When Bachelor Parties End Relationships

Friday, July 21st

We hope JP's goes well, but these are the stories where it all went south. Especially when Mary calls...

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And young star ready for a one. Is there anyone. Whose. Relationship editor who knows a relationship that ended. Because there's something that happened and a bachelor or bachelorette party. 404263094. Lines as we lean on the listeners experience to help guide us we need your story is. And there's a very specific reason we asking the questions. If you know of a relationship that ended because of something can happen in a bachelor party or bachelorette party call us now for a force usage rate phone 9041. TJP in his back. On the street finishing top. It already did yeah. After the show today JP leaves force a guy known for his bachelor hearts and I don't know here's what I know about your friends and your body tingle okay who are used to work here in Atlanta next ands. And is here ulcer you get DJ fierce savidge now. I'm I'm I'm I'd go odds NBA and I do have been like a wild goose and just get clearance and to start blowing raspberries and everybody. It's my bad somebody everybody blue. That's really the dogs out up to us. Let the dogs are you know who let the dogs out. Food for Francisco. So the question is our number one will you serve life. This weekend. How much sleep do you think that you have of where the nights and spotted between tonight and tomorrow little or none yeah. Yeah I mean we get paired today and I'm gonna go to the horse track in ban on some ponies nice and then we got lots of activities planned out. What does your does come to stay snack check. Economists had. And music and you guys might not know this but I consider myself. A bit of a loner a tendency to myself as a one man wolf pack consisting. So I can and I don't be negative about the whole thing JP Brett. I do one and you know if if there is anybody. Who. Knows a relationship that ended just literally because of something happen at the bachelor bachelor party this afternoon the grooms relationship. It's typically not grant. Lauro 42630941. And he's got a story can share with us. That's slip parties are black so they often gets in trouble so JC Penney on his bachelor party miss that weekend. And we think you can also and is there any openings. Help. It's conservative worn. Jay is anybody listening to. Ended a relationship because that's something that happened at a bachelor party for a force is 63094. Want legacy aim and Duluth. Tale. So there I'm bachelorette party that is why not evident blood fiber wrapping things option key. Actually I hit party decided to pray and. Outside the wind and actually look at the window and saw her looking up. 1%. MRI to listen to have a lesser. Yeah actually better than the real we didn't know at that had a vital part noted why are we Iraq and end up several. Oh yeah it would go to guy and pushed. I'm mark jokes on him. So the I she says the relationship and it. Yeah after the play a lot of wedding. It would go back while. They are about yeah yeah. This is she's still at this ever. Oh god and thank you for the call laxity. They jewelry out it. Ed thanks appreciate it Mary and Norcross. Tell us what happened at the bachelor or bachelorette party that ended the relationship. So. Armed stern show where I mean a couple of girlfriends and today there's. And that little guy news. And let that happen and I'm not sure sure I have to and the timing and nothing crazy. And we have been talking every saying. Every day and on the track I don't try very our every need I. Bullying hanging hole and a saying well how long you know how long ago was this trip. I am glad you can with a much. And it. And actually. About unique and Nickelodeon aren't they are content and and he wanted to thank you aren't and and wish to doubts about a week. And I peek into each and threw it that he would be an eight hour. Lo OK so when he came to see you. War I'm happens are we still just talking about our connect. Met my analyst Eric Marc talking. He. Won task not but it might act that they are out there he is you know like rigor and. And alignment. And it never only crime to eat corn and that's an extra. I'm OK all I'm several questions is is his fiancee. And wherever he's from does his fiance no. That your and the picture. Eight at eight that we are currently. And then he yeah. He has no idea that's why she's having down our he's having doubts. Well it's sad that they are some other things that a patient yes sure shared by like independent as maintenance. My net more on national thing. When you're at eight in Vegas you sir talking to him did you know using gauged. Eighteen K so why did you get to the primary air training numbers that. I'm glad you're like eight other guys train wreck and I know you like. They're going to party and I intend to actually shape or not. And it has well. So we'd just wreck though he had an urgent evident and hang out that. I didn't thinking I gotta actually saying he'd bury it texting me and. So yeah nothing happened in Vegas physically between your idea. It clean. Or about when he came to visit you'd yell make out. I am EU. You're okay. You. Yeah I married bag you. Have a real thing with salmon that you met him for a reason and he shouldn't be getting married. Yeah that what you guys have a stronger than what he has in his fiancee. OK look here's the kicker they didn't get a first and ears. Sure. I would I would say yeah. Sig you could be the seven year itch that. I. Well