When the Beat Stops Hangout Fest Edition - We Have a Winner!

Friday, May 20th


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She now. Or one. We hang our press edition of when that could be stops. Janet I competing for show then she is on team it can Sheldon but it seemed Jan seventeen Jack is actually in Marion. I Shelvin and Jenna have to leave it three to two of I believe the ball is in Jens court. We have three more songs left. K hang out fast edition of when they beat stops. Ellie Golding tickets on the line next artist is it who Marino Alicea power. Yeah and. And I. It now yeah well they'll say the name that's on aids here. And that word you got wrong. You're yeah. Here. Well I didn't rate you nearly as much any here's Ron had. Movies but could you all right let's titled beyond com. We odds. Day. Next day. The Z. Me this. Thing. To that drive I. I. Act as in my about. Oh and I. Know you years knows these this game. Impedes line I'd burn it and so it's. A nice and jagged fits right UN as the way. They'll X ambassadors. Okay. In essence music analyze it and is this the last song you have it so she gets us Ron I can steal his last chance you'll lead role of cheese correct or three points. Okay okay I live like. And yeah. Let them learn. It's enough. And got ahead of Sheldon is going to see at a building thanks for playing along when these stops are hang out fest edition. Congratulations Sheldon. Sorry let you down nationally. Its share of coal runner up prize of some sort. It's darn 841.