What's The Best Gift To Give For Your 1 Year Anniversary

Thursday, October 12th


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I feel like a failure I need your help. Normally I'm so good days and I'm just frozen and you need to save me. My one year wedding anniversary is in and he's and I have no idea. What to do forest. 4042630941. If you can help. A berth on airlines yes 7 o'clock this morning we've got a thousand dollars that could be in your pocket on you need is support heyday cash codes and caucus Kentucky in general. All right so I got married I October 22 of last year. If you guys know me all you know I'd love doing it surprises. And customizing the experience is yet and her great presence and surprises and I try ace so. So so hard to take to make him unique. I'm frozen you know all I feel like I'm failing why it was like OK I've got ten days into my one year wedding anniversary. And I've got nothing. In the works for my wife Kelly a cute thing of anything. I think Jeff I've never been married and I know that aren't there are certain gifts that you get I had here are you just not gonna do now. Well that year one is supposed to be paper. That you can do a lot of papers I didn't have to just be a letter. All our sign that it can be something really special. You're down. I Google does have batted an ever Google gift ideas. Never do it. Does that personal Google's who doesn't know the people who don't know what people. That Google that and I everything its growth through its dumb. But a cake. Carter saying that that have really fancy cake is huge for us to eat it happier wedding cake. Oh yeah they don't freeze it hanging OK yeah so that that was like one of custom like designed cupcakes because parakeet and nasty year old Kate. Unit wrote that he. And that was why and. But see you're not you're not the type that put into law on it and then get a gift from new year to create a from. So where's your head Aaron. Now where I can't think of any literally nowhere now. A bathroom. With her let her my Graham on an. Hang. How old I mean he I think if you start where the one year anniversary gift is supposed to be paper you can go from there well they are you get down the road of late. Who pines are now you don't back were you on the move on engines are dating a married. Liens he and coming welcomed the jet engines now. Hey what about eight picture of the night sky that they got me exited in the toaster an acre. So like you exacts. And what he is our website or something you indeed do that round. Yes there's a web site you can type in your coordinates of where you got married and they will take a picture they looked at that night I where you got married a guy that I and it. But it took as an. Our sound. That's really easily it's not unique and tax UMass and not unique enough that the ones with mass produced Slaton in the name cleric of the night that you got married it's not like of detainees like ethnic centric you know problems opening and on the ground. Ryan had at the the only person who would notice is reason Jeanne sister being a Sunday and you know home. I work for SpaceX and the news this constellation is off I twenty when it. 4042630941. Please please please please please. I got married to my wife can only one year ago next week. Exactly ten days from today that it. And I have no idea what to give her for our one year anniversary and I. Beating myself up over this is normally I'm so good and I feel like I'm failing so hard and I need your help. Alley and Marietta. I have a bad idea and it's based on turning that Yemen has been the track are in and Mercury. I accurately and I know by hanging in the ax. The year we reflect on a pack your primary so all right wing than than a buck like by half a -- make any job. And then each year we plot of the honor anniversary and look at all of our get there right now the lack of our area and it. He Chris leak and keeper Brian. And he'll be looked like on. And I can actually write that entry for the first year I can put it first year of marriage. One bought a no look. Exactly. And in. Just a case Swanee. A parent I can't bank at it and act ED hill. And organic that you have all the fun that it is and it. NY Kurt tort not are at all. All right here's my question about that I thought about doing it a weekend. In a way or whatever right but it did he surprise he's surprising you. Yet he had that we play Emily and later I'll get car. Brad ghetto and then we great he had my hand at Pratt. Because. Our advice to you because I thought about doing it a surprise weekend but the minute I say. Anyone you have a bag packed she's gonna notes and university trip. That Nat and I cleaners. I am I get card at it as part of it. Are. I'd thank you just Jenny and Fayetteville. Tell me please. Our right and then Tariq our tank. OK so what I had in there and Aaron and me are urging her cherry was found in our heat the little. All around it and ad agency backs. And from time when that. And killed. They are first anniversary and downed their own notes in there. They want me. More than one on them when they do. We'll get back at Nat logic that they eat got to know you watch what you want to wanted to do a little note like that. But their ticket at a in the air their print on paper armed. So you covered already and and I just Google and I found this out it was a candlelight from aideed radio that paper is the tradition all. I gift for. First anniversary but the modern gift for first anniversary is a clock. And an iPhone has a clock on it. So technically she could get me a new iPhone and I regret buying them for myself now. Pristina in college Mars. I'm. Who is that we are working. You can try out the victory couldn't eat your and they can turn didn't like K okay. Incurable. So what Christina doesn't know about your quiet and that's asylum this phone call so much yeah. How he loves this store called sugar bail right and Sydor who has all of that like creamy grayish color on framed quotes. And yeah all saw song is clapper right. Net as flashy watch and the IO right we should be like so memorable are her because it's sad moment that you saw our right before usage aroused listeners so sweet of Ang gaining of that on a piece of like. Really equal paper talent but they do from sugar do and I hope callies Alison right now back at tries to untie him out of this certainly have had called her she could be best season rumors she's trying to be diocese with artists who owns the store. You could reach out to her and asked her to do light. 01 of A kind piece like Christina I do is genius. A live via in Marietta element in them that is it Palin via. Hang I appreciate this vote of confidence you're about to give me but I hadn't. You should write her. Yeah Olivea nominees nominee he's on him man. I doubt it yet and aid that they do it handicap now. Okay day and I would be about getting you out if they be it. 88 day DL I ninety solidarity to go in and day to day lining is. That right in that. It on like the car and. I know you're saying they are saying the song that was going to be the countdown and all I can think of the twelve days of Christmas happy life god. I thank you Olivia but I am very much not that creative but I appreciate you being. Our actions that it would not. Violent here. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. You can share them with him these were my one year wedding anniversary and days that way and frozen and creativity stuck. All right Mike share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.