Wheel of Pregnancy Cravings.mp3

Friday, March 17th

MMMMM! This week the lucky, er, very unlucky, ones will have to eat Mushroom and Pepperoni Pizza with Grape Jelly.


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The Jesse Jens yeah well well. Yeah. Pregnancy cravings happens every Friday here and the jet engine shelf. What we do is spin a wheel alignment Thursday. And that I vets being that determines what we're gonna have for breakfast on Friday here's and it sounded like yesterday. Candidate that they are got back and then well. Just like beyond California I actually. Oh my favorite memory of the I AM the time. Iron Man. I irony. This comes up from our listener Donna Cox while she was pregnant she craves. Pepperoni and mushroom pizza with grape jelly. Yeah now. That Jan that was yesterday morning in the should Jen if you don't mind just turning zero rate interview we'll entry rate us in Ewing Kelly. Adam tried to meet the. I am. Out. How my. Wallet to do his job the pizza now Aaron tied James somehow caught its. Well the only in the way that the mom of three year old. She can't have pizza with the same care and I think that was the Caylee she's saved uncheck caddie gee guess and I thought that unless. I think he had a Attica our little swivel table this little got stuck and it just kept. I'd say chili cheese expiration tomorrow we would have needed off the floor and it's you know I don't have a problem. Leads us on that earlier this week. That's why you always want to be watching I'm FaceBook lively gonna start. Senate for wind and a FaceBook page. I so what nearly daily role at Geist. Roll a die consisting of different guys I'd hits and I'd number we have the heat's the Danish it's an even number. We are safe this week. And the dish again is. It is a pepperoni and mushroom pizza with grape jelly smeared across the top and I say thank you did Tony are our boss here's the radio station who got up. A little extra early to pop I didn't join us supreme though in the oven. And a big thing to Don Cox who ate this while she was part I knew how to roll first time I'm the only am I the only one who's had to go twice. Might the only worries you for two yards if it's I'm so I'm gonna roll. Way. And if you get an even number you don't have to eat it begin an odd number you did a great. Happy I'm saying yeah. I may be enough speed and learning new things. Didn't let alone yeah. I didn't really. High. Seriously and got it into the game and me and is not in you'll save and Bob Jimmie and. Yeah grab and bro I can zero and I'm better game Kelly we won't his five terms. You right here goes Janine can't clear herald of free and very. You have those magic hands just. Actually does look as bad and doesn't smell that either no last week I was heartened that from mushrooms like eating. And the sales tax. You do it on that unilaterally okay taking it broke all mushrooms are leggings Manny terrorists might I'm slow mushroom. The. And. And Jay is due and our first hit right at my house our economy. I. I. And he this radiation. Number all of our Kelli thank you she had no luck is one so far and now you're luck runs out on saint patty's day we'll come down the only kind of at a Nina and mammals Libyans. Pervez underwriter Eric Gagne Jeff. Ike Davis is. From yeah. Ha ha ha yeah yeah yeah yeah I had a magic hands. He and I are forming RadioShack. His dad he has an answer. And those hang on and on three leagues and have passed the trailer here again. You have pretended. Not. Decorated. Others yes that's our life is out you have the ease to have Z to maybe beyond is. It true of every house. If that are all just area. Okay so are you guys and yeah the time awkward difference. Anymore. It's just so match that up. It's all hate the player is he got any DNA you have never times that this time just passing numbers for the maintaining a first day if I don't have to eat the whole thing. I think we should just make sure our first byte has a bit of everything. And why why are you talking out loud break out and giving them ideas to make sure I was trying to strategize to find a minimum much empties. Is she what are we do we do in the same time or would I do I'm thinking of December it. However is awesome. Grows the grape jelly is so so through the crust in the bottom of us think per polian sticky and 08 of look at the way not the way it goes it's Joseph Blanton has. I am ILE a trio wine to break. It's actually really good you guys. And it it's actually really good. Hey it really is anyway do you get mush him in that. I did but I don't want mushrooms and is it a back. The jelly out of a jam or whatever is on top remember digs a way to mark from favorite actually really good. And us. Actually really taste. Really. Gas added journal of pepperoni pizza and I would do without the times. This is really good you have zinni and OK so yeah. Mushroom pizza I was grape jelly on top is actually dead I'm Leslie went out and yeah I'm an Atlanta I'm. It I'm picking the mushrooms are and have a piece without. Yet tell you still happy. I'll do eight air. Detectors really get his hit it. I can't tell they're any team that did make as big joke and I need this and that was. It was artery and had a I might crave his later after I. The bars this is definitely I'd I'd. Accord drunk food and if I am I can get somebody. To loan me the money for a fruit truck before for Tony fast I have my concept. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.