What's Your Party Alter Ego Part 2

Wednesday, February 1st


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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and we've got some porn business trip to ramp up. Jen did you have a party Alter ego. Ever been named her. For the names of the funniest floppies Stephanie tsunami Stacy. What are you I Maggie mayor she now jamming Carrollton did you did your party Audrey go have a name. Yet dig deep again. Gigot began. I might have to bar that. What are some what are some personality traits of Djibouti Jan Smith is well I wrap. You wrap your now this is only liquid influenced rap. Liquid courage wrapped up. It has evolved into an even though bird. I heard it crazy song on the radio air and I'm like I could wrap like him I started raping and then length with the prior crank calling people. Couldn't go to Munich player party rat that I could go to town yet yet again only digging him come back at you again. I sure Hewitt freestyle. Yes I would freak out right it is there any chance that we can get a little freestyle rate now here on the Japanese engine. Made any rap about the show. Moose are not too old lions. That's open and we're gonna go to work got to have the port au yen. Last I want it to be an abject public I. Think this. I thank you Janet not yet my number and I can. Read the egg OK hang on to number. I beg for respect. And could have a JD gen duet. Dealings and get stuck. And sang carols and say Kelly for some reason. Jen hobby Wednesday region's number she really was feel in the rhymes systems this feeling of laugh. And her Iraq are a go to Asia. Earl. Ain't full time mom and I aware and I can't stand when I get a little. Mommy you Jimmie and I am they haven't gotten this. Oil leak. Great. Okay. What is the crazy thing bam bam has ever done. Her aunt. And saying I wish so much like that I'm not a lot already. You just all the he didn't under why. Happening and where we are. This makes France is our enemies when she's out hope I see everywhere every one becomes herb bashed for it. We don't know. That's actually that's a really really good question because that defines. Your own theory about the Alter ego me ask you what we're talking about a yesterday about the current thanks MM. Well we're tired about a yesterday with Korean and staff like there's always. That the girl that you have to warn everybody about because she's terrible. You have to warn everybody about because she's going to be life of the party and there's no hold their back. Writes Cindy had an act towards what's your Alter ego. I actually heard about I didn't and we all get out and edit and we are cut they make great other. Or I'm great is we eat. Wanted to get beyond. This otherwise they'd come right okay. Okay well. I mean I what's your party Alter ego. I am a great game there's a great air. And left half of season as it's. There are alternate Todd says Ben. So well in had to take over the world will be. A little bit in the car and put our trade debt. Fifth and probably. And I assume. That beyoncé of the group is she's the dancer like he can't he propaganda clerk. Edit my guy has got out for the sick about it seemed like it's over all liberal arts. And beyond and okay. Star in 941.