even paying your bike I think he had meant that I combines all the odd that a kid now I'd like you know come out Chandra I would they're taught him that. That way you act like labored and it now all cash and retain the right. Do you do you feel like what you're doing now is wrong. I mean but I'm actually like it and I like I don't be patient connection to Iran and sounding. I'd like don't. By some discontent patient fine. Courier had to make so many women in Atlanta snowman while I know okay. I mean that'd you don't worry that you're just baffling that he use like Jensen like that it's that may be an idea how he could be having cold feet and around. Now. As it has the thing that I always like their relationship ally. Though it looked like they had to get into main source XR two. While I was able right yeah because they're getting married dogs on couples take our economy challenge. At least that's come back a provocation. And you don't really hear violating girl code here. I really. How you hit anal. Her hand. Honesty and while. Is she doesn't think your friends she doesn't know about you because of no god can you imagine a time to imagine how I would tell my wife Allie. That I made are framed in Vegas when I was at a bachelor party we still check. And you see anyone we'll visit better voter. You for the elite eight hour drive yeah she doesn't know about you. You can't drive an eight hours we have friends. Wow yeah I've finally. I I like everything happens or read I would think any candidate they kids. And right and pension breathing pattern I actually I want a polished different they act like I when I dodged my birthday Friday I would you know. It's about our box Mary do you ever do you worry at. All of that. He would just do this year. Fast forward that you now knows she's different he breaks office. Engaged many doesn't get married you guys are dating and then. And then he doesn't see you. I don't think a strain saying that there. Coming I have. Well I'd marry Jimmy as ever holed out okay. I hate hate. The but I served are laid out very ordinary so enough. Then just three minutes after this sounds today. We'll take your calls. Forget about relationships. Ended it by a bachelor party is that when we got a call from Mary and Norcross. Decision met a guy in Vegas you for grim. Was on the bachelor party and they've been talking ever since back to just came to visit her and she may be the reason he calls often. His engagement. A lot of phone. Halls has he met. That's not summary. Reaction people who would like to tell Mary what they think about her situation. So we'll get through these phone calls to you've got to clear up the phone lines again now horns and it's coming up in just a few minutes he is sold out at the tabernacle on November and we've got tickets Torre and may be a chance to meet him. That's coming out right after we let our Vicki. Share her thoughts on the merry making. Home wrecking OK so maybe for a bit and helped me turn it blue she actually it spectrum are. Good team and around enlightened and the light on little little little. All right Vicky we're gonna need you to say that again with a little more enthusiasm. Angie and Lori and smell I actually agree with Mary. Mary did. Only want your entourage. ELE did you admit. Maybe you. Did come on eight. Is so true AC doesn't think that he'll do they tell her she is in the US ninth person I've ever cocktail. Chris stand NL's Fred is actually manhole for CNET she called while Mary was still talking. You come doubted all while you're waiting for is Chris and. There are all essential I don't eat all ended and it won't. Did cheating women how bad loan. I press and let me just run this out by you what if it was destiny. That Mary and that won't. That did not actually I didn't I don't do it looks nice out here now that's not very yeah. They're not there yet but I'm going to bed. That's not bad an old. What if they weren't meant to be married and is god needed to do something drastic so he allowed to marry too windy. The money and star Andy for one which a label heard of by the plane ticket to go to Vegas to save this man from the red jobs. Right OK. Okay. So. Ever flash in midtown that I. And I would just come it is okay I think we've hit a passion. Is and I'm Mary any thoughts and how would people have had to say. I'm I'm I'm very at all and I mean I'm here at the pinks. Stand out and bombed out in my opinion then let's and I and. Let us know what's going on here using Mary if you guys had a connection and let's say you just tell him to go leg ghost figure out your life. And more in touch with him yeah it's. Try that signed into an Atlantic. Try not contract it out that. I haven't hit particularly can't how to eat meat I got a really wary. And then actually and that in and then work that then either. I mean this isn't our armies of believe that this man. I is telling you the truth possessive he Iran is behind his fiancee is back there's no way he's telling you the truth and you believe that. And Lillian are you and those around me how I I won't thank you marrying. Lot of people I think he may yet and number eight all right guys. Oh just whenever he's around me when I appreciate the honesty and the golf seriously and definitely calls back. Yeah and Angel and India people fired up I appreciate the rating so thank you for that you couldn't get. I don't really get re ready and these days sounds terrible married as this is raises never ran well here all we call this is but I. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.