What The Florida

Tuesday, November 7th

Florida may be the sunshine state, but the people really aren't the brightest. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. The Florida. And every time. Florida didn't hear about a crazy criminal and you know where they're from and from my only State's sunshine state. Dumb dumb criminals since Florida. What are our listeners Lauren actually sent me an explanation for why so many crazy criminal street c'mon Florida you guys know about this. The design major. And innovative afternoon the weather humidity the math. And yeah. No real songs and the message commentary today I thought I had met. Yeah he's been busy in Florida. I'm. It's because of the way they have to report on crime so every everybody is arrested becomes all of the details of their arrest becomes public record. And really easy report on sureshot every state has never had criminals is just you're staying. It's easy to record and it's arriving here about it they're definitely more smash and I've had their fiercer or more special I made studies at the story's got a sand WT have. Start. In my home town hall of saint Petersburg Florida. Karen Robinson was walking down streets. And Saint Petersburg. At the time in my eyes she saw. Vehicle pulled over on the side of the road Nash's walking on the street shoe size and of that vehicle. Insert in discussion with the man behind the wheel. Not knowing that the man behind the wheel of that vehicle as an undercover officer home. So that. We is when Caron. Started talking to ham and offered. A few scenes to him for. Just being neighborly in exchange. For some cash short and a beanie baby doll and I'm sorry. Parent wanted to beating baby doll. And some money fro what she was offering to give the man behind said Wheeler said vehicle I have so many questions wine it. With the beanie baby Dolly in the back window of the car the criminal complaint just does not indicate whether the officer was already session of the beanie baby. I was somehow expected to procure the doll. Pre adult act are we sure she is. Asking for beanie baby exchange or was she calling something a being evil thing. Either way Karen was charged with prostitution aim misdemeanor and booked into the county jail. My health care and got us salsa and why the flow are. Our next story comes not far from my hometown is funny is cattle Lakeland Florida Polk county sheriff's officials. Had to give a 53 year old woman. A deal wise men because somebody called 91 Juan about a lawman who appear to be very confused. Possibly endanger cops holder over gave her sobriety test she gave some rest samples and they did in fact I'm now. That she should be charged with a deal line but also animal neglect because she got a deal on a horse a hot. Saying the economy and the 'cause so she was charged with driving drunk on a horse on a Florida I away. So it's ego and so what is she doing. She was swerving. So alert on earth and that her off for being in front of the worst is follow it very scared he's and I. Anyway he. Well she was also charged for endangering and failing to provide proper action for the horse. And the horse is actually taken to the Polk county sheriff's animal control livestock facility. She was booked in the county jail. And Joseph record so far provide no attorney for her so she still. Missing her main anchor. Ball behind on her. At the end available ourselves Selig has served time for an out as soon as you know my guest and you just had a couple bags of oats and he had. I'm a few apples extra comfort. What the floor and one of Florida and finally this time he's Abdullah after it. God usually. Yeah. Because it times added Dunedin all so not too far from my hometown. Discount near Clearwater Beach Riviera vacation nine their water. You know about it yeah West Coast of Florida right there on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. There is a model who is living there with her boyfriend she is a Mexican actress and model bikini model actually. Condi. And I would. Yeah day exactly she's like five Bobbie you know an angle on a dual sort of my boys I applaud his bat eighth day I got letting him be it game. No she was planning you know and then and then some. I hope and they surprised cage. Says she had everything all ready to go she had paid ready like an actual cake in the mix eggs she's gonna jump out. Just so excited to surprise her boyfriend. Mr. Robert Brown. A robber. Instead of coming home decided to go out drank and Robert went out with his buddies drank until about 1 in the morning and tunnels so this super model was. Not happy by the time he got town I'm sure she's been crammed in a cakes and fourth Saturday. So much so it ended up in an argument and she has been arrested on birthday to birthday take battery charge it. She beat him and his numbers big. I shouldn't laugh because he might be injured that may be he deserved it so 36 year old tomorrow. Who was arrested. Force claiming his birthday cake on the head of her boyfriend. From Florida no doubt Florida. The end. That's. Ever hear about criminals have passed them on TV I would appreciate it and they're not hard to find their usually hiding read in front of all I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.