What's Your Party Alter-Ego Part 1

Wednesday, February 1st


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Does keep all its early enough we gel it's we were asking people about their experience with her arraignment from the bachelor. Do you think they're Koran and every. First and then that led to some great phone calls and great conversations. Quite a pattern started to develop and I think Jane was the first went in notice this. Pattern and realize that we have to take this happened and it's different directions. Everybody seemed to have a party Alter ego so we are going to where where we we want to hear about your party Alter ego. And we're gonna take your phone calls for a 42630941. I just a heads up though we're about twenty minutes away from telling you. Are you could score 20000. Dollar wedding which means if you're engaged or they might engage soon. Are you know anybody who's getting married you gotta tell them listen to this show had 7:30 this morning we are giving away a beautiful. Amazing what. Right now I Kelly geez you weren't here yesterday and I feel like this is rate your wheel I IRA I feel way. This this is like the the you know this this is Chipper Jones Mitt missing the you know when everybody went outside to play softball at the company picnic type of thing cannot. The is that sexy you missed all of these stories coming in with people talking about the Koran and their friend group. And Jen started to notice a pattern develop and with all these people. My bad strand and it is surely concert. I'm seeing a darker red. In college we affectionately called or do not think it speaks. And the bar we put out pretend that we were actually. That's tsunami Stacey I. A ribbon inside were marriage she would going off on me I would not scrap eke out a sloppy opening lender interest really. Learn. Those words and eighth and ink and then. At the Bo Adan and the. Sloppy Stephanie that's. Okay in this room is my favorite this is going to RT named Jessica. Hey Jessica Arie your reformed Koran. I am Eric heard her I have an altar eat well we sure come the spring and Alter ego. Maxine Waters you know like that here. An Irish you know and what did Maggie do. She's been able but he hack I had my own actually. My own cards that Malcolm guy that the bar but they reached your high colony with my knee. And we went on Whitney. I can't you I know how I'm Maggie and act out there you know and it. A little hot Baylor you know I don't like a one I IA are battling a Mac. Will you ever had a situation where somebody came up to you when you were Jessica. And said hey Maggie and you know I go boy. I'm an actress actor and call it. Well. I can imagine Arabs can act. He would like little and I can put up what I can out unfortunately. And see how. I. Actually. Undercut. Oh yeah I. Cannot I need to eat out friends with Maggie right. So Jack in answer is husbands and those are my gosh everybody. Has that party Alter ego yeah I met somebody recently whose name is not Natalie and her party I Alter ego is Nadia Natali. Ain't going to hope she she works like. Fifteen hour days with her in her little auditor friends they work super hard and they go out and party and her name is Valerie and Val while there comes out. And wilder the movie yeah oh yeah well I'll come down they hired me. I don't know but I remain iron man's name is actually when you can I sell is it settled suits to get a liquid periods well and they're earth and we Carson nationally. This is something you would have would you do you have I'm a couple I got about three extra personalities or in the Arizona my act. One does as cheesy as an on likes my Allen. Illustrate the Kelly and a Sauna like acted like. Do anything and the other one is on me and sneaky and I am Natasha. You know net perhaps she's Russian president. 030 yeah. Let me and sneaky every night Greg Kelly Allen might. So he's not hearing our anti should've won that seeks lions and guy's pocket that would mean a Sasha I am not that was actually yes teamed up on. Off the ball I. I dean day and time years who comes out when year ready to party. I can't and it actually Afflalo while Abbas. Ellen temporary government and let gay at all. Easel that he has I didn't know though that will air altered share. Tag is huge around. Ali like I actually like shout out and apply it like it right yeah it felt like I can. And Brad actually I popped right back up after it you're free shot at and party got until the next day and then let's not that I. You gain their zone gave and it's. A lot of action not admire that she box lying curled inside the at a spreadsheet and and she's got a budget that's. Gonna bite issue I'll let you know hit the ball but all in you know our. Girl I'll I'll. I love it hey look don't I'll I'll box lying and not all that should know I can't be my ego is saying. Based Dana college mommies to sort of yeah. Mommy's Gibbs resigned as tough. Do you do you get agendas behind it the spider caused next. And she I'll star for Laura.