What Should Jeff's Wedding Hashtag Be?

Wednesday, April 20th


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Starring 841. May have accidentally created a monster out of Jenn hobby. As she attempts to you pick out a wedding hash tag. For my fiance and I my wedding is six my. From this Friday can you believe that I'm Goodling all kinds of like wedding idioms love and relationship idioms. Dollar ADM's all the different sayings and stuff trying to come up with a perfect hash tag for Jack and his fiancee Kelly they're getting married and six months. And we need a wedding hash tag. That is this is very important because it has to be associated with all the pictures and videos that people might post it asked me. Use Stan Twitter it's just the new thing to do these days Jan all the cool kids are doing it. And it was my one job and 01 thing you had to take it out yet it is possible to go without one. Well we could say didn't buy it. People want to know what it is and then you when you click on the hash take you can see all the pictures from. You know the front from the from the winning or from the you know it's a good idea just practically watch you know. So I asked you the other day for. The jet engine show family to help out and listeners who had any idea is all of you guys. We've posted it up on FaceBook and got a ton of response on FaceBook. And I Cali went through picked out some of her favorites I have a couple of my favorites but geologist who created into Smart there's so many good idea. Are some really great ideas on there I think when they came up first. On the list one of the first list on FaceBook when I was first comment I mean is passionate another day another dollar. Another day another dollar and often that's the only things you do handle my thinking when it's long game taking consideration for a 4741. 9400 is the is that telephone number. That kicked Cali was actually offended by a couple of them which it that was why hey issue from what I've almost from a dime to a dollar. To those oh right she's like long gap at I had those funny and the other Owen is them because. Her last name is ray eggs yeah there's somebody wrote rags to riches. Well they way when did you speak Q I know what I isn't right it was planned rates Wright issue like that I would like they know I would want to bury their. OK I got a couple Korea again bring it. Okay. Hash tag two for a dollar. Two for a dollar cocaine is to view you ask you for dollar anyway. And then. Take a dollar and run. She mine Alec and either. Take the money and ran. I think that the song and then. Day late and a rigs short. I get a it's because she's dropping rigs and taking on dollar. But did so those are so long somebody suggested the Family Dollar which I actually it the manly dollars Q2 I didn't. These are callies favorites OK I'm hash tag two dollars but spelled PA you only ask. Hash tag making a dollar. A man and finally that's a good and that's like baby making had to get on for every effort for the Stanley. Riggs got a dollar. And then the original one that they've came up then the very first one that was presented it. We've we kinda ease the little it was dollar dollar rigs all the promise that is that's gist. It's really long yet to really. And it never is trying to figure out teased the apostrophe enough he's the cost treat them on gas tax. Pay you Leslie what's gone on. We get our. That's yeah Reagan a dollar of that and again that's. Now are yeah yeah yeah yeah I think that's our ball. It's April Diaz enemy America if he'd come on energy do you marine Yemeni. That are you gonna deal waiting. Hash tag Marino I was telling you about it yen we should probably come off of one speaking his mind he Israeli and a dollar. And others. That hit that solid white collar for the dollars that owns a good one and also a two dollar Holler. Two dollars and that's weird to dog collars and something he would answer glove yeah. Well the first. Holler for the dollars Holler for the dollars is key. Good I like Allen yet we got Aaron Kelly okay so why are my favorites was from a dime to a dollar. I really did like Alan because Carroll is hot and can add yet hot wife says she's gone from a dime to a dollar I didn't think it was about and okay I really really loved million dollar wedding. I loved about one million dollar wedding pioneering gloves now Q that's very it's on my least Ayers like the dollar dollar bills. Dropping dollars. And then one hour. She's the Cali actually noted the dropping dollar one she's like them be okay for it and of course yeah. I actually like we get divorced Cali we using that hash tag on the dollars. And I have felt I gave I like the smile now things later I'm like there's there's a map people in the World Cup race and I and I was it has checked smiles now paying the later. Well I pray that land at Kennedy and on their divorce right now she's just venting I could tell I was like oh yeah she's yeah she's having some sees something going on in her life. What about dollar high club. We'll read some fancy fancy things. He's Hassey who had to pay Marino let's Doug or David Frum a married. Because they have families and their answer phones were witty edit. I really like this one person wins in a different direction her name is Jeffords as hash tag all dulled up. Because of adrenaline going after the dollar in the money Q&A different direction them okay thank you begin I'm. And I really I really think Mary Mary's that I really like the hall of for the dollars. Dollars and really it's. Yeah isn't celebrating both of you oh yeah I think everybody in your wedding party and coming to the wedding Kabila Holland and Paris leg up. But a fun little comment to add their. We picture I let's give it up online for a mid David and then we'll we'll keep this additions coming in enemy the decision by Friday night Friday okay. The extra mile part of it. Job so I know people are blind.