What's in Your Vault

Tuesday, May 3rd


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It's a local home Sears local Shia. What a concept or eight year old boy he's. Soccer fraternity or one. Could have predicted how that stuff with prince who's gonna gout is family in the courtroom yesterday. Kind of forget who's gonna. Did what chunk of his estate and what might be the most valuable. Is this vault of the he has that supposedly asked thousands of un released tracks hundreds of albums. Just stored and news mansion in Minnesota on an issue with them putting out that music right is he yeah obviously it. And one anybody here right so don't you think we deserve more. But he's the artist that Wright is arts. He deems what was worthy of sharing with other people. And with the public and he didn't want any less tired because maybe it was and finished yeah I don't know I always have an issue that win. Artist passed away and made dig in their unreleased track. 4047419. 400 the question. There were asking is if you passed right now. Dropped day. Dot. And somebody. Your people your family your best friends was going through your house in your stuff. What would be fine you don't have to give your name. You don't have to give his these gals totally anonymous would just pick up the phone will say champion Jan shadow thing hello anonymous and how low anonymous. You just tell us what would be found. Around your house that would be completely embarrass you at a vault. Well again. MJ I actually spent this entire break just listen to prince. Continued its three playing them that says you don't wanna call you don't have to we'll keep you in his. 4047419400. What is in your vaults. You gallant and. My all I think you have this morning is. Remember when it was like. The coolest thing ever when he got in June Isabel magazine yeah as I remember our car at Augusta and Atlanta and that's brand new baby DJ am yep total. Far out. And I thought this is going to be so cool. And now it's really embarrassing but I did a picture that was like. Now I'm more. Risky way. Miss Europe she is live says more suggest show anything but I was hearing like a they know I wasn't I was wearing Elie commands. White collared shirts necessary. Oversized one. And we anyway took pictures and I thought it was so cool all I was admitted to think that I was in the pound magazine. Wind blowing through your hair and I've got that. Stored somewhere and I would be really embarrassed I didn't. And embarrassment. I actually found it recently too because I kept all the tools as bells and now that is creep in now. One and number you can back and I can have some minutes and hey Kelli good acts and welcome to the jet engine champ. And. She she's like he said he company's mining of the Newport you name Ekpe anonymous club and Jeff and I am. Hey what's up. Hey I'm. Oh. Agha an anonymous that is that. If someone can mine now and amp about it now. All right man wrong. And way up. Yeah has been as a man Don yes it is this a women's Thong that he wears or is it truly commands the. Openly that laundry and he found it and it it got dark. I'm. In Indiana city am gonna have been found took it now Sheffield and I think any good you know. All of those they make for men want me or consume it just an actual room and a part where we don't need extra room. And why liberal woman one wound again when a phone. And maybe he's bidding nothing sexy about that at all the fifth. What would be in your ball. Figure Jezebel magazine I think a growth hey Eddie welcome to the show it's out. Are there would then how are you I'm millionaire like apparently. I'm not a I. Love you so I let your ball came out and it didn't take too open British saying. Hustler what it means collector car. Well on this stuff. You just saved the day they're gonna make big money any day out like quite a little bubble world right now and I got hot hot. I gotta be down. City if there is a guy in my life to read unopened packages of hustler collector cards. He would sound just like you do anything thank you for Colin I preach I appreciate that. And Eddie on speed dial. Love him hey guys Jessica welcome Michelle it's out. Hey. What's your vault just crap and it is maybe you re supposed to be anonymous and you screw it up. OK so let's change it named after nine united Jessica a year. Leslie what's good contact and. I pay my act people probably trying to. My diet Cooley is I can't and I don't. They got it yes. Right keep us locked away yes. Thank you for the call. Now and I didn't either to go on anymore descriptions they still had that he was in my head now that would have just been tremendous. We'll continue this conversation on FaceBook and it talking out there on the Arab emirates infringes its name in the toy that you. Jesse James Giles. OnStar in 941.