What Odd Person Heard Your News First: Part 2

Wednesday, March 29th

Was some random person the first to know you were pregnant? Did your intern tell you, before his own family, about a huge achievement?


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And young star ready for a one. Paid back OK and that land so why it's top secret news. Did you not deserve you had before anyone else it's. I'm recently entirely invalid and and so highlights key the line and Ronald. Oh if you have a baby let me know enact and doubt that advance and play a little bit with Craig or anybody else. Really she confided in you first. Add yeah yeah when it view that I need to need to. They'll remember. He Janice. Erin in Jefferson welcome to the show. Hey hey. We. Matt and I ain't very totally eat. I told me he had been. A big alert. Or the last two years with her partner. At C. Had any new guy and speaking over at Kelly how excited she. You give us and taught her a BI and. Why may worry why you. It. I would I guess I wasn't right playing at the right time. I woody is just adding is that something you say. Congratulations. Take regulation. Act picking regulate it. I am happy you do in this if you see her learns he's here again you ask her how it's going no. I'm hoping not to hang on there I will be get credit that information at bat or pitch okay. Neighbor you're leading great if he doesn't think differently. On with our ideals. Your step. A little. I thought ORA and thank you can't look at ya regular banks banks there and we're all like yeah the conversation continues league championship on these plus.