What The Florida

Tuesday, September 4th

Why did the Florida couple get arrested for making their business more convenient? 

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This is that a Japanese yen job. Watson those Florida because the sunshine state does not have the brightest people it's. Including me is that's where I'm proud of I'm not a friend of mine send me an article instead. Hey give this to Jen and tellers won't for her crazy neighbor segment since I maybe went to flourish that he's from that right area because he had this or grazing neighbors the end of these are my people I am a proud Floridian and I am a proud Florida State alumni. Alumnus the head guy and don't go holds we just failed miserably last night on the football field and it may be for our incoming freshman as well. Florida State University just created a mandatory class for freshman to help them handle the stress. That comes with going off to college certificate good idea right sort of all about moving on camp says handling their workload just getting ready to start their college career. The class is only about a half hour long mostly just videos of older students telling them what they can expect it to test at the end earth. Italy anything to worry about what is supposed to help them. Handled the stress right. But then now they're offering everyone an option to skip the mandatory class that they think it would make and too stressed out to take its. What Florida and I. It is that it does coddling you've ever heard out in your law. Ally if there is her you don't really have to you don't want to buy a few day you shed if you need to be getting any anxiety down okay. They're afraid that it's gonna be a trigger. The discussion of stress and anxiety will trigger. Stress and anxiety so don't discuss the stress things. Is mandatory but only if it's gonna stress you out then Dante. I am I'm refraining from comment. I am glad those Florida. And then sit down Tuesday in Florida where SE car rob is an Italian grill they're gonna have to end there tradition. Of monkey Monday's. Yes monkey Monday's isn't tradition started in honor of a couple. They are regulars there Marion Richard van hit and they always come there and eat with their little monkey Joseph Jobe. Yes they have a pet monkey. A monkey Mondays is now over because Joseph Joseph Biddle Jackson huh huh. Old Jackson came and tried to pet this monkey. I think well the first round and then they got ugly when Jackson came back grabbing Joseph channel and trying to pick play and so the monkey bit his finger. To be fair the couple did warn him that Joseph Joseph was a little hype for that day. But didn't stumble Jackson from playing with little Joseph Jobe and so now come around us has had to call off there monkey Monday it's. I've village everybody in the United States went to middle school with a kid named Jackson. Who ruined something our. John Maine back and let everything on fire yet. Well a Jetsons that Hejduk gave him a little ball underneath they've parachute in gym class. And the entire school went on lockdown and that nobody can use parachute again because they've taken away is as dangerous as. And I have little Jackson's done the next EA EA which can relate to Baghdad right what I ended JX and Selanne and isn't that the universal indicator of I'm from Florida. I think if you're the CK is usually so the next many named blue eyed both Florida and finally we head to Ocala. Where a couple was arrested now they were arrested by trying to make. Their illegal sale of drugs much more convenient for their customers because you see this couple. Set of a makeshift drive through window at their mobile home ground yet they even had hours of operation hanging in the window. It would hang up one of those will be back soon assign at what time they would return it when president fox media office over this and there are arrows pointing around local home in order to direct traffic. So that no one would get confused on which way to go through their makeshift. Drive through window at the trailer. Just want to make sure there was no traffic jam when he came teacher heroin. They just needed to set out bay rewards points system and if you go back after 3 o'clock. You get a free traffic Gina yeah. If you've got enough wanna. They were arrested on multiple charges including gender session selling drugs and keep maintaining a dwelling used to keep or sell drugs lots. The Florida. If ever come across a crazy story out of my home state of Florida please pass along to any I need to use to 941. Atlanta has not found. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.