What Songs Do You Have To Play At A Wedding Reception

Thursday, October 12th


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Seats are in 941. JP did not ever. Oh it's real we discuss the marriage certificate. Yesterday he has been grinding away I and the wedding playlist we got to make sure. That and swears act. It won't hit it good background musical people eat dinner. When everybody's coming into the venue you think that he is like mad scientists. Of music putting this whole thing together and we decide how by asking on FaceBook. What songs. Must. Not. BI and any good party play. In the birds we get it over hundreds of responses right yeah the burst forty. Were all from JP. This song makes me so damn happy. You go on the bad list. But my friends are going to be busy little goofy good. Why did an amateur days. It's not fly out of this kid outstanding as well. There's a joke here is a joke. She changed the locks and some of these I agree with the parting as of this time. But that. The team doesn't seem light. Feel like that would be really dead air flight JP and the bridesmaids had migraines and the and the bride's maid hadn't dance off to that song yet. Then in legal battle. It's gonna happen via any good to party. Wedding or otherwise. It's turned up one notch Wayne. And then this is for it to an exit at the guy theme party now. If there's a woman involved in the planning guaranteed. Yeah. Analyst for everybody. Yeah this song is for men and women that it's like that guilty crowd's pleasure of the older guys you. I mean I get idea Emmys I've had a pretty high yeah you I am. I then we're here to letting right yet the whole family there's the always got to get. Grandma out on the dance which we got to throw back just the beds. Apparently in the studio and hang mellow homes sold our strategy now don't like every family in a big family gathering right by the way these are the must let we're helping JP with a wedding. They play in the wedding days in the end of the month. So go to FaceBook and leave a comment with what's on must. You played at the wedding doesn't every big wedding every big family have a great hands. With a man's name. We have a great aunt Clarence. Think I'll always Kanye and I had every family as a great aunt. You know with a man's name as of yet he would yet yeah Graham on the dance for days. Have a great day Clarence espionage she wants the band's. Clarence. Yeah Clarence. And of course aligned against mandatory while. CNN this is headlining a disaster. Hi JPM Heidi spurs stance. Or is that I'm Craig there I'm that is. That that's that this is the father daughter. Yeah. Love this though it. Love songs so. He's in right field I don't. Flew home. And it's not a lame that to sing along and again. Yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.