What Makes You Feel Like a Boss?

Tuesday, May 9th

We learned something very interesting about our Producer Jeannine's relationship with heels, and we want to know if you have this too!


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Outfit that makes you feel like super woman. I have total superhero how'd you know. It remains totally does. The real we get into this because. So happened in studio the other day I think. It changed the way you approach your whole day. Do you mean yesterday confess that there's something that makes her. Move through the day like Al boss. Marleau synergy. So where am I guess it really get into the psychology behind this. A little bit later but I think wait wait jam in June meaning Kelly want all of the women's do you rate now listing as your getting up and getting ready to go to work today. Think kill you or item and maybe even Wear it today because we're gonna need you be a part of the show about a half. Now we wanna hear what is that item of clothing that just makes you stand up a little taller throw your shoulders back and act different when you're wearing this one thing yeah for Gina its share. Tell his. Yeah its so he sued so heels. I assume part of basic feel like I'm walking. Like San crushing any means and that locks down Nile like I was walking down the hallway and I am like stump stump stump stump and on your dreams this is my place. And hands. Like I it just changed my whole view and it has to become issues obviously I care a lot like I'm not just an old Bob Graham wearing stilettos and my heels keep. Pop and out of Gustafson owing. So if you winner of the hunt now that's like I don't wanna get into safe out here yet but can you win or something out. But if you Wear. The bad as parish used every day because you're stepping on your crushing the skulls of your enemy. I love you addressing this goals your enemies it seem yeah if you Wear those shoes every single day to the eventually lose there's superpower. I mean they do when they start wearing down is you got to replace heels if you Wear them all the times I know every you know years so you'd get excited to go out and you go on the hunt for a couple of hours at the mall for a new one. They got a locker on the store and test out. Make sure they're just as powerful but what I guaranteeing that it's not always she is now now I'm guessing there's a jacket you put on them makes you feel. Like Abbas. I asked. God I guarantee you it's not just shoes because I told Kelly about this. And that she has something that she wears that nobody would ever even see. And it just instantly makes her mark confident and she wants an aura might. Yeah good good and I have one thing adds I really did this technology that. And she I'll still are ready for our. I learned last week while sitting in the studio. After the show when David Jimmy. Bats Geneen. Has a pair of issues. That she wears. They admit what's your quote. I feel like I'm stumping on the skulls of man means when I quit and we regret certain shoes. And we found on this note when our. HR director. Came man she walks in the studio to tell us some then and that she's actually caught talking did you mean about filling out sick days. Christine had to take a day off last week she's like hey when you thought your form for sick days you get you gotta do this and you as. By the way. But these are HR director and looks at you mean up and down and goes my accounts sexy you. Got. I think it was like. Legends like this. If I think really. Right it's always you can deliver and her away site sushi today survey Yasushi she says and and then they have a whole conversation about it. It I witness like camel looking it to add it to me animals in the wild. Like we what happens when you put Ronnie she use what is happening because Geneen Dolly she's Jewish uterine best dressed yet she's always slow fashion east and here and so then Jen walks in the CMI jam this this conversation jams like yeah I know all. Yeah I got as certain pair of heels when Iowa and that. I feel the bumps. And you can't yeah you just feel more confident he threw his shoulders back a little bit more match is like nothing can get in your way you're super productive he say all the right things everything comes out the right way to awkward moments. When you wearing that one article. From your closet. Promotes should've been. The head. So I got home I tell us okay tell my wife Kelly about them figure I've got to believe that is. It means get these cold shares in this by and that related charity from LA guys earlier there's when I got like sometimes users certain underwear. Yeah. Finally and I seriously she's a gap I know tops or bottoms usually. Not for anyone else you go in and ask are which ones should use that as an opportunity just as an open title are. He goes underwent did you see her way you like you gotta be dated many and then you can you can bond. As are so much better man and I. And it is like did you double stuffed Oreo no doubt about. That that I saw. Tailoring coming. I. What is your power move wardrobe item. Well actually buy at like four years ago and I have never worn out in public cited. It's like a long sleeved black. Floral around very and and I like that pretty it's like bright colors on that and actually let my best friend where virtually very very day she and that flight. When you put it on Andy use it is interrogating conquer the world it's like they're pretty is thing I don't have never had a late so where he yet. They may make it. Women out bumpers that one piece thing. They can you can conquer the world out there but you can't impede an important body of yeah. You can't think about it like that that can then take out every bit or eat by. Yeah I am I about like right publicly try not admire Eminem