What's With LaCroix?

Wednesday, June 14th

Jeff's wife Calle has joined countless others in this crazy addiction. What's so great about it?!


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Can my wife Kelly. As an addition. And I think. That in order to help her. And you expose that addiction now that's kind and I think any to start a support group. Is this an everyday thing. It's a multiple times today. Thirty years I watched her usage ground. Owns and next to the point. Wait troublesome. So kids yeah. Concerning its financially hurting our family offense. It is some things that takes her away from me we don't enjoy it together she needs rehab. And he just support I start a support group. For Cali. And for anybody. Addicted to. LeCroy. A ho ho he he hence this is so. Don't get it. I don't know I don't him I have friends who love it to go uh oh me. Also get it she's semi and answered him thing with doesn't hire a lake house refrigerator yes filled with every flavor of yeah. Drawing on the market in the basement we go to the lake breakthrough run as the best that apple lose is not the ones you think she's done the multiple scorers hung. To find tangerine. I've got this hot for her like I am on telecoms couch. She went it costs could answer she got it and that's the thing don't enable because she's got some sort of network. Of the pushers and who liked it to each other often here. She collects them and the way your mom collected beanie babies and well those are sure that she's like I. Had heard that Edmonton arranged yeah. It's very well ahead watermelon. Late aides often doesn't have her one most of my friends have gone through the rainbow flavors and pick their one obsession. 4042630941. A she they can join a support group your car needs to start with high. My name is. And I'm addicted to the thirty share it is so addictive it's such an Intel it's it's not good I don't give me. It is good. Oh Hawaii and it is good it's like a little bit of light team Italy scratchy in the back of your throat it's aids. A tiny bit of flavor but not too much Kenny what is it's I think it's sodium minute. Is it is their sodium and it is that we do so but that's just salt when you just shake some salt over a glass of water has count calories a coffee drinker has she turn out like in the summer dream content that is LeCroy this regular coffee Detroit downtown wines that cold brew coffee and Coke and a look crawl life. It is Angela crawling drink over the summer. Cash okay. Hands. It's it's it's I don't care I can't recall the last time that I saw her without a look Friday in arms like Lou. In ends she pushes a Miami teachers. You'll like this when you know the great taste like the trade tastes like you have come a couple seltzer water right okay club soda. I mean you're making Kool Aid and you have to reach over the seltzer water to get to Cooley scooping a little tiny bit equally calls in the saltwater. So I I drink a look Brian lamb and others is good. Did you guys not finish making it yeah. Where's the sugar and where's that can I get the rest of the flavor. Think it's like. We want you to taste the tangerine but we want you more than we want you taste it we want you to miss the ten entering a code by. This should institute amiss that this would be really good if it tasted more like injuring exit entry into its like to me. They do have a LeCroy love hash tag so I think there might be some. Potential first of Parker appear Terry Collins from Marietta welcome to the shell. And then I'll connect to deter crime and yes and I got him exactly you know Wal-Mart brand consistently cheaper and it paid the. Okay what is Uganda's switched to drink nothing and she just reconnect in this family about that I'm not an. Does he try to push it and you are you'll cry for an early. I can't cigarette I I only like that Maynard earns one. But I don't sit on the right. How they do this it says zero calories zero fat zeros sodium zero cards zero sugar zero protein 00000. I. Thank you load the you have LeCroy was made like hey let's make orange soda and then some as a but the rest of the paper I add ons and that she had been captured Rick Perry promised its people. Oz I'm gonna start. So on the cruel way for water support group for Cali so does today's any family members have been left behind the price and I'm. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.