What The Florida

Tuesday, October 3rd

Jenn's home state of Florida truly has the most "enthusiastic" criminals

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I'm stupid criminals just about anywhere but there were really you. Special ones come from my home state of Florida counties had some great I like. And humidity make people pretty accurate there. Angry yeah down in Lake Worth Florida with this fellow right here his name is Jane is innocent 56 years old. He walked into the Lake Worth pizza shop. And demanded a precise pizza. Always is like I'm sorry sir pizza is not street know he started to yell at her dead. James is apparently pretty angry because they escorted him outside of the restaurant where he decides to pick a date. Concrete. Planter and throw it through the window. It is true. Danes been arrested on charges of battery criminal mischief and throwing deadly missiles into an occupied that building. Then James got a saints. If they retired tennis you come out for being angry. Because we are men that I don't know abandoned them place oh here's another one all based around food. Oh yeah. And this is for you. The person with a fancy thirty A sticker on the back your car. I say that fancy bumper sticker and I raise you this what the Florida story at a Destin Florida. Seven about 2 of the morning an unnamed 28 year old man in Destin. Decides that he's gonna walk up to a stranger this challenge down on her bacon and lawful house. And he still that they can write off for play though. And he started eating it right in front of oh is it chapel of love why would you commit a crime there. Of course was upset about this and demanded that he replaced that pork on her plate immediately. Please he did not do other patients got involved in a fight ensued but it was the 28 year old man. Who was arrested for disorderly intoxication. Allen coming out of the Okaloosa county sheriff's office press so. One of those stories where his friends like hanging in an Indy real funny he wanted to her plane to sell that they can hang it right in front of our. I have hilarious and then he's John let our NATO and a then nine a lot of miles madness. And I'm very very well thank you I. And now ankle what the Florida. Why you gotta be crafty to be a criminal and and that is the perfect description for will only had a marrying Downey. It was actually in Boston jail I Manila for pieces already in trouble getting votes in jail and two deputies instead sir we're gonna need you remove. Prosthetic leg. We get a search at the and inside that prosthetic leg they found a syringe full his hairline Laura. But what is it I don't know that's heroin I use that to inject my chickens with a bad amendments. At the Florida take an adamant and last but certainly not least this one takes the cake. A woman in Florida recently had an affair with her daughter's husband's. Pretty it. Then do your daughter is she trying to run him over with her car and now see is the 118. And aggravated this is our job. Temporary insanity. Answers are gonna stand. What the Florida. I am trying to let the short stories and he is put on those flip flops then your mom think happens and it seemed thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.