What The Florida.

Tuesday, August 21st

We have one story from St. Petersburg, where Jenn is from, that will make your jaw drop!

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This is the Japanese yen shell. It's the Florida. Because this sunshine state god bless them they just don't have the brightest for all of museum people yeah wave. Free roads are idiots marry it's his way where you Rwandan where you would. Reform the way you are today comes from these people rate here I am so proud of my people. And I am proud to bring you stories each week okay when he Florida. You picture beautiful beaches and beautiful women on those beaches right. Well you would be right sometimes just not this time. Let's head to Saint Petersburg my hometown. Where police officers this afternoon talk to a woman who was reportedly topless in public park. A girl and I you know it is hot in Haiti's down in Florida. So the cubs aren't you shocked that she's taken off her clothing and just seem what they want India you know when I mean they're brave while making unit that went than those seem makes and the nips you know I'm saying. Some burned right. Well it turns out police officers are a little caught off guard when they learn that they have been called to investigate. And 81 year old topless woman and an air angry. Named Mary Allen she is sitting on the bench topless. During canned line from a box lie and goal and I sad that says it pink for. And Mary Ellen is on herself now when the officers approached her Mary Ellen sprayed them with her line and then let's. Arrested for disorderly conduct. What are the Florida grainy yeah transient oh well that picture of her is terrifying. Her match she looks like he's kind of chemistry ads transient scary movie yeah. I made headlines starts with. A slow and man eating go ahead and forward that street my inbox through stern and for one Atlantic dot com and just like this story that arrived from Sam Parker on Twitter to thank you so much Sam. From a Miami. A Florida and not to attack has been arrested after he allegedly client to a traffic lights on a busy intersection. And began. On the cars below him. Yes roadways stern was rested by Miami police afternoon circles about him hanging from a traffic light and on the cars below hand continued their photos and the B. Number two. If I. Police and fire department and bring Roy down via a ladder and according to the authorities he was hang on crystal meth and marijuana. What the Florida Florida man the latter end an umbrella. Should. And finally he does not mean damn good vibrant is back. That I mean there's gonna require some lakers finally we will end this week with a warning. Yeah argued with a friend on FaceBook over politics you know it starts outs marquee with few jabs and then before you know you've written a novel in a tiny comments section. Improve your friend what an idiot they aren't sure I know you hear me well and seems scenario. And I think heat and humidity down in Tampa Florida. Yet that's where Brian and Alex got into a FaceBook fight over politics. Now it's not clear exactly what they were about or even what side each one of them are online. But Ryan was so enraged that he drove to Alex's house. Brian pulled it in the driveway and was honking his horn so loud. Alex who is still on the computer screen this time he wrote on his face took walk around so I could happen either we are on game. Alex put on his Jean shorts and went outside at a he had heard Doris has. The mind and in my. And Hamels on the and a great and influence there I insist. Brian that that's when Brian shot him once in the thigh and once in the bullet will. It has injuries are non life threatening and Brian Brian later turned himself in to face charges of aggravated battery Wetzel lesson here ladies and gentlemen. Only like that do not hit the FaceBook comments when your friend is from Florida crazy has a gun and nursery lifted. And V end. What are the Florida. Demographic crazy story out of my home state of Florida definitely. Along to me my name is Jim I mean you can find me sir and I for one Arlington dot com. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before want to.