What The Florida

Tuesday, November 28th

It may be the Sunshine State, but Jenn's home state sure has some dull criminals. 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now. Us. South Florida. It is my mood to my home state. It has the sunshine state where not the brightest criminals let them. And every single week the state provides more and more material for the death tension. God bless fla and these stories anytime you go it. The Florida. First start in Palm Beach shelling. Over the holidays police saw a man of the hour and 41 Boca Raton was really upset with her son. He lost a school issued iPad and that's a big deal if the school gives united Teddy got to keep up with it and if you lose it you gotta replace it. By a given the school 400 not true though so at least it was him. Man ad man and her son and she believes that her son should have to take responsibility. And pay that fine himself of course that's good parenting right there so she was having a very heated discussion. Wins her son about it when her mother steps in. Her mother reportedly offers the money instead down. At which point mom starts shouting at nor am mocked. And mom in order to quote prove a point started to threaten her son with a knife. She also pointed it in nice pat her own mother and said I will kill YouTube which point the cops were called and Lisa. Has been arrested by the Boca Raton police department the only person in the history of the world. Arrested for somebody trying to give them 400 dollars. True. What the Florida. Really over an iPad. Okay this one's got me say and what the Florida out of Brevard County the sheriff's office there. Had to arrest somebody and this is all surrounding an inmate you know when an inmate is booked into jail if they've got to have money on them. The money is taken when they're booked and then it's returns to them on a debit card at the end when they are released tank. Well this time it was actually aids corrections. Deputy officer who was arrested and charged tried. After she was stealing money from day. All little time. Nice of them to go very far. Just fishing off the company appeared yeah parent Florida. Shoot some grouper. It's what the Florida seriously. All right and this last line. In a really heavy shaking your head that an area called the villages Florida where a six year old woman below our range though. Sorry Joseph that pretty upset players. This is over the holiday because. Her neighbors. Let their dogs in her yard united the villages we have rules. We have laws and you'll respect the rules and allies not only did those dogs go relieve themselves in her yard. She had against you that prove herself so Lori Jo was. I had put up this crap literally it. And at the neighbor's sons were both working and would not stay barking. So what Laurie Jody is she decided to respond in cash and she served arkan backing them up and yeah. Lori no bargain back I'm so loud but said all this. Hour in the eighties yeah confrontation. She rounded up getting arrested on battery and resisting arrest based on the cuts and bruises on her face and her mad shot. She struggled a whole lot with the cops when they came to arrest her. If she got Gainer neighbors phase of bark at her. In god. It was barking and the dogs. And in the mirror came over and she reads by slapping your name and there and then when the cops showed up she resisted arrest and cabs. I. Those five barking dogs just let Lori Jo read on over the edge. We want to head over to our FaceBook page shortly BK is playing the part of Lori Gerald will be Kelly cheese. I will be the neighbor and JP will be the city's jobless are reenacting that what the Florida story. And place of the dogs we have two tiny stuffed lama's. But that will be up by 10 o'clock did godless Florida. It seemed. What Florida's stories along to me which you can find me on face the look at Jeff's engine send them. Thanks for making this wedge and adjusted just job on star now before want to.