What Odd Person Heard Your News First: Part 1

Wednesday, March 29th

Was some random person the first to know you were pregnant? Did your intern tell you, before his own family, about a huge achievement?


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Jeff and I hate to fly with JP and Janine. Were there recipients. Of someone else's very good news on Friday. We weren't the odd perfect people to hear first strike and that's we should have found out this news before. This persons and why they get they get this but I James he's whatever internship and the Japanese and chef James is anybody gonna be Mattie when they find out we've found out first. Potentially and I just realized that I still need to tell my grandmother so she hears this on the radio. There could be trouble are right minds your girlfriend knows that my girlfriend has now. Okay yeah that's not you know we might be headed for a break up a week. Told her on the radio so it's Friday morning the show is ended a rock and a sitting in the studio which is just hanging out. And I James Hughes one of our interns is in the other room hard at work some some you know. Labor that we have instructed him to view on our behalf at the and he can stand and says hey. Cited are robbed but can I tell you guys something and were like yeah figuring it has to do with like. Whatever task the news right performing James is that you GA and he's about to graduate at the end of this Nasser. UT UG Yang dragon from Athens are refusing Thursday twice a week. It's just because I love you guys so much wouldn't that but that's. So he's he's series at EA EG a student in the as I got an email. With some really good news. And I just gotta tell somebody rebel wasn't he told me he says you'll be the first ones. And what is that good news that. I. Will be going to Germany next year or I guess this August for the following year on a Fulbright scholarship. Which is a really big deal. And we all pretended to be so excited to lean Janine was the only one of the all who's had any idea what that what is. That didn't seem to carry out a little. I don't even pretend to have a poker face or make a what does that mean he's yeah he's going. And Jen must remain. Everybody wanted to be excited to Geneen had to explain it to you guys gas line so you tell us James what is a Fulbright scholar. So the Fulbright program is an educational exchange got sponsored by the State Department yeah we sand a lot of you know. Graduates graduate students overseas. To spend a year eater teaching English or doing research or in my case in turning with two a news organization. In other country all right and you speak German conversation. And it and how many Fulbright scholars are there any given year you have any idea how. Think I saw that it's it's. Several thousand I think OK for the nation right yes I don't know exactly so I'm pretty prestige. This thing is what Janine was explaining to us yeah it's it's a hard. The whole process is insane and it's I mean if he's free to go out overseas for an entire year and they're trusting you is kind of like an ambassador for the country. Did they know he just spent thirty minutes Rihanna really agenda just as a of the etiquette of spousal starting dined don't know by now that I. Worldwide problem yeah. Just universal Germans would not tolerate that. Germany and that's a lot of sausage and sauerkraut. Adam. Everything. There's a lot mission and so we're gonna sweep. Okay is this really great music and he tells us Ers depth. And we realize we really the odd people to find out that used to charge should have been his parents or his girlfriend because he's gonna be out of the country for a year. So this is our question their phone numbers for 0426309414042630941. Weighing it worry you the recipients. Some odd news. Just because of place and time this can be really good he is a really bad news you have no business. Receiving. Knowing about first what you were just accurately you're in the right place and the and the right candidate doesn't out lake. If you and if you're out yet the receptionist at the doctor's office or people find out that the pregnant. That doesn't count right this has to be like. As to be a really odd person. You have to be the odd person I kind of had I I delivered news to a not person was being said you were the recipient. I wasn't recipient I was waiting tables. And this couple had just not. Got engaged and they were they had been somewhere else and just got engaged and he put the ring on her finger and they came in and they were my table and their like. Which is so excited we have to tells me first then they told me their. Proposals to all that makes you think of another and our neighbors. Because Cali and I got proposed I've proposed to Kelly on the lake. And so the first human beings that we told when I when we got to gauge where our random neighbors and their entire family because they're having a cook out outside. Your parents. And cowboys fans and senator and we're walking by and there I pay later NHL age have. She's like yeah. Yeah. Good to know somebody you. Cynthia enact worth. I'm yet I was walking through the month. With a friend and she says well they haven't told our parents or anything yet but we're having a baby on the. Found out we then found out. Whenever you like a best friends. You actually. Keep your eye or my daughter graduated from. And we've been volunteering and helping her ever since the teacher lets you replace retired. So wait that may have been a situation where she's like I can't Sony went so close that mad and bad. I sign doubts with those outer circles they'll keep better secrets right because they know it's I can be that big of a deal them. You're approach rent. Not my best friend and yeah. I'm really honored that I knew there are a lot of other keep them. I've for a 14630941. And I this job here I actually. Found out that it was going to happen when I was driving to my uncle's house in Phoenix Arizona with it Cali. And told. You told your uncles our guess is that well. I go well here's what's going to be happening over the next few months and told me it was like. Before I had left the other show ands. Before IE so I'm. Top secret say your uncle randomly and Arizona was gonna keep pets sick safe and bright he doesn't talk to anybody to the other and old are simple writing down there. Czar not before one.