When the Beat Stops - Hangout Fest Edition

Friday, May 20th


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They just didn't shells or sons are now before one. If you are out of gas there on one of Politico on your phone we're gonna FaceBook live when the beats dot hang out fest is in the section for the right where he hits it into progress party underway in LA lower Alabama. And we're gonna do a hang out test version of when the big stops that's when we try to finish the earlier. After the song drops out and will be competing for a couple of Jeff and she and show listeners is Sheldon. Okay well. Idea and. Yet who we want to play for him. A man. I think ally may interaction. Just. It's not that that's if yes where your only choices now and analyze analysts say. I'm. Outside. A. I'm not end until then because I can actually done much worse I'm it's. If they actually. How aria to an area. Yeah it's. You and in team. Oh. Okay he he. Assets in a real someplace good. Yeah. Hold on I'm Ashley and polish on them. Tomlinson. There. Is right now. The way this works is Marino place on we. Listen to this on and when he stops that we just have to keep singing Jan would you again as a. Going first short and I get wrong you'd get the chance to steal day and can't match. These are hang out fest artists' okay all of them so you're ready. And he thinks okay can you tell me the artists into the weekend dispersed attack united you know first Meredith. A. But I landed. An advantage. Did it may sound. Never reminded of how bad I think until we played with the you are particularly good about it and I hear myself like this it. When he sings well in the car snapped him. Okay that's. Play it point presents a challenge and got a point for. Public and government deduct their debt Bailey just. Jeff we got really building for you. I thought I really like jail. Nodded then and I wanted big taxes big and I see that man does that Atlanta zoo. Most of your real close you're closer. To every like. Time fans got a place. Okay Jen you got walked the moon and tagged. Mind. Cool and I doubt it we knew that this could have. Way to have legal thing ticket. He claims for illegally. Yeah looks at the. I got played pretty goods. How. Florence and the machine for Jeff. Iran yeah. It's an. And it's. They're don't know it is owner. Concerned about it. I guess is that I was worried about being hurt I've heard about being pitching it's not. That's tough I want to. Each. Got Lenny Kravitz who did okay. Yeah yeah yeah. Well on its yeah way. I'll what's the score and I hit three day. Where are we marina 31 you know keep score and pass hello Perry. 321 I think I think he realized I want to give me one moral figure out this coronal command equal round I'd panic at this goes next is good luck and clothing and swear word door. That works. Very good night. Let's play semi DNC. I think by the ocean and welcome back we'll finish this round of the hang out a vision of when could be stopped. It's darn 841.