What Would Your NEW Yearbook Quote Be?

Thursday, May 25th

Yearbook quotes were always a little awkward, what would you change them to say now?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Three. OK gang is. School friends just didn't conduct any of a cane and eight KIT this summer. Good there is stranger economy. I am never out of the common fifty people and I've never is frank just Conn ago they listen. I know it's been about two decades bots. Do you guys remember reserving a a really important spot for your best friend yes yes think there is is certain pains you couldn't just hand outs other classmates. And like what was your regulate did it not this page to this case is from my best friend you can sign this stage proves that I don't. You're kind of buzz or even ever thinking I thought okay this season on your best friends don't even write anything memorable there's like one yeah Zeke is your my best friend yeah. Leads got quiet killer serial monogamy started for me in high school where I had a boyfriend broke up with them every summer so every. That was like to bring you read a whole Ayers I can't hold on page is somebody who loves me I love them eleven in the next year it's somebody different. Like old age of labor and allay electorate that's always the V guy for summer breaks never eating into the biggest year maturity I now. For me was a kid named get this Doug. What I don't buy into. Is saying is that he signed my yearbook. Over my own picture. So or not it was so so in what am I your votes either junior senior U area high pass around and began Agassi whoever I look any wrote over my face. Jenny what we gonna save your yearbook I pay off earlier and actually to see sensing thing. Night I had a different boyfriends that it's a whole page dedicated to a guy that I never own a touch. I got it around the room a couple of days ago and shared what are you about quote. Was. And now we wanted to share. What are yearbook quote would be. Ted today if we were just doing it today rank -- here Roy yours. Why is back in the day Moses so lame like enjoyed these years and then like three lines of initials of all my friends all your best friend on the best friends and I totally love and if you were filling out your your vote paperwork today what would your quote the probably something on lines of my parents are equally and all of the ilk fresh exciting necessary and then I cut down the list of initials to meet you like to keep BAA got to ask people via. And there's only like two people like from election committee in front of them on FaceBook. I don't know like what did you do with the alliance since I. Why does everybody have some initials that they put under your book quote and you don't remember who it is a might. Our panel who is. Sign Hughes comes. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure the RL in mind now you're getting this is what adore camp is for Ralph Lauren. Don't really make it says that the polo Cologne now. They're stylish hair color pop and yes as you its air to polo shirts over each other and I'm yeah I'm curious as rich guy JT what was your yearbook quote when you're in as well it was a nice generic yelled. Ask. Don't be afraid be yourself home. Only if you think that should have a second line and you just left people wanting more which is good then. What we Jersey today. Mine today would be where your smile keep swinging indeed people compliments. Can't it's so sweet and sometimes the hardest thing to do is aware smile we need you not happy yeah. And the key swing in part is like whether it's tennis volleyball wife late. Keep going yeah. Like just keep moving forward a kind of been off that and give people problems the simple sometimes it certainly if you say hey I like your hair to a stranger in the supermarket. That's what may be spent their day had no idea what I said hey I like your hair. Yeah. I just shared my bald head this morning. Fresh approaches a clang clang. Mine was. Where some see only what is others see what can be that was mine as well that I. And this was actually inspired by huge and my new work is yeah said some version of this Timmy. But it's successful people never asked for permission to be successful. And I think to myself included so many people wait around for some type of permission to send to go clean your dream like you're waiting around. For your parents to be okay with what you're doing or your friends to think it's cool. Or you or you work on and private because you don't want anybody in and though. Can make you weird or you don't want to rattle the chain of command network right so you're sitting around. Waiting for permission to do why. You need to do. Which is bad information I just mean acceptance yeah yeah I mean that they'll do it just go to that I doubt. Mark Zuckerberg when he is trading case that said yeah well you know and Amber's going to everything's scored an amateur. He combines sell all of us twice in one night. Well he and his wife are trying to end hunger in the world yeah and they're getting pretty close and being able to do it right so. I say that's mines success will be able member asked reparations be successful. Like I love that so much and what was your show and my angle was. Every day we had his second serves. Each day is a thread did in the tapestry of why am I dead and we have the power to choose the colors. So Shannon and I Georgia high school life. I want now comes from our experience in the last year of course good. Reese being diagnosed with cancer fighting and beating it and going through one of the toughest times in. Might these toughest toughest time in our lives. An and I involve our family that I learned so much comment and now she's healthy and able to process a lot of it I think when we were in the midst of it I was just in triage right here function. Just eat some thing get to work part a a shirt on clear that. You know and I mean tell you pressure here from a fascist terror I mean I just as functioning now processing so much of the emotions going through it. And here's what I learned from so many other brave parents. Fighting for their children. Is it an it is here's my tagline now that would be in my yearbook quote is pick up positive repeats. And it requires some explanation because I think our greatest addiction in America is our complaints. Is John asks you how you're doing. And you pick something to complain about. Just realize that everybody does that we focus on the negative we pick our complaints how are you don't well this is going on in my life something about. Our culture something about he may be human nature I'm so busy. Oh I'm so so tired that's why your McCourt is pick up positive. Repeat. Because in the midst of Greece's battle and in the midst of that tough time. When I tried to deal and I learned from other parents is pick a positive because everybody's gonna come up team and say how is your child. How is race how is you know just because that's that's the biggest thing going on your life sure and if I chose something negative. I would repeat that negative. 150 times a day right so than if he. Recently retired oh Reese's CE throwing up and you rose eight Arab fighters smiling out her you know you could pick whatever negative story you want it's I I could have. Pics from a thousand negatives there's a lot of negatives going on but if that's what I cancer. A 150 times in if you just do the math how many minutes. Did I spend talking about the negative. Because everybody asked that same question which is why when anybody ask you how Reese was during a whole time you say your response was. I get to work with Jeff dollar every day. That was some positive but it could then I could have been on one of those days that so I think it's a positive repeats that was a great. Ubiquity and X explanation as lengthy search for just. And just if I. I love as great options and they motivate it's just it's just an equation of math right there's only so many minutes in the in your day it is there was only so much time that you're gonna get him. With other people are so many minister and we got what he gonna share. Sorry I know and I'm making a play for. Thanks for making this way it's just a slow crawl on star not before one.