What's in Your Closet?

Wednesday, May 4th


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It's sort of person who says it's a little plug this started many intense conversation. Or any conversations that better. Thanks for making this lynch today Jessie. How would you describe your closet can you are you a closed. Quarters worry you a little more low key. Well the confines of my closet makes me. Be a purge her because I just have a very small clock got it OK I don't have room to be a border but if I could be I probably wouldn't be so. I think that I've fallen category of having to purge quite often just didn't. Physically do not have enough space have a lot of stuff and. There is a struggle. The struggle is real. According to Osama some research done by closet made that women. Own weight too much stuff. True that's. The average and we've got we've I've got a room full of women here obviously Jan is in here and Kelly cheese whatever produces and here we have our interns Alexa and Shane in here. And so you guys can tell us whether or not. This is accurate information. Approximately the average woman has a 103 items in her closet I would expect you guys and the exact numbers so. By its. Actually seems to load out of gas say he had on a double that lets pilots on my floor and my club. Okay. According to this survey 47%. Of people have a struggle. Every morning. Before heading out to start their day. On what to Wear and what to Wear. Yak is usually gets and I hate that hate and do it again and went their way that last yup struggle Cali yeah Dana that struggle. Everyday. OK so. I have frozen people plan their Alfred before they actually. Half planet before they were a day and day out a day in and what we have to get up and get ready so early I try to planet tonight before judges Paula Michael is time for so. In the morning we're so fall even though I had Hank about it he's like OK I thought about this last slams into that. On yeah but how often do you do that and then putted on and then you're like the no I guys hang an idea that haven't about 75%. I'm like I think I wore that. 310810%. Of people who have been late to work or school because they've been unable to find them anywhere. Yeah yes. Yeah. 10% of people are depressed every time they go into their claws off hook up it's messing. Well is that because stuff doesn't fit anymore. It's not comment to me when I was expecting that babies both both pregnancies it's art you get to that stage racer have. And where major yeah. Look at all of those that. And anymore than any more than enough anymore and I would get all of it. We find in my bank accounts more so like oh really how many things in your son tags on them Kelly hunt. Yes they are there ever this year ago. Why I need fourteen. Pink colored shirt yet why don't have all the same color early in the wintertime mine is like that Garnett maroon color and my why don't have I was injured over and over and over again I do know it Maxi dresses I have so many blue and white Maxi dresses. And I like on tall can never find Maxi dresses and I don't my closet. And I realize now I have about why I think is accused of not having your own uniform yeah I. Many teachers from playing different places nighttime different speeds. Like you really need to remember this vacation fashion. I don't emotionally attached to and yeah. The 12%. Of the average woman's closet is occupied by close it still hasn't yet had tags on the net and sent him. I'm there I am and what is that thing you just find it on sale and you buy it in the union and. Why more so fine at TJ Maxx unexpectedly and then I just dip and there are a fast singing I'm just gonna look and now walk Alex 200 dollars or that things. And then they end up in the mix of other things. And then a week later on I nothing aware and I opened my closet and I realize I have all these new clothes were nice and he's around yeah. I don't have a nice address that have like seven years out of there every day ten. And then one and six women that resort regularly. To wearing something out of the dirty clothes. Jeanne I'm guilty of yeah I. Seen him. Yeah and a little. This is Jennifer yeah. Right now at Jan let's wrap this. Up because we're talking about dirty close as you said something at our own radio only a decade ago on good people still bring up to me about how you watch your genes. Oh yeah and this is one of those things it's gist and I learned about it from listening to our friend Jimmy parent a million years ago okay. So it was a lazy way of doing your genes and making sure that you don't have halftime and anything is taken out of the wash her. Any holes shaken out I ask shakeout all the wrinkles but then he neatly fold them. For whatever reason it works neatly fold your genes and then put him in the dryer and insert Ryan it. You never have to victims. And I don't they become ardently about the wrinkles don't they become unfolded in the dryer just trying to do in town needs it works but we explain my hard I don't know how hard by a large what we do any damage has been ten. Hey come out of the dryer are they unfold that are there unfolded but for whatever reason if you start that way they've got us ankles. People have said it Jenn hobby has changed said this team this sentenced to me off topic you have changed their lives. Would this gene technique well you can you have Jimmy Baron. Who do you hope whoever he got a frown and a hundred years from now somebody will be saying I heard Jenn hobby and carry out there on the air firmer. Alma. She now.