When the Beat Stops: Revenge Songs

Friday, April 29th


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Thank you for making this list today Jeffrey gen shell on starting now. So songs or revenge our songs and artists and write and record. About people who have done them wrong. And then the public gets to try to guess who the subject of that sun is I think pretty much everything Taylor Swift December yes. Even the ballads even a happy songs are all about. Basically we are never getting back to get bright yet. So Marino took this list they came out of of the best current revenge songs. Out and about and he is turning into a round of when the beat stops and wave that's where it sees they'll play a song he stops it. Then whoever's turn it is pass to saying it the next line ready. Ready I think so the most lethal revenge songs these are that would these advantages he knows or relief well okay now I'd so we'll just go back and forth you play along at home and then you can tweet is afterwards and tells a terrible yet. It's actually harder than it seems Jan lady's first so low grades you can start okay. Keep it off woods Justin Timberlake and facsimile. Then you calm me on the phone and I I. Once once again. There's a great signing obviously decide about Britney Spears. If that's wallop. I William Graham got a lot of street youth wellness we're sad movie dinner tonight. No no it's not. Yes no yeah yeah. I'm. Now. Bad sorry you by the way were in Baghdad but they're viewed from fourth. And yet. Marino you know ninety Stevie knowledge course of course and now is denser yet denser and it's it's tailor this is Taylor song OK and not usual Taylor Sauna at. Why are now all huh. You tell us that album confidence is harsh. His son is tough on us flourish yeah great song and I know that's not just on bleary lady environment. I hate you one direction guy on the and John Mair what is that and also the dude the actor Jude. Live at the name of the non. Yes I have. She knows as he revenge and telling me. She's great at bats that's right songs about you and insulated our exit one off what Aubrey I get what's next and round too no doubt. Don't know well it's my turn now. You just wrong because it was viewers some of an impact sorry. One easy and hands and I got excited. Outlets. Good up again yeah. Don't tell me does it. Just yeah. They get. Round three that the gen. This this is an interesting song it's it's back in like 20032004. At K is names Ayman. Okay I'm a song I don't know I can't sit and unit on the radio yes OK listen. No I knew you know. Yet you can't just yet you had played against me. But I know this song because I remember the song but no idea on the lyric is this song as a bad midst. I don't want you back at shall call okay that's not the real me. And what was the next line and I'm. It didn't mean Jack. A couple of nice round grandson. Guessed the green is pick. Though that. Yeah just right now. He's just got to thank. I'm injuries he'd jammies fast car. It I thought they go to. I wanna go toolbar. Right out of this is unknown is so far didn't do any Cincinnati. I just thank. I've racked my. I I. Do we know the score is. And visits how excited to finally do it's I'll try to Jerry what are. Welcome back we've won more around we'll do it I just you know. Yeah.