What's Your Neighbor's Nickname

Thursday, September 7th

Got a "chatty Cathy" next door? What about a "Shirtless Wonder", or a "Butch the Pirate"? 

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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star or not before one and. Yeah. Next door and kind of doing dramatic reenactment yesterday. We upon the fact that everybody's got its good name for the record. I'm dad. Underfoot who lives about me. You know your nickname is so Beverly is below you. I yeah I would assume ballerina or did you. Suggests. That they don't say actors they can't hear me. What do you have many nicknames for your neighbors apologies REI summing Steve he's upstairs. Day long blond hair on my why are you doing out there really. I hear you or 04046630941. I I your neighbor by their nickname. Who do you live next we're just gain Gainsville. Chat chat cabbage patch cash. OK why is she cabbage patch cash. A. I anyway she's so anyway. At least. That's how I. As I mean in so many levels there what a great game. In Texas not ugly. From some anger does that. Cabbage patch has. Very just does that mean girls on. That's a woman not gonna be really nice is that and I'd always generous Georgie just comes over and gives me things simply. Jenny in Fayetteville. The wet and it. I did gas household and her or what's that India would. Well. Version that like dark without items as people spend this. And the funny thing and I'm. Technical writer by corn Brad. Can you read and I can readily give. Us some. It. How did you do when he had exactly. This is an interesting when teen into our zone. Eighteen does. It boost your neighbor. Our national GA. And some National Geographic boobs out okay. Why it's. And see this little old lady that I liked the walker doll again they're just swinging and the greens and one day. He Jeanne body is always the one option and have talked forever and just. Started your burgers are playing in around their neighborhood as national T if you didn't black radio Kirk. Okay yeah yeah. They just did they get all around the world. Yes exactly right they point more towards earth. It's odd pieces and mantown at woody out. Grunting drying out. That's easy dizzying mailman who lives in the neighborhood. He had become the nod and a lot of pumped out of the idea how are you get. Out of that car I yard yeah. And. And on yeah. His son invite him over to say. Grandpa you know he's going to be guys that grill you Allen might. Have. She. Ten these days for all four G 630941. Call out your neighbor tiger nickname. And young star for. Your neighbor just by their nickname. Who trying to figure out why he got that and. No well dean insecure. And Sherry Lang yeah. Hey now is that a good thing or bad things. No it's about being the bad thing they re that old saying. We're jogging neighbor across the sheriff let it cure plan their ancient. I I these men women. Unlike I mean you cash. Thanks to get another it would be really bad yeah sure lender to lender eat. I'm as community. It sure was when they're training Kelly things. I did pro who's your neighbor out in Woodstock. I can't take credit tradition nickname but we have a neighbor affectionately know as Beck's ego. 'cause sexy memo why Asian yeah sexy no rule. About her cramps and clothing that might it be appropriate at a bit cool. Yeah as C does she gets a landscape follow. Lazy and that heralds and it welcomed the show Lacey who's your neighbor and what's the nickname. And he wandered around the yard I darn hard and get on the lower mom aren't due to eat. All and it didn't you can't mom did. Is that. Awesome that's raising them Brittany and Marietta Hoosier neighbor. Didn't bush won my power bush and so. Why of all the. He actually he didn't catch him and he added I believe it referred to act but I believe it actually much on them or match. In Erie and on either the Leahy read the pats and good name of brick and look I wonder labor he actually cut my yard or meet. This Celso. Pregnant now need to all want to call yeah. It's. Not I hope I did what are you need some it will include of course the red lights are still want. Begs Britney won't be your cigarettes that's. I he I'd appreciate. Tiffany tell us about your neighbor. Got weird kid in his demeanor with mr. mean will be critical article on you hit. Whether routine. And that there McCain picked their accidentally. Ran. I've got her big whale and actually got a little player opt for. I'm glad I think they'll open. But it was sold it on what occurred and you hit by. Usually don't. That are made out okay so this is your brain. Did she run him over and occasionally. Well we'll never know I get this you know I don't think so you don't like it's a little. Record big Leo yeah Alberta and whatnot but even though and Shaheen diet too late and ever and in Hamburg accomplished and also that I'm laughing but hurt your retorted that you would ever see. That's only kills my bank. Really didn't do it and then you started out nickname mr. me. Let's include maternity. Tiffany let itself. I'm so disturbed your laughter. I come not probably but that I didn't really ought to let it eat. Just just be nice tackle we have from the Fatah. Yes sir that evil act battle waves from the tip of your sister day. Doesn't Wear of. No win our bowl aren't. No web boards and made it. Okay cool set all that makes let's just say flat as a lot closes on her side Boston has just given both outing man. All right and she never comes in his right. No doubt they're coming up quota so watch out and now we tell. We think the world of her she is great. Uncle and I'd like you're trying to kind of static elsewhere in the country. 06. I'm saturates. And so they'll be able okay well I am. Revealed. Even so the service. Am amused by. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.