What The Florida

Wednesday, January 10th

Jenn's homestate might be the Sunshine State, but it sure doesn't have the brightest people. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Hey I'm Florida just have you seen WTO. What the Florida it is a segments of the Jeff's engine channel where Jen travels in spirit and mind. Down to the sunshine state my home state her homes. I am a proud Floridian Joel G is the fun of ourselves and right. Shares of Floridians. We can be proud of these stories. Oh we are able to find some of Florida's most interesting citizens and Jana highlights them in this segment that we call. What if what Florida. Are right guy is are hanging out together. And they order pizza. And they're just talking about pizza and just about to get into it. Well one friend got angry at the other friend when he ate a piece of his pizza don't tow truck through duty and I nudged. My if they got pepperoni down the middle I was there's only she's he ate a pepperoni peace. And his body was so Matt they hate him over the head with a golf iron clubs so hard that it broke that club. Then he armed himself with a metal mop handle his friend crap of I've and it's nice and slash McGraw. Chest. Where they were they in it in a flea market but what does this assembly of stuff that they have. I don't know a metal pop panel a golf club and a knife were all used in this incident over one slice of pepperoni. Look I did I understand that do not touch my food do not active. Later when they were both arrested and charged with battery with deadly weapons they admitted that they had smoked synthetic marijuana. Before audience had to get your what the Florida this tasty extra hungry. Thank rather than my regular. Like this this incentive to depict them into extra hungry and angry and angry and make you fight over smack. Different lanes and elect. We do right. I don't weapons are leg of the earth and a Cracker Barrel dining room and any data to the stage where the washboard. Many Sangamo over the head with that stand basin. Go Florida. Are some people call 911 on near easy prey is a New Year's Eve the rookie holiday. All he had like Saint Patrick's Day New Year's Eve all of those were people just roll July. I had is expected yet they got to roll out and party elect a party 365. Days a year but no. Well there's a guy in Winter Haven Florida who much like the rest of us witnessed drunk driving and had says com 91 line for him. He was witnessing in about himself. He called. Nine and one on himself he called in themselves drunk driving and he said I'm drunk driving right now and one of the cops to come and get him he said he was too drunk to know where he was this. And that he had been driving around all night trying. To get pulled over. But apparently he got bored with waiting so he moves the process along his stature managed to keep him on the phone even when he Hillary wanted to go get some mean eat. And that he was driving on the wrong side of the road. The dispatcher also got him to pull over at cops eventually tracked him down and he told them that he had been drinking beer and taking back. He was clearly charged with the DUI went to Florida look at the spread out and this is my favorite is on his way to split a pizza with two bodies. How much I have to have achieved had to pepper the fact is ready to fight worried. Is my favorite because. I went to Florida State in Tallahassee I am a proud of she Seminole and this is about. Our rival campus at the University of Florida in gains and alligators. Would be up so there is a twenty year old student. I named new rule 'cause on who is going to US in Gainsville. And she says she is emotionally and sexually attracted to physical objects. She says she has had feelings for. Monorail is at it. I pods. And treadmills. But her first real crash. Was on a Garmin GPS. And her first relationship. Was with a calculator named PA or if the I'm fourth place and her calculator tear fell out of love and now she has moved on to. Tetris. Specifically an old Nintendo tetris cartridge. So relevant so much and I get an immense sense of satisfaction with him I have a very very strong connection with him and invested so much. Well just I heads up honey if the cartridge ever starts acting up before you just did chip. I'll blow on it a little bit before you stick it and the veteran tipped. And put it in real gently oh my who might work just like he used to. Well she is catches have been dating since September of 2016 and she's planning to marry him once she's done with college now you think she'd live this take his last name and the she says I quote. I'm going to call myself and mrs. tetris. Do you think she no court has a fever arrangement of four blocks or do you think she loves them all the same. Does that take back the two by two and I'm not married to that guy with a two by two was always my favorite. Really no I tell you tirelessly as satisfying like hers as actions on the link or. Win yeah I'm wondering until. Janet you should know this doesn't matter if your block arrangement is fat her tall and skinny notorious ticket demand acts. Ever Friday what Florida's story please send it along to last year can find us we're on the face next to adjust and Jen show. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.