Wheel of Pregnancy Cravings Gets Fancy

Friday, April 28th

Renowned Chef Todd English made this week's Wheel of Pregnancy Cravings into something actually worth craving!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole yeah well I do Wheeler pregnancy cravings Armitage every change you know normally. Worse I guess he's been that we ought to theaters today we find out what their dishes. And the dishes are traditionally there. Yeah welcome Chris Thomas tuna salad slash peanut butter sandwich cottage cheese with hopping narrow pays. Keeps ways. That mushroom pizza with with grape jelly on it what was the other way and he had ninety cheese over top of Vanilla ice cream. It was so bad I was rancid food channels so ban on. I think today's gonna being elevated that because that's that's a buzz word and the food the other night. If there are they edit your fears so we're elevating our real pregnancy cravings today. With Chuck Todd English and media. I he is a new neighbor of ours the the start before when studios located. Rate next to the battery and Jeff Todd English as a restaurant opening there tonight tonight's that in violation geezer excited. So. When should we have is that we expect to see you there all the time that. So so he can sing and just sent drop mine tells about the restaurant like look. If we tell you what the what the bizarre ingredients are for this week's Wheeler pregnancy cravings yeah. Yes Melanie indicator submitted popcorn. Ginger and cooked shrimp. And then mil and read it no form that's just all she says yeah. We said the windows three ingredients can you make something halfway edible and you have been working like a mad scientists found the hall. And our program this undergo on your little brittle grilled yeah it's a bachelor grew week rather it was that bad or grow I lived off that thing before I got married. Detainees ham and cheese grilled cheese burgers chicken breast that everything is it George Foreman deluxe room. That bachelor parent I say again so I says shift on anguished. Worked his magic. We you walk us through what you made Scalia and we had a shrimp than ever of the shrimp. Which is already cooked and in that cocktail form a canned frozen so I'd heated up when your bachelor girl. With a cap would water down in the minced ginger pure. A gang and we pop the popcorn in the microwave which I never used to luckily had a popcorn but on a path. And it worked perfectly and and there is ready for you to try and sort of a little butter normally. We throw on we throw it guy's hands. Not all of us have to eat a what are we all in agreement that we all want to try. And this guy. How are. Well I want him. Yeah it's sad industry or else I'm legend gent and worked her magic with the season and I have a giant insult animals that jump ever heard Susan. Saw just Suzanne it's also saw the jet and it smells coming from the has all right now let me just tell you I'm going from feeling like I'm in a movie theater to a sushi restaurant back. Hot hot Zelaya. Standing in front of my fridge after I haven't been home for three weeks so you aren't pregnant now and that's. I don't know but you know I've and it's going to be delicious I have faith in the. If we said before we're not gonna judge. Todd English tavern. And I ended this meal because this is very limited but. It's funny that anybody can make it go at its end we hope so. But enough butter anything we are going at the same time now you go first. We're we're waiting. Crunching yeah. And machine. Bordering in my area leaving a nice film out of my litmus test plunges 91. The generally sneaks up on yellow lab and saying at a news. And the deathly takes us all those letters do you have. Sorry that's as it's something you probably haven't heard before Kelly pass the ball at. There ago I I give my iPad. I. Excited about yeah I was not bad at all actually I'm assessing your the other option was going to be for literally meaning to conscience. Literally what we are gonna do is bring in frozen shrimp in a bag of popcorn and squirt the ginger is over so comparatively. Or is great that pictures weird yeah it's like crunchy and then mushy. But yeah might be because of his grip after reported the topping on it we sat around and talked of time. Yeah we deserve to be reverend over the top maybe I've probably thirty duty I would try this room. I insurance advances she meant to better right is really good it. It's not suffice to sort of and are you can't Tryon that we gonna have a pregnancy section on the menu history. The jet engines and that's. That's I go look at the restaurant opening an extra plane along with us today it was a lot of fun you guys are great records in at the restaurant and some. An eight hour ago I've added the battery this weekend for Billy jolt tonight Todd English and then next comes inserts on the first yes so I'd check out touting the tavern I'm making dinner reservations and and he drew some food in and it may be asking those guys. Star in 941.