When the Beat Stops 90's Part 1

Friday, July 1st


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Are making the switch to the justice shall certainly aren't they before it ends to when the B drops. It. I'll let down and I always tell attack at the front party thing when he stops. OK hate it when he stops. Hogan and a second. Pregnancies and I don't know why. Line. The days before holiday weekends. Yes this counts as on the news in the tennis to fortify and yes now on the days before they weekends. I always felt very appreciative. Of everyone listens to. I don't know that I am appreciative every everyday people who listen but for whatever reason I just think people's teams are different. Chinatown you're packing your ear of an earlier. In the office later whatever your minds maybe in his on the weekend yep but I. Probably at least one person Hillary. And you. Think you. When the beat stops. Is Wayne Marino picks a categories he plays in games stops that we have to sing the next line we've done this several times. We did it once with Chile from TLC. And we have used different different and it it was a category today and. Lot of fun today hot summer songs from the ninety from the ninety's okay can you refresh my memory on the rules Marino I. I can't yet Jeff gets it wrong I get the chance to steal yes that's ironic isn't it very competitive you know I doubt they needed of the world had a that is. And I love about this it's a friendly competition turns ugly quickly into a zone at a and yet I scoreboard here are organs are dead ladies you gophers in Virginia and first. It's okay. It's gonna so taken off one out from 1990 to baby got back and think sir mix a lot. My and it Condit don't want none and lets you got. Buttons I'm. I did not know me you know I was gonna save you. Did you spend a lot of time kind of been easiest on ever I. A hard time and hard with bill yeah. You. The only thing terrible thing about this is genuine here in there so I know it's a bit. It obviously means Backstreet Boys everybody Backstreet back rejects. And wave around like you just don't cash. Three show I think it was like Georgia Dome. When they came in and they were. Flying towards hover boards over the crowd I thought every little girl in that thick like in the downloads in the lose there. They were. Off the. That would have been what made and he's very. All say it was 2000 and it's like that song or know that come there because I lived in Atlanta then okay. And moved here in ninety nines and with. Songs on Yates almost done now because. Sides and you have cities like mr. It's and then and now. Again I need ahead. First band with a number and it. I think set off a real trend. There headlined Blink-182. Some 41. All of a sudden that's that's twenty it was like all these fans numbers and maybe it was the thing for awhile. Very trying to. It's very cool now it's not ethical. They death grip. Genie in the bottle Christina regular. Gary yeah thank you thank you so much. The data rub me out right way. Me. Matt quiet and this is what. It's funny it's. One more. You're a moron and regatta tagging and sometimes a fiasco Tehran entice. This is America. Incessantly. Here experts and ECB still turnaround. From 94 years. Tones. Who contract now. The yeah you see. Yeah yeah. It. In December 8. On the guys tied in here I could take the lead with us tonight a few more than. It was silly so. Send me now. Yes kids. Summertime. From 1990. A deejay jazzy Jeff ran across. And if today broke then don't try to fix. Duties honestly for a second yeah. Yeah. I've hail wind of point lead at marinas and as a few times. Welcome back after Justin. Jane you'll be up. To you the victory.