What The Florida

Tuesday, May 15th

Why is there an alligator in the drive-thru? And no, that's not a joke.

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Star in 941. Now it's time for the Florida. This is sunshine city does not have the brightest criminals. And Jan is proud to bring you this news every week as she is a proud Freddie and hailing from the mean streets of Tampa. Saint Petersburg sane thing and there's Saint Petersburg story in today's what the law. Asian neighbors may get an advantage and ultra made fun of me. What I call seal later alligator. You turner did people dumping animals that they can't care for which is terrible we can all agree right. This story and a Jupiter Florida takes the top prize for craziest ever. Joshua James. The second sounds criminal like Bennett Joshua James which I've been through a Wendy's restaurant in Palm Beach County about 1:30 AM. Papers drink order and then when the employee turn her acting gig his change. James threw a lot I alligator through that drive through window. It quickly terrible of the incident was caught on surveillance video. Alive alligator was about three and a half feet long and clearly. Met him yeah. And when he's headed Vanilla frosty. I guess I'm in mad about that since it has. You can post a frosty is that chocolate drink I had an alligator. And I was there and particularly array of Red Cross exaggeration I would throw me out here. Okay well the alligator also mad about proxies and about being thrown through the windows of the freaked out employee poured thing she had to jump out of the windy. Ayers is just yourself through this guy out. And James was arrested he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and illegal possession of alligator. And when he does he said he and his buddies were just trying to pull off a funny prank and this was his direct quotes to the police. Where did I know words can it be able and did anything we've got we got. Lagged it you know I was many who live there then you think purely just on alligators are we confident we're right now it. And I got sick and I do is start odd men and one thing led to another and watch the Florida expect. It. Well all now we head on overt soon to word emergency. Because an emergency. Means different things to different people so we're traveling to my hometown the West Coast Florida beautiful there aren't any here is where you meet. Jennifer CU. To pursue Janice sales Jennifer say Sunday is her real name. We race here either Jennifer that we may be TN. A universities and Jennifer since Sunday was having a bit of an emergency C 54 year old Jennifer suit decided she needed help carry. They should call 911 to request the paramedics. They quickly brushed her home and upon a rabble Jefferson told AT&T is to say. She needed to be here. No end that they left her on the. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Know yeah a few hours later Jennifer sitcom I want is. Urgent thing is found a seemingly the pair. X. And when they arrived and receive says she needed to be. Her and a and paramedics on Jennifer Suh is clearly drugs may be she didn't need a beer maybe she needed another fear. This user data for misusing 9111. The sort of Jennifer still as soon. I mean you can't pass at him up for failure and you know you're in Jefferson Ryan if sales university. News Sunday wow yeah yeah yeah and discuss them. And finally let's get the beautiful avenues inside a trailer park in Panama City for this formula bezel are going to be it. We need to 169 year old seats does Sanchez. He looks a lot like Santa Claus. So much so that the kids neighbors Collins say and a used shabby. Why hair everywhere big beard. But did he bring joy to all the good girls and boys. No no no no no no he did and I don't know. No. This Santa Claus gave gifts of underwear to his female next door neighbor when he repeatedly. Broke in to her house. Yeah he did this several times today for three months without getting caught. Me land. Yeah the song he sees you when you sleep and he knows when your picture is it a whole new meaning. The here comes Santa Claus or ounces factory he had. He would leave the underwear and then he would include notes and about watching her I'm home yeah her anywhere that he was stealing you know rain bands Ryan new ones for her even matter where. And news wow how thoughtful of him even better an ill and yeah he was leaving them everywhere he was leaving them on her front porch. He was leaving them on her car and he leave them inside her house when he would break him. Where you guys see crime eyes see opportunity and am currently registering the web site. Sandy sandy stuff. Yeah and that and now oh hello hello never stops at near Lansing and east man he's so good. While and it. I only had some. It's you know I figured out who Santa Claus was her boyfriend. Caught Santa in a bear kitchen bloated program at a sack. Mr. Santa Sanchez has now been convicted on three counts of Burnley one count of aggravated stalking and he faces up to a forty years in prison. Thank you Maryland. Reminiscent of this man any man leaves three new Berry underwear every single month alone and diet again they didn't found damage to any planning tornado sirens and a man you know. Luckily big gift giving to the real yeah yeah. Watch the Florida. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.