What The Florida

Tuesday, March 6th

Jenn's home state may be the Sunshine State, but they do NOT house the brightest criminals! 

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Sorry not even. What the Florida. The sunshine state does not have the right is criminal so. This segment on the jet engine shareware we shine the spotlight. Beer when your editing this segment agendas and make you homesick. Dozens. Jenna say proud of Floridians. Oh. Every week shares to comb through. Scorers of Florida's stories to find three airport to bring TU and I don't think anything ever makes her more proud. Known what happened back home and. Homeland. Sultan here at sands and you hate. And check out right our first let the Florida today. Let's hop in the car and drive south on seventy found about six hours to Orlando. Home to Mickey Mouse Jerry potter and Shelby McDowell Cooper no. Shelby. Was feeling green. The color appeared GSE. When her boyfriend Darby Johns is invited all wedding with out a plus one. Shelby was not in padded. But Shelby was not have a net domain and a man and a from a volunteer fire Byron. So Shelby got dressed up took a few shots of tequila and she crash that Witten. Surely they only had forty folding chairs we did right you'd have to lean against the wall with your bad me. But still Louis sneaky. She hit in the hedges just. I have on her boyfriend's. Weld great tennis and all of our ads made it was kissing her on the men dance floor I'll healed. Today. She killed in March rat on over to them toss two drinks on MM punched the girl it. I am glad banners and giant oh that's around Miami. Rain into the bathroom and that's when the brattle party stepped in oh no mail no they aren't cabinet. The crowd could. They dragged her out of that stalling continued the fact. Until the police are rats at chip tourists and to fat. Shelley was arrested for battery and take flagler county jail term shot however. Was quite perky and later she did apologize to the bride and cigarettes. CS match. Jenny I was kind of cute. Pretty proud of PS Darby says that she's not even. And well it. The our second story. Takes this to a Mac Donald's in Cape Cod that was the exact location of this what the Florida citing an lol is it us. And when Christopher bid didn't ski was super hungry when he rolled up to that drive through window to get his big Mac have mouth water and protection. Madonna I mean there isn't out. And those golden crispy as. But the problem was. Chris was so drunk he passed out before he ever many past second wind now. Lots of employees at that McDonald's called the league county police department. When officers or perhaps. Christopher had woken up and was Christian that big Mac Kiet ordered but it and useful and it went divided island. Officers kindly ask mr. begins giving duke field sobriety test. And Chris was so show after that big Mac. That he could convince them he was sober. He stood right up and did cartwheels. Now. Watch me work. I'm not and you are real down okay actually bellowed the big drowning Chris was arrested and charged with do you laugh. He's third in three years smog the hard who was. Well Florida and and finally let's go to my it where they salt Marguerite does not sidewalks. App and a half after all NGC you get up that have a shot last. Seen and teacher. Fluorescent. Palm tree on remain in on the and we'll let you see it's just wait and one couple. Michael and Isabel one in their wedding photos to reflect their love story their eight year courtship. You know this time together over the eight years has been so sweet. This couple knew that there was no better place for their first photos as husband and wife. Didn't target. Yet smack in the middle of the red shopping carts they posed for their wedding Canada sack canny you know attic and I understand that. I hit the basis of our relationship is built and pocket. We probably go two to three times a week we like long walks at target instead of on the beach perfect the grim says quote. When we needed something to do on a slow Thursday night target was always there with open doors are into museums. Target always knew what was best for us and never failed to send this home. Without some sort of delicious treat household good one of those beautiful red tagged clearance items. Soak. Florida they're. Any. Yeah and you're going never some web by waves you leave at three bottles of bear phone lines and iPods and UT shirt Ned and and the bedrooms and a broom. Let him in a drills for fixing it harmful and anxiety attack I can't think you have ever had this thought is time for the bar. My life would be perfect. And and you could be friends with this what does Florida. Couple. Wow. I got about it is criminal or crazy trouble in Florida please send it along to me. You can reach out the old fashioned way through star 941 LA dot com. Or send her a letter from yourself. And yeah I made a collect call him. Star in 941.