When the Beat Stops 90's Part 2

Friday, July 1st


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Fish and shell Arnold and this story is Jeff dollar three Jenn hobby CU game. When it beats stops. And thinks about. This friendly competition. Hear you there. And it's it's tied up right here you here in an op. Silent as the and you went so. I think. Yeah chance to tie it if it's one that's. From 1998 visa hot summer songs from the ninth. 1998. The boy is mine. For Indian market. Seem to be news. There room. The. It's not competitive on an IRA. Hide your son's life. The songs yes. From 92 light is highly project. You don't go in man. Away. Jags get crazy. It's been down Jan. Think this last one. If you get this right now it's time we're done with the isn't much time. We're gonna have to do tiebreaker where audience if you get it is America we can arrange that somebody winds and somebody loses their participation trophies here you don't get it. I'm on. Now as a lot of pressure for the last song. Opens the German version nine. News. It is not but that Wednesday but but close suits from ninety theory and it's by tag team wound their news. You're ready I think you know that it hold on to the Florida bandit and a half. Yes acts and she's. And though is the. The old school. Come close to the. Yeah. I. The old school. Come close to the and yeah I think some are cocky about it but it yeah. Among the team believes you can watch. It holds. Well. I ask. Yeah it's so easy I'd I would like complicating a more in my mind. Did play this goes yeah like. That is big business on him zone I feel oddly proud that I won't. Proud you translation Jan. And she's being sincere about that you can tell me congratulations. On your championship.