When the Beat Stops: Who Won?

Friday, April 29th


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You got Larry let's share battle secret about Jenn hobby is different she is so competitive exercising it. This says. We got to keep her running tally somewhere. So we can find out who the overall winner. Can I say good leaderboard that they'll win the death sub splitter Gloria has in my house embryos that I've got three more sons are here so if you if you guys each get one of the three of them were. We're stuck in a tie my dad's time and it's a tie agendas it's not fines and does not find America. Florida and I have is that there's losers most interesting during fall voice he must've lost ten pounds dancing around the room. Fashion that last song. This by the way competitive if you're if you're a fan of star ready for one and Atlanta and and FaceBook yeah it's that's the faith repaid. We are doing this competition lied seat actually watch. Jane stands out. I three more songs to and the ball's in your court. Pressure is on here you ready were doing a review all ye yes I thought. I worry China most lethal read revenge songs is the category today OK and next to free Jennings each year. And. A well. Mind. Send them. Men and women and men and then now. I. Thought you know. Yeah actually in night. She felt. A friend. You could. Between the sheets with a bottle of Jane Ramo close close close. Once daily bring a lemon and a bottle of town. Yeah it's very good at it. And they view it is nothing to leave their lives in east. My company's patents not Canada's tough spot as he should be and I think it's probably because he's scared of you can. I what I found faith even. You gotta tell. You get a deal she wrote a song a revenge you leave that. All right as a right to isolate she does not about the next it's a lullaby of and actually know her whole first album was all about her ex boyfriend and he. Can bring your four yet hello. It. These tires. Tuchman learned. Kelly you're not allowed to live think you had a again you're race deal. I am now a case. My name me. So in tune with. And the amount of slipped across the. What is hey hey hey leave me breathless voter. And on the last line it is time prove. When I. OK so it's. You Stearns know its Jane stern stern says she gets this right she's the winner if not I can steal it. And ended as dividends and Anna Wilson instant you don't get it he's going to steal I think no it's Katy Perry okay. Let me in yeah little does that mean. You like you Ali you locate. We said earlier my three girls and Katy Perry phase right now I should get I had no idea about doing it when I get so defensive about that because we're you and me eighty. Mary. That again. Yeah. And proud. Oh. A sold. Loans. So close to the wind yeah the way and bring it. Yeah. Food the grounds. Plus I. I remind. You know. What is aids. Fallen from flat. Haven't tiebreaker. So on and we. Another song pretty quick we'll work and a radios. Yeah.