What Jeff Would Do with Lottery Winnings

Friday, July 29th


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It's switches on this daunting I. Those holes out. I do everything in my plan and if I win the concerns that the from. Let me tell in my play Jan flange and when I win the powerball 478. Million. It might be a little intense I don't want you to judge me by a priority now Ernie writes. So I checked the numbers and I find out what the where the you know that the numbers match. And I immediately made a take a photograph of me holding the winning ticket. Up front and back multiple pictures of that and I couldn't take it in a minute vacuum seal you rye. And replace. The word is that won't be in my house ways and I am gonna come to work as normal on Monday everything is fine everything's great the benefit of working public is out of the office eleven and if we Libyan usual. A week people at 11 am. I would immediately bowl. And I would have I would tell them why they're meeting house but I would have won close friend Aaron you know it's going to be and it would have later in the the house that urgent but why not discounting. At this point. She's with me when we found out I'll and by the way and make her Collins. So. Right okay so vain at Wayne were all at the at the house. I've been I will recruit one of them to get an armored vehicle. It will be holding plays received applause I'm holding place or that. Case that we would figure out how to transport stages when I say armored vehicle because it. Deposit they open the safe deposit box and there are name. And it's not even connect it all a put it in there after signing documents. And it's actually mine went in this. Mine. And we do all the trust in financials that I don't understand. And all of that stuff up we do multiple trust from multiple people so if money on. And I make a list of people depending on how much money it is approximately going to be and percent of the players. Value and animate my million in many people million dollars. And have a party where they get. It 100000 dollars in cash and the rest will be formed. And that that's another check it like it here at 100000. Dollars at is just so people can experience holding 100000 dollars cash and then I'm gonna have the biggest artists on the planet whoever that is the biggest you know superstar of the moment is and playing at. Who would be who Coldplay Coldplay would be great all day Paul McCartney. Maybe Jay-Z. And and they would be playing at my party I love. DT. Yes and then when you're like aluminum by a bigger house Cingular. I sense an analyst the city's okay. Three of the cities I've never bend him. You can tell us. Oh. Numbers and me all and by the way I continue to do that. Continue to work for a period of time and using thousand dollars at 711 and I've is it will be like. It jets ran the million dollar Florida fan. What Tony I can't get Wayne million dollars you can giveaway that it's coming out you can give away a million dollars. I'm sick this is you know I'm been known for being complex here on the radio stations complex you lost it it's. I doubles uncle lives in a leader in Dallas. Hey. I thought our I haven't thought in my company it majority Cheryl and equipped. You make money. And I attacked and ancient sport not an expert at an appearance at the outlet from the ecstatic. Not only appeared. That it least the start the real so eerie at. That soaked the single parents who have deadbeat as significant others. That's awesome I'd like your first thing I mean yeah. When I got stuck and the person because I would actually buys in another company. And that I would walk into that company and the majority shareholder ago. Call me boss. Call me. Boss or your fired. Seem pretty angry. Now that's. I win this thing sooner to probably effect company for pennies on. They Cynthia and now quirk. My name. You I had been at Drake on an iPad we have early in the lottery. First thing to do is live in the middle of the night and not look boarding at track. Someone command and how are old let oh got it like that around that would go there that I elected. If you homeowner associations. He's gonna show star in 941.