What The Florida

Wednesday, February 28th

The criminals in Florida never cease to amaze us. So we gave them their own segment as an ode to their craziness!

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And she I'll star. The Florida this shines save does not have the brightness criminals Jan is a proud of Floridians and who has relocated to you. Atlanta. But keeps her. Throws in the sand as you well and all of her Florida brethren so. A baby no baby and let's traveled to the middle of the great state of Florida hill all our county to be exact. That's Tampa to most of you non Floridian poke at some to mons Venus evil or city and the Florida state fair. Well mrs. quiche and Maarten and her man who went to the fair look numbering how the trial is. They had no idea what a big serve Pratt as was in store that day. They enjoyed some of this year's selected state fair many items. Like catfish Sunday's. Chicken and waffles pizza now. Now she can indulge this year because Russia was eaten for two. She was expecting a baby just one week later and they planned name that baby girl later glove. Real name. Lyrical. Well. All the excitement of the tilt the world dizzy dragons in the starship 4000 well that just sped up quiche is due date for enemy you she ran that tilt the world. The Rangers nine literally nine months pregnant right. The dizzy dragon and a starship 4000 isn't in the search for a thousand on the spends a fashion like plastered up against the law. She and her baby daddy to be wearing. Done with their rads and head into the exit when she had to stop. These are real eyes and Shaq everybody. Her water broke right there at the vendor tents. I got a B and a C the Janice this doesn't end with her delivering a real live corn dog fat I how. Re disappointed. With the help and better Italy's Suggs there's ms. Martin's baby was born sit. There. Welcome to the world sweet girl cabbage hero. A whole lot the Florida they didn't mr. Taylor accused digger maybe come around so she threw V ping pong ball. I'm. Are you able Wal-Mart right I am I read people think unanimous photos have. Wal mart's finest fashion forward folks made in Florida for Florida and laughs Florida. Okay just like every toy is made in China the people who are marked made in Phil's part this particular Wal-Mart incident occurred on the west Paul. Beach and Patricia morally shopping in the men's shoe department. Now she already had her buggy bowl with a plastic hangers cat food a Miami Hurricanes bath mat and sparkling cider. So on account of that maybe Patricia could not see clearly down the Allen front of her. Patricia took one more step closer to get a good look at that daily deal on the men's showers flags and and peace when she slipped in a pile ranch dressing. Patricia is now suing Wal-Mart for damages but. The retail giant says her injuries were preexisting and they do not believe there was ever any hidden valley ranch in the aisle. Mr. Moore also unsuccessfully tried to sue Chrysler have years ago cases thrown out this judge called it dishing up. So suing Wal-Mart over some phantom ranch stress since has us saying. Even north Florida has account humidity it had to deal like a big wet blanket all day and that. Should trust and funny we should mention that hug humidity your big damp uncle who comes here and related. Well image and because that is what this woman. Let's collar Darlene so it's just wanted more from her man she wanna more hugs. So we head out west down the panhandle of Florida to a town of only 3800 called Mary Astor. And Okaloosa county. Now this woman had been living in sin with her man for about sixteen. Years who. Who they shared just about everything. In the beard a water bed in the title that Camaro ponson a box out Mac. Well her man was ahead up with all that bickering and Holler and so he got up one night just a leave for good. Darlene did not like and I love Jim pulled the steps away from the double digit. No no no when begging him to stay did not work she resorted all the way she knew how to keep Amanda stayed back her sat and she pays him. You're gonna love and they. After mania tends to leave and several days being commands I'm on I'm on my under Porter and Darlene has been arrested for battery don't say yeah I. What the Florida. Does it appears in Florida story employees. As it on to meet you can reach out. Based but the good old fashioned way the web fat stunt on the floor line Atlanta back conference. And young star ready for a one.