how I really didn't do it escalate. Wal-Mart and something just has a. So yeah. Please read where it and it's in stereo with suggestions and show all yeah this year I don't romper and I want you come and see us. I don't I ended march around the studio. It's going to be your place to where OK I'm not even getting doubled the output Ronald Allen a number I'm so I. Young and I'm still hasn't had to that you own it and you've never. Picks Sarah I haven't picked out that I don't get that earth like every time I don't like myself out of mind and she dressed he really get just yet. I Taylor thank you by the way side. We're just how we understand just how confusing women. It complicate it does it I for a for a creative team's sixth very own 94 line is our phone number. What is your power. War drove item that just makes you feel. Warren saved goes on and this. And Taylor's world you walked to the kitchen for about smoke in the go back here and there isn't that's all you need and never a bad thing you just need to walk to the kitchen and I am. More to gain an honest Al when he got. I'm a particular specific article all according but I got I tried that's so I have to Wear such definitely don't read it and let bad. The ones at that green finished unchanged. Then they'll have to reinforce such as soon as just another day it could look at. So for some reason that extra arch support makes you just feel little talk you through the shoulders back. Figured can't have a bad hair day if you Wear those again egg hunt when you're happy and you like bottom up you're perfect now. Yeah I feel that I feel it may be right now. They're gonna call. I don't know if he does it Morgan's high curious Sox. Beat us. Old sonics'. Earl I can't feed and yeah. Star in 941. Talking about power outfits and every one listening wants to brag about there's it seems like it. Phone lines jammed up Jana incoming Europe's first. I got morning and is. I'm actually have a whole house is not just won an article clothing and every time aware kinda job. Now I. Is that while that's a classic question how many jobs he looked him for maybe should evaluate when and where we get tired and. Well it's been very very different job over the course. Here's a bank and they have. What's lasted but it is it time yeah was that it that way your crash and what does it look I. I'm. A bad bad tour at the very forbidding Hamlet are highly it's clear whether. And purples like pop and then a railing I can't the app like letter elk. Nice I'm beyond that already I want to head out head I. Hi amber and meg down which your. How were words Joseph item. Barrels from my grandmother taught that a woman and girl can conquer the world. Yeah ninety's. That's old school that is old school and have to touch them and you just get magical super power in your finger. Right that I guess like a mermaid powers yes. Unlike now. Accidental. Amber Allen and just how would you be trying to make a very inappropriate jet fleet I'll. Bobby and Carrollton. Hey and I think my hair and makeup nonsense. A bloody trap but actually pay a little bit extra term immaculate just write our electric conquer it. And good hair day we'll do that I guess in Kansas. I. Have full time job and sometimes that just says that happens Elena. And. That they just don't get it. It's so psychics you know you gonna spend eight hours caring about other people's lives you got to spend like the more you spend on yourself first. And more you're going into that for you instead of her own house and it's just it's your day your hair you did it that's all you love it. I love it. Matalin and it coming what is your power outfit being. Now my kids aren't aren't deals that IndyCar I have a meeting out where I popularity years. There's still a month and a dollar and the making not opt I'm like talking I don't bring me up that's. Nine but. I am every day right. Now I only like a big meeting Larry I have right. I can't think I have to go would you rat like talk to people aren't. That you know he although technically I it's like okay. I didn't want any more I am opera. It is. I thought she is. Because she's you ever dress up. And your funny chaotic sunny cousy like zero and I tag I love heals I'm really tall. Yeah I did hit area. He'll just so yeah it. I think. I never really really long legs so any time our heels pound girl and battle saw me in the night throw them I think yeah and a pair like those cigarette pants. You know and some time now either a pencil like the real straight lands. I got a couple of those Somalis meals yes Carol I won't be single from moms. Hi candy and America. I didn't great except. Our name. That's where it went right into my galaxy undressed galaxy press. As they're really cute undressed and ever go where I get on the continent on and it's like I can get anything going to got a Condo. Combat boots with it and it's a done deal. See pictures of volleys yeah please take a picture in UR power outfit your power I don't know. What every year's super taped it is and send it to us can we get pictures finally does that mean we're really tired of FaceBook friend and an okay comment with their power items. It's CD's because I feel like we can crowd sourced and all those who have any more than one power item in our yeah. Revealing. Power item of interest nothing left in the banking account. I think both have lots of power items I Julianna Lanny at last count. I Opsound. A Mayan actually a combination had been called the glittery heels. And a red dress you. And I. Sure they're gonna out of the average high of my friends. And they just find it hilarious but I'm just like a rock and it sounds. That can grow young men confidence you feel you whether it's for making this wedge. In the chest congestion out one star not before one and.