you're so shocked it's happening the you can't sing anything Cogent I don't. But you almost have to go to your manager and say I know this is and that's not right right. I. Feel like a kid walking by where my food is about to be. All we have had great when Jenny goes this earlier entries for aggrieved great ones I'm obviously jamming of isn't gonna make you cringe. I'm now a woman had to say something to a man who is putting his car seats. In his truck in his pickup truck you know yeah we had them which acog give the frame. We have to put the seat buckle the seat into the bottom. Yet the base and the wrist and then the bucket seat that clicks and thank you for speaking parent yes he set the bucket seat up on the edge of that. The truck banks while he was moving stuff out of the way. And the baby was about to fall off. Well the baby leg waigel or sneeze or something a got a tip trade over. I'm a good day into the bed a bad day. Yeah and that's just instinct you just run it to a child could be in danger like I would have just run over there and held buckets he did it I'll hold it to your ready. I called babies are here. Murals that number of people we talked about this earlier in just it's just. I think I can't. Because if you correct somebody you're saying your bad parenting Jenny told us earlier. It's the worst and so you can receive his Aman definitely some this is your bad parent that is like hitch in the gut kind of an insult but sometimes you just. Have to say something policing Griffin welcome to the show. Case com I normally don't say anything yet evident in this situation or act like its outlook that danger my daughter Caylee so that Florida. And we call that gap and not worry can't be out there like the parking spot on the gas stations. And well you're about to go and and then on the cart the cart next to get her to be English and so I looked over in the back speed the window looked completely robot arm. And in the cart seat closest of that window that read about a month and probably aren't. They teach in the car seat alone in the car is crying mind you this is Florida so it's warm it taught how options and all by itself. And so I wanna go in and lead the beauty sitting there by itself guard Egypt. Down some etiquette of Carmen and just you know we can not be easy or it and that the mother. My first I never looked Mattel alone but. Maybe that was the goal may be that kids are crying for awhile. And make me though I imagine Sarah well. I say it's like. So I would like concern as to how long it wasn't like one of those climate around it got to beat it out and come back out. We stood there for almost five minute. And does father finally came and I couldn't help that I had to state something I did you relied upon to let you know we're out and crossing the current. The window without it I would pick kidnap her which. Clearly I'm not actually I've been thinking at Breck and I had a baby and been gone are what is dance and Evernote. He yelled at me he was told me I had no quite the challenge moderate their child. Say that senator. That rate there is a common theme because windy road and face berg that she said something to Oman who had five kids running all over her car no car seats. Thanks so she's at a red light shoots over this five kids in the car while the cars in motion and driving like those seatbelts no C pounds of kids around and mom has the window just cracked while she smokes a cigarette. Women pulled up next here at a red light yellow banner and Jack Cust out about it on an LDN. It's it's a risk that you change if you're say anything about it it's just. Pulse. Christie and Alpharetta Wayne into words honey for his question when did you just have to say something maybe you just have to say something to up errant. Felt I let me play eight buried Friday it being listened yet I eat. So they don't ever tell elect and I obstacles it had a baby you know I'm I'm. And end Aaron she brought her baby and would it is not a crime and the baby. It about a month and a hat and she was crying into her car you better start court right. And you can literally grabbed the baby aren't there aren't a lot of McCarthy and I both. If you could do there like that you just looking McCartney execute like no roll it out it only to bid in the Monsanto. My diet. And light I'm really sorry but I can't actually quite bit and once I show our. Crowded at the straps. And like how to activate the in animation that they're highness the lightweight she was in tears. Because he had been driving around with it baby. Yeah it she didn't know and I'm like nobody ever how would you try to separate and she's right now hospital at a Balladur just like it. Online it's. Thank goodness he said something that's where it turned that turn out good genetic test out that's a happy ending Fiat. I Jennifer in becoming IE the last costs of the segment when he got. And where we're going into their restaurant and shopping center and I heard something crazy in Atlanta. Sort of bring it three year old being left alone. 98. And look around it to anybody and we had grown and on one car. The car was unlocked there's a three year old and it crying. And I opened the door in Ontario OK and he is actually an aunt. Conan online. And I was not good and tip your wait and find out you know what's going on and when to call 911 into the and I. And can find out. The people came out and should pay shop that was right there and they she'd been here and people in that car watching him in the apparently they're not watchable without. At the networks LTD Laura and con man on one that we had a clean. Wow did the cops show up. No they didn't show that's being mom. On the came out at a car and left before they. Their job all. You know. I think in that situation I was attending to him I think she did everything don't you sort of make it this way it's in the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.