What The Florida

Tuesday, November 21st

Jenn's home state of Florida may be the sunshine state, but it really doesn't have the brightest people. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. What does Florida have put together some of the best of the best because I'm a Floridian from a great sunshine state. Where it's half. It's beautiful and the criminals are Steve. They're going to highlight the rest of the best from the last week for you. What the Florida. I'm my I am so embarrassed this week. Of my home state the sunshine state it's bad for you wicked prize. It is for you okay great stories this on just in time for Thanksgiving. So there's 67 year old earnings Irene. She lives in an area called the villages Florida. And did she went out to storm issues carrying campaign balloon mesh bag. So store workers have their eye on her now. Irene ended up grabbing the purse and several other items put them in her bag and lets you actually left to with a total of eleven items worth almost 15100. Dollars. But they couldn't arrest her at the time. Because Irina. Was wearing a Turkey cost him. What the Florida CU was later arrested and charged with. Grand theft Tahoe Lucia again sixty says yeah. Lads diary. I am alive that's Vega the most severe retirements and no kidding I. All right now this next story comes to us from Tallahassee Florida where I. Proudly lived for years and I was in college of Florida State University. This is a couple who have found. Something pretty disgusting in a glass of water from the Waffle House. We actually have audio here to support their claims a gadget here is the couple finding something in their water. He's being. Ron in. Don't let up front well come look. Oh yeah. Our parent while the house did not realize. What was in the letter that she served two player sheets and her husband while they were waiting on their food and Tallahassee Florida now. Waffle House says that there reviewing the video and then there's still some issues there are looking into you but here's what Claire had to say. In my has been strength there's a whole Prague this floating around in the water saying no there's there's the crowd. It's so cold ride in a watered drinking at a restaurant though. You know way you'd you have parenting your food sometimes there may be a little piece of plastic from packet team that this event and India. You definitely lose your appetite immediately. You don't expect to pride yeah and so really it's quite a surprise but has been and I made. I have always enjoyed Waffle House bed being that that happened they'd had at that bad taste in your mouth. Now there hasn't been any punishment yet Waffle House says that they are looking into the video and still some issues in that they're not sure that they believe it or not. But it's still had a sand swept off well learn what the Florida smothered covered in Kermit. REN. Last it's certainly not least this married couple takes the cake for this week's was the Florida. This married couple realized. That. They might be able to get a cash settlement from their landlord. If something happened to them in their rented property. And like hole I know what we're gonna do we are going to tell the cops that there were two men wearing masks that broke in our home. And then it. We'll be able to pile all kinds of claims can cash element. Olelo we're going to be good deep depth chart they're like how do we really set this scene that some bad home invasion happened to us. Let's really stage it. So they shot each other in the lane and show up they noted. Several holes in the home from a gunshot support levels holes and their legs. And also several holes and their story. How did not believe them they did not. Get that cash settlement from their landlord and they have both been arrested. Several charge. So if that was me and somebody like me do that plan would damage it would be the longest game of no you go. And I'll tell you go for guys. Yeah yeah you gotta parity now you go over. Yes and they got a sand. All of the floor I Florida. It's his state of Florida's fault it's the humidity and a. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.