What's the WORST sound ever?

Monday, July 31st

Jeff is going crazy over this one noise his wife makes, so we need comfort in numbers. What's your least favorite noise to hear?


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Japanese yen shell ol' ball I can totally relate you Jeff on the and it's just like Alley is making a revolting. Noise that. Her divorce so ready. This knowing that she's making ends. Hopefully we talked comfort in numbers whole life here on. I'm Jesse Ventura makes you feel a little bit better if you know you're Nile until we need to know yours the founder of the things you overt. Of irritation. I realize they just did one of them has his eyes and tally posted this and faced it last night. And just say hey what sounds address cnet's and a lot of people said. All of the paranoia is pretend clicking and I just did this is because I don't want I don't wanna enough late Cali best tight due diligence and thank you both a pencil here in a second. You hate Allah. No I don't wanna not like Kelly for any reason and but I don't know where I'd say nowhere came from my mom. For breakfast. Eads Honey Nut Cheerios. Every morning every single morning with her coffee like she gets up but she doesn't have the Cheerios with milk or anything they show literally or a small bowl of honey and Cheerios concedes in Toronto just kind of smacks and the Cheerios try. While she drinks coffee so there's and they just came to visit. Over fourth of July so there is a pops honey that Cheerios. In the house and Kelly started eating cereal. All the time and I think this towns of us the sound of cereal being done. It is re Bolten and just try. It's that it's everything about it it's the clink of this Boone. Un through them this thick milky. You as saying and then and a slight slur. Yeah ice in the and it's the Maurice can run cheese. Last night raids before bay. I'm law certainly took the dogs out for a walk we Kimi in the and I look at the went to take my contacts out I came on the question of the carriage with a bowl of cereal all. Do you do easy walking the other around like I can even be near her I have sermon would why are you doing that. And she's widened two months man armored OK and that's likely click. Santana. Oh my god. We all. Noises like this I gonna guess. The longer your married some more annoyed you'll get with her cereal really is this is just a reality is my model on and a man is amounts follow she never I never and the adverse side Karrie your polisario. Controllers and left and right now I'd bet we've and I've. She's gone through five boxes of money niche areas in the past. And you guys in my shoe shopping she's gonna put this cereal boxes in the cart and you just in until they got out again and putted very dialed later dead in with the seafood. Gotta go wired color locked into target in the UC amongst like the men's underwear finds an image areas. Jeffords that. On police say in Grayson welcome to the shallow. I had. Actually found it shouldn't make a bit ahead of me that you know. How we might keep cracking into remote that. I agree to a genetic. And our kids. Did he know now. Oh does he know that it tries unites. Under eight and change and. Hi Kenny and Atlanta what's the most annoying sound on the planet according to U. You don't mind she. Is that. Law and only. Eight. Let me finish their eyes soda that makes it picked up on that lit up the kind of decide at contract time and I'm Spanish Munson. It's just think that I think it's just like the serial one because it's the solid in the liquid together. You know. Noises in general I mean that's its own category I JT went around the room and asked all of us to identify our most annoying sounds but he didn't tell me what they where he just put the sound up in just label that with your name a guy banks yes this is James. But that is terrible terrible shooting night and gum chewing gum fewer pop. You can pass through the tough. You know what I'm talking around people make is teeny tiny little bubbles and ages snapple and yet it's like I hear you I can tell you it's not out there. And I JP's most annoying sounds. OC. And being at coffee said oh. Afterwards and so guilty of doing that this. Nine. An alarm clock the way she's this she's in the other image you just heard it and she's. Changing. She can't and the phones cheer in the background. Too early this. Our interns waiting and Maggie. Robbing a balloon up. The song. As a major five and hit. So I'm entering turn round and we have a train horn explain yourself. So it's it's a train warning people put them on their tracks. In my calling here meaning I dealer translate in my. And egg hunt kidney stone. Maria Lauren on your track was a bank yelling my dad has and he knows how Disney inhaled. I come home and light to wrap our bedroom window and. Robin if you were not currently in a relationship unit dating game right there is a guy who is more attractive to you. Train horn guy. Or our truck netstat. And you have to date one on dateline doesn't really this Chamberlain I had including deep wriggle out of the church. And you just said check Medsphere and you for your interns. I Stephanie in Marietta. Good morning some I had to wait until I come I never had a bag it had eight or as Don and it and it is gurgling. And it derived Meehan saying he'd done that over and. I feel sorry about that and beyond that again at the end to the civic eat it and not a Minnesota. At this and I eight legged can play acts. Yet but I think that is going amity and most of these are married people France's CNN Atlanta. Oh my god when people drag their feet wearing a lot. Pick up your. We see that it's so annoying Diana and Brookhaven. My color hair but I don't you could posture like might. Not go. Campbell on all day long every time they do yeah it's like nails on chalkboard. I'd shoot you can't describe Warren discussing sound by using and others as he owns. It just makes her win at Cincinnati out here again get to the doctor Sam. 404630941. If you got one minute and imagine yet. And the Pentagon records and challenge you find another radio show that will cover truck that's and then you can see cops. I'm I only seconds of pride that we're talent I have yet. And young star ready for a one. When you're. And has found that and a well the drag you over at the and Jack just like Kelly is eating cereal and extract him. The center. So witness in the trying to answer in the spoon going through and then once it's in our mouths and and Kimmel and in Jefferson agrees its yield she's got on. Pay cam. I'd gotten. O worker and they would no immediate area and the while she's like Arnold. Am I shouldn't how hard would not let themselves. And oh yeah. I can't have you ever known anyone who hums while they eats. I. As being nasty nasty nasty out so many of these have you stayed Haley incoming. I really. Playing night didn't end when somebody. Screech they're on their pork water EV. Is that my glasses like my attic and get column and grass Kelly Internet Carter's bill which one is yours and. Are eager to keep it should be a big gap. And they can't hack it keen to maintain peace and grabbed me in. I mean AM regularly the last on London's. It took pleasure watching commercial or commercial and they hurt in the number bird oh. Banks and back of the way you drive and. I know exactly what you're talking about it's I did infomercials for life do you want your logic any clearer than it's ever man. 800 fans are pretty clean vans and. Third honored that the first times your finding that. Out okay I'm not a huge guy. Number whatever and third legs underneath that did not. I thanks for listening who just aren't any airline that Jeffs in jail and jail. Why in the championship. So I made were line did you have fun. Star in 941. Callies slurping cereal has Jeff headed for divorce guess. In other words sounded just send you over the edge of irritation at. And science. Says that they've figured out these five worst sounds in the world so we'll see if our own as analysts see. Yours is on this one here sick anime dvds and apologies in advance anybody who's bothered ideas predominate do you amp from five to one. The worst count down in the history of count down's and I edit and some number. Ers sounds number two sounds. Sounds number five. Is the sound of a nice script in a bottle. Is why are you doing this to us. Number four K. Before contrasts a plate. Going out. It's like scuba just saw some other way I'm ready elect the replay reach around and watched you mean is this guy. I mean as some certain Meese a phony Intel lots. Sound like you're playing a violin with no strings of the nicer yes. In this is the sound of a ruler scribbling on a bottle. Obviously they noises. This is good for the first day school. Right teachers in Arab and act and the cab reporting today and students back in Henry county county. Lot of people listening to the sound of blackboard and shock. That was if they were going back to school in the eighties staff all Smart port simple and as they recall. Okay. The worst sound I'm the planets is. Examples. Out of chapel. I still. The jet engine now on print something suing his worst putt I still think how can. